Your doctor is killing you

You’ve been robbed of your health.

And you’ve been robbed of it many times over.

You’re still being robbed each and every single day.

This is is because you allow it.

The one that robs you, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

And who can blame the wolf for eating the sheep’s flesh?

It is in his nature to take advantage of the weak and unsuspecting.

And as long as you keep taking the wolf’s advice, you’ll always end up being devoured by him.

A wolf doesn’t care to help sheep, he wants to kill them because he’ll profit from it in fresh meat.

A doctor doesn’t care about his patients, whether they die or not is not his problem.

Not selling enough medicine to provide the hospital with sufficient annual profits and revenue, now that is the doctors real problem!

That is how the doctor makes his money.

Not by helping people…

Nobody ever made money by only helping people.

Making money in all occupations requires a sense of selfishness and the capacity to sell something.

The doctor provides help but that is not his income. The help a doctor provides for his patients functions like a great marketing scheme to lure in the customers.

The true source of a doctors income is medicine sales.

And this would have been no problem whatsoever if the medicines were actually beneficial for you.

There is nothing wrong with selling beneficial things, but modern day medicine is far from beneficial.

Most Western medicine is actually quite harmful and detrimental for our overall well-being.

Medicine destroys your health

Doctors prescribe medicine for everything nowadays.

While ancient humans in all past era’s used medicine only in the worst occasions, we nowadays use medicine for even the slightest headache.

Even though most headaches are often just caused by simple things like dehydration and just require for example 2 glasses of pure water to be cured.

While ancient humans actually applied all sorts of healing properties from natural medicinal herbs and plants which could be found directly in nature.

We nowadays are hooked on to all this lab manufactured synthetic shit containing all sorts of cancerous side effects.

We have a cleaner society than ever before, more food available than any time before and more healthcare than we can count.

And yet more people than ever suffer from chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease, which both can be prevented in almost all cases by simple things like having sufficient physical exercise and maintaining a natural diet.

In addition to that more people now than ever are suffering from obesity and diabetes, which both are NOT diseases but treated as such.

Even though both are just biological side effects of consuming too much sugar, carbohydrates and processed foods.

Which doctors barely ever speak out against.

Instead of educating you about the right diet, physical exercise and making you more health conscious they just prescribe you medicine for your ailments and suffering.

Meanwhile we barely ever realize that medicine is just a temporary solution.

Most medicine is just designed to take away the pain instead of curing the cause of the pain.

It only hides the suffering temporarily until the medicine runs out and you need to have more of it.

That is why you are forced to keep buying more medicine. You’re getting used to not having pain and so you’ll get addicted to the medicine fix.

But the pain never truly vanishes because the medicine doesn’t cure anything. It only delays your suffering for a short-while until you need another fix.

Medicine is highly addictive but you don’t realize that because you’re sedated all the time.

Meanwhile the medicine is destroying your health because it is only delaying the actual problem instead of curing it.

The only true cure for all your ailments is contained within your own body and mind.

Doctors are not evil but indoctrinated

Most doctors actually start off their profession as really good people.

A lot of doctors are decent human beings and genuinely want to help others.

However personal moral principles are not enough when you yourself are indoctrinated.

The word doc is in both doctor and indoctrinated.

It is derived from the Latin: Doceo.

Which means “to teach, instruct, guide”.

A doctor is someone who has been taught a strict set of rules, beliefs and guidelines from which he or she can’t falter.

Even when it goes against common sense or personal beliefs.

A doctor is one of the least creative persons on the face of the Earth because his entire career is based on rules. There is no creativity in Western healthcare.

A doctor can’t change the rules of the game for the better.

He’ll lose his job and livelihood if he tries.

Therefore people are getting sicker and more hooked on medicine everywhere.

The system is designed to turn doctors into drug dealers and patients into junkies.

I can’t say this enough so I will say it again:


Therefore even healthcare is based on making money.

How can hospitals make money if everyone is healthy and doing well?

They can’t.

And hospitals do not care about charity, since healthcare is the biggest business out there.

The pharmaceutical industry sits on a huge pot of solid gold as long as people remain sick.

When people no longer become sick then the pharmaceutical industry collapses, and this will seriously injure Western economies.

It is a very vicious circle to be honest.

People HAVE to be sick for there to be healthcare and there has to be healthcare for the pharmaceutical industry to actually make money.

So there are a few things that this industry does to make sure that people stay in a state of sickness and perpetual suffering.

All mainstream health advice is based on lies

The cholesterol myth

Cholesterol or saturated animal fat is the building block of great health.

All humans of the past 2 million years ate high cholesterol diets filled with saturated animal fats from meat, eggs, butter, cheese, raw milk and fish.

High cholesterol levels are not deadly at all but in fact it is the exact opposite, a lack of cholesterol is detrimental to your health.

Cholesterol production is so important that your liver and intestines make about 80% of the cholesterol you need to stay healthy. Only about 20% comes from the foods you eat.

In addition to that cholesterol is the building block of Vitamin D, hormones like testosterone and estrogen which are vital to overall well-being and last but not least it produces fat dissolving bile acids.

In short terms, cholesterol makes sure you stay fit, healthy, vital and strong.

Most of our grandparents born before or at the beginning of the 20th Century turned out to be a hundred plus years (at least 80-90), and they all ate lots of saturated fats in the form of eggs, meat, fish, butter, cheese, milk and all other animal products with devotion.

On the other hand you have these semi-elders (50-60) nowadays hooked on anti-cholesterol medicines following a forced (by the doctor) low-cholesterol diet and they are dropping dead left, right and center at the maximum age of 70-80.

We consider people above 80 years to be very old.

That people will become a 100 years only still exists in our collective consciousness like a fairy tale or a myth.

In reality people barely get to live a hundred years anymore.

This is the great hoax provided by the pharmaceutical industry.

They tell you that your cholesterol levels are high even though your body produces like 80% of it by itself, every single day.

When you overeat on cholesterol (which is basically impossible) then your body lowers its own cholesterol production to create a healthy balance.

The doctors won’t tell you any of this, they’ll make you believe in the hoax because they know your just a TV watching bum who never reads or studies anything of significance.

Then they put you on a low cholesterol diet and you start to feel like crap.

You’ll have to swallow medicine and start eating low fat, even though you felt terrific before.

There literally was nothing wrong with you but the doctor fooled you into believing that there was.

Now you are eating low cholesterol and you’re starting to feel bad. You become depressed, moody, anxious and weak.

You’re no longer following the natural human diet which is animals and their fat.

All of a sudden you feel horrible and you start believing it is too much cholesterol like the doctor said.

So you’ll ask for more and more medicine and the doctor asks for more and more money.

The transaction is set.

You’re always in need of drugs and the doctor is set for life.

The Diabetes Hoax

Diabetes is not a disease.

It is a mental ailment.

It is all in your mind and the suffering that it causes is mental.

There is no such thing as diabetes in fact.

There is only sugar, which is poison, and there are people who over consume sugar until their bodies can’t fight the poison anymore.

All carbohydrates are converted into sugar within our bodies.

In fact all carbohydrates are sugar.

It doesn’t matter if you eat vegetables, fruits, breads, pastas, rice, potatoes or dark chocolate. (Things we consider healthy by cultural narrative)

The body treats all carbohydrates the same, as poison.

The body is not wasteful however, it is able to make use of carbohydrates as a source of energy even though its not the best source.

Because the body can’t directly convert carbohydrates into energy.

It first has to turn the carbs into fat.

Yes, carbohydrates become fat on your body and the body uses fat for energy. That is why you got to eat enough animal fat because our bodies are adapted to naturally use saturated fat as a direct energy source.

That is why eating fat can never make you fat.

You have been bamboozled by the capitalists who produce all medicine.

All fat people are fat because they eat too much carbohydrates.

Fat is actually a sign of inflammation on your body. It is your body swelling from the damage caused by carbohydrates.

In nature carbohydrates are just poisonous sugars not really meant for human beings to consume, only in cases of starvation.

The ideal source of food for humans is saturated animal fat and protein.

Everything else causes weakness, degeneration, sickness and shortens your lifespan.

So the doctors will tell you that you have diabetes and need to eat a low fat diet.

So you’re going to eat all these carbs because they’re low fat right?

In addition to that you’re going to swallow medicine that does more damage than any good.

But you got diabetes so you don’t need to change your diet, in fact there is nothing you really can do about it anymore.

No exercise or change in diet can ever truly cure you.

It is a disease says the doctor….

Just buy his miracle medicine and all will be right!

Nature has the cure to all things

Whatever you suffer from doesn’t have to last.

Whatever pain pervades your body is not eternal.

Whatever disease destroys your organs can be fought.

Nature has the cure to all things.

There is a balance that pervades this mystical Universe.

For every thing there is an exact opposite.

Like negative and positive forces always balancing each other out.

The remedy is the cause and the cause is the remedy.

The cause of most diseases in the body is a lack of physical exercise, the cure to most diseases in the body is physical exercise.

The cause of most diseases in the body is a lack of good nutrition, the cure to most diseases in the body is good nutrition.

The cause of most diseases in the body is a lack of sufficient sleep, the cure to most diseases in the body is sufficient sleep.

The cause of most diseases in the body is stress, the cure to most diseases in the body is a lack of stress.

See where I’m going with this?

Living a good healthy life is very easy but we tend to complicate everything ourselves by taking unnatural medicine in the hope that our diseases vanish into thin air like magic.

Nature with its supreme intelligence has delivered a perfect design.

It is only the weak minded that believe that they can cheat their way out of this design.

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Ashwin Orie

Student of the Ancient Mysteries.


  1. Excellent article. I very much enjoy your style of writing, it is very straight to the point! Health must be taken into our own hands, and we should never rely on doctors to look after us. No one cares about ourselves more than we do.
    I firmly believe that a lot of modern medicine is a scam and is killing more people than it is saving.
    If only everyone understood how to eat right and drink only water, then medicine would only be necessary on occasion!

    • Thank you Stan!

      I agree man! It’s really disturbing if you consider how much ignorance there still is among people today about their own health.

      Something so vital to our lives still plays a really minor role in most people’s daily routine. They rather outsource this knowledge to the doctors.

      The same doctors that loot that their bank accounts all the time.

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