You’ve been here before, many times.

Nature is a mystical thing.

The mysteries that pervade our natural world are so strange and often times they’re impossible for us to wrap our heads around them.

Why are we born in the places that we’re born in?

Why do we belong to a certain ethnicity?

Why are we inclined to certain cultures and disgusted by others?

Why do we all like different types of things, food, music, activities and smells?

Why are some people better at remembering things than others?

Why are some inclined to Abrahamic religions and others to Dharmic religions?

Why are some people not inclined to be religious at all?

These are serious questions to ask ourselves.

We can’t brush them aside as “that’s just the way it is”.

The world is a very strange place.

We were all born less than a hundred years ago (I assume no Centenarian is reading my Blog) and yet the Earth has been here for almost 5 billion years.

Isn’t that crazy?

Where did we come from and where exactly were we, when the entire history of Earth was playing itself out?

We were RIGHT here!

All is Energy.

This fact has been proven since the beginning of the 20th Century, perhaps earlier.

Einstein said it, Tesla said it and Modern Science says it.

There is no debate in this matter.

Everything you can perceive with your eyes is energy.

All matter is energy vibrating at a very low rate, which makes it seem as if it is a solid thing.


We all know this popular formula, we’ve heard it many times before in school.

It is often emphasized as the most common scientific formula and is known or heard of by almost any human being.

However not many people realize what the formula truly represents.

When you understand the formula truly, you’re almost immediately entering the realm of metaphysics.

You’ll realize that physical reality is not REALITY at all.

It is a manifestation of energy which constantly changes shape and form.

That is why nothing in the physical world is ever the same.

All matter is subject to the law of change because all matter consists of dynamic energy.

If you study all matter on a microscopic level, you’ll see one thing.

That nothing is solid.

All matter is constantly vibrating because it is not a solid thing but made up of energy.

However modern science doesn’t know exactly what energy is, they just know that it is.

And that it has always been here because energy can’t be destroyed.

The amount of energy in the universe is always constant and it can only change shape and form.

It doesn’t disappear when an organism dies, the energy that resides in your body will float back into the universal ocean and reshape itself into another form.

Everything that your body consists of right now, has always been here.

It didn’t originate in your mothers womb.

Energy doesn’t originate, it transmutes into different forms all the time.

Your entire body is energy that has always been part of the Earth.

Mother Earth provided us with a body that consists of her own energy, and not only that but our Earthly Mother feeds us her own energy throughout our lives as well.

All our food contains energy that has always been here.

When we eat food which is matter, our body transmutes that matter into an energy source and through activity we excrete this energy back into the world.

When you sleep, your body is absorbing energy from the ether all night long.

That is why you’re rested.

You literally took energy from the space around you to strengthen and replenish your body for the next day.

All is ENERGY!

It is everywhere.

All materials in your body is eternal, it has always been here.

Therefore it is necessary to understand that our body is only borrowed energy.

Our body is not even the same in this life.

It changes throughout our lives and is continuously subject to growth, maintenance and decay.

It is never the same!

You have a completely different body now than when you were a young boy or girl.

It is not the same body, you do not even have the same organs.

You do not even have the same bones.

So now you must ask yourselves.

If this body is pure energy like anything else in existence, then what am I really?

Are we the mind?

If our bodies and everything else in the physical world consists of energy.

Then it seems easy to tell ourselves that we are energy.

But energy seems to be devoid of free will, it needs to be directed.

It doesn’t randomly enter your body, you always have to do something to receive energy.

If we want to load up on energy, we often times eat some food or get some rest to replenish.

We use our mind to do this.

The subconscious mind regulates the distribution of energy throughout our bodies.

But our mind itself produces thoughts through energy as well.

Every thought is a unit of energy.

Haven’t you ever wondered why you can’t think straight when you’re hungry, extremely tired or thirsty?

Because you lack the energy to produce good quality thoughts.

If you’re studying while being sleep deprived, malnourished or dehydrated you won’t be able to memorize a damn thing.

This is because all thoughts are made up of energy.

Thinking therefore requires energy.

So we are obviously not our mind either, if we were then we would remember were we came from right?

Because the energy of our minds has always been here.

But the thing is it transmutes itself into newer forms all the time.

We’ve had many different minds throughout our life.

That is why you can change your mindset and even your personality.

Some people go to drastic changes throughout their lives.

They become completely different persons.

Look at Malcolm X.

He is a prime example.

The Malcolm X before prison and the one after are not the same being.

I’m telling you.

They were two different human beings.

The entire content of his mind changed, the energy transmuted into something completely different.

He was no longer the same person.

And that is not something strange if we study the word person.

Person comes from the Latin persona, which literally means “mask”.

Your character traits, thought patterns, desires, habits, addictions and language are all part of your mask.

But it is not WHO YOU ARE!

In reality there is a whole world hiding behind what you always assumed to be you.

A world where your true self is lost in the darkness, clouded behind a wall of false beliefs and a fake identity.

The silent watcher

Before Agriculture (started after 10.000 B.C.) all of mankind was still highly in touch with nature.

The natural world and the human world were one and the same.

Human beings saw no difference back then between themselves and plants, animals, trees, mountains, rivers and even the elements.

All humans before Agriculture were hunter-gatherers and they believed in Animism.

From Latin anima meaning “breath, spirit or life”.

It is the belief that all objects, places and creatures have a distinct spiritual essence.

Early prehistoric man therefore believed for hundreds of thousands of years that ALL things were alive.

And they are, modern science has proven this.

All of Nature is energy and energy can never be destroyed.

Therefore by early man all things were perceived to be equal in status whether plants, rocks, rivers, mountains and even human tools.

Hunter-gatherers communicated with the wild animals and plants they hunted.

They even asked permission from the spirit before they killed anything.

All is Spirit.

This is not a wrong belief, it is divine truth and early man realized this.

Every person with common sense can realize this.

Behind all phenomena in the world there is a spirit that causes it.

If this is the first time that you heard this then your mind will probably object to it very staunchly.

You’re probably having all kinds of thoughts right now that you didn’t conjure up yourself.

It is your conditioned mind that doesn’t want to spend energy to think outside of its comfort zone.

But that proves the whole point of the story.

Your mind objects or accepts.

It judges and it ignores.

Our brains are the hard drives of our bodies.

Our bodies are the frames of our hard drive.

Our mind is the content and the software that has been stored on the hard drive.

Together these three things make up the A.I. or Artificial Intelligence which we refer to as our personality.

And Artificial Intelligence is exactly what we are because most people’s days consist of monotonous behaviors which we really don’t control at all.

We don’t control our thinking, thinking happens to us.

We don’t control our desires, our desires happen to us.

We don’t control our emotions, but instead we are controlled by them!

We are nothing more than Artificial Intelligence.

However behind all A.I. there is an operator who observes it.

The operator behind the computer is the real you.

I am writing this on a laptop right now and you read these words which my laptop has produced.

But I am the one who wrote them down.

I am the operator of this laptop.

I am the spirit behind this blog.

I am not the blog yet the blog functions as my body and mind.

So what am I?

I am the observer of the blog and I am the operator behind the screens.

In the same way our mind is being observed all the time and our mind operates the body.

But what is that which observes the mind?

Who is that silent watcher deep within us?

Who hears the thoughts when they appear and who gets sucked into these obsessive thought patterns that we have throughout the day?

Who is the WE in us?

Who is the I in me?

Who is the YOU in your body?

The Soul

All ancient philosophies and religions have propagated the necessary existence of this mystery.

The “I” that has been evolving throughout our entire history has always been us.

Whatever shape or form energy takes, it is always YOU that experiences it.

You have been here forever.

You are eternally existent.

The observer in you has been observing lifeforms and shapes of energy since time immemorial.

You were always you, just partaking in different lifeforms.

But everything is alive, there is no death in reality just transmigration of something most religions and philosophies call the Soul or Spirit.

“For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. It has not come into being, and will not come into being. It is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. It is not slain when the body is slain.”

– Krishna, Bhagavad Gita 2:20

All changes that the body experiences from childhood until old age are not applicable to the soul. The soul remains unaffected and ever the same.

Often when reincarnation is brought up most people use our amnesia as a counterargument.

However this is not an intelligent way of reasoning.

Our entire childhood is shrouded in darkness, we barely remember anything of our daily experiences back then.

And for most of us that was a mere 20-30 years ago.

Some people can’t even remember what they had for dinner last night.

But yet we’re talking about remembering past lives when reincarnation comes up.

Come on men, be realistic.

As I’ve already explained in detail.

All is energy but energy itself is not alive, it has to be directed through an operator.

The Anima or Spirit behind the mask.

All memories are thoughts and therefore energy as well.

We simply don’t remember past lives because the mental energy is not the same in this life.

Our memories have been washed away in the large energetic storehouse of the universe.

At least that’s what I think, I might be wrong in this conclusion.

The fact of the matter is that we have been here many times before.

There is no such thing as death, it is a mere change of energy.

In the same way you would give yourself a complete make-over in appearance and style.

You remain the same person but the body has changed.

A fat person that loses all his excess weight and becomes lean is still the same in essence even though he or she, looks like a completely different person.

All things change but one thing remains the same, which is the essence of all things.

“As a person puts on new garments, giving up the old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.”

– Krishna, Bhagavad Gita 2:22

Reincarnation has been a part of mankind since its conception.

Throughout ages this was the common belief.

It is only now in this unnatural post-agricultural world where strange beliefs like eternal heaven or hell have originated.

It is only now in this unnatural post-agricultural world where strange beliefs like being a purely material body have originated.

People actually belief that they are nothing but flesh and bones.

Which is ridiculous.

It shows that you lack the capacity for reason and common sense.

You have allowed the world to cloud your sense of self.

You literally become a bag of flesh and bones because that is what you believe yourself to be.

That is why most Western people have disgusting unhealthy bodies and enslaved weak minds.

They lack common sense and the capacity for independent reason.

Like A.I. they stroll throughout life not really using their divine gifts for anything.

There is no difference between most people and my laptop.

My laptop follows my orders, most people follow orders.

My laptop doesn’t think for itself, most people don’t think for themselves.

My laptop doesn’t realize that I am the Spirit that commands it.

Most people don’t realize that they are the Spirit that commands their body and mind.

Most people functions like written code in a computer.

But this can change when you realize THE IMMORTAL GREATNESS that lies within you.

You’re entire life will change towards the direction of freedom when you realize that you are truly free.

Your true essence is a free spirit that will never die and never suffer.

When you realize the truth of the matter, you’ll be in Heaven.

Because Heaven is not a location but the state of being free.

And you can only be free when you realize what you truly are.

“The coming of the kingdom of God is not something that can be observed, nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.”  

 – Jesus Christ, The Gospel of Luke 17:20-21

This is a clear cut description of the soul within.

The soul or Spirit is the Kingdom of God.

Heaven is within us.

The reason Jesus spoke in parables and mysteries is because people always ignore the obvious truth.

People like complexity, especially in this day and age.

They rather hear complicating stuff than the clear cut truth.

People want knowledge to be sugar coated, if you tell them up straight they will hate you for it.

Even your loved ones and your family, will ignore everything you say, if you tell them up straight.

They want to hear stories and see living examples before they believe you.

Jesus was very well aware of this, common people don’t like blatant truth.

They love to be lied to and misled.

I could have written this article in 5 sentences.

  1. Everything is ENERGY
  2. ENERGY can’t be destroyed only transmuted into something else.
  3. The mind is ENERGY and therefore your thoughts are not coming from you.
  4. You are not your thoughts but the observer of the thoughts.
  5. You have always been the observer and you always will be, once you realize this then you’ll be free.

But that would be too simple.

People don’t like simple they like complicated.

Nevertheless, I am done writing.

For those that aren’t done reading, I got a whole lot of extra information to share on this topic.

All you have to do is subscribe or at least, just leave a comment down below and we’ll talk about it some more.

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