You know what to do… stop procrastinating.

Procrastination is like being possessed by a satanic force.

In fact it is such a possessing force that most people can’t even deny its presence, we actually gave it a name.

However in this case the force that is doing the possessing is not a demon but our own mind.

Whether satanic or not, the mind is a powerful force to be reckoned with from behind.

It creeps in through backdoor alleys with fluctuations of different types of desires at the same time.

We want to do good things in our lives and be productive but at the same time we also love bad habits, leisure, laziness and pleasure.

This conflict of different desires often times results in us not doing anything at all.

Or we do a bit of both, a little bit of good habits here followed up with a bad habit right after.

You go to the gym to lose some weight but hop straight into McDonald’s right after, just to please your mental reward systems.

Even though deep down inside you’re definitely aware that the food at McDonald’s will only stunt your weight loss progress.

You’ll still go…

Because you’re possessed by procrastination.

Human beings do this with everything, we procrastinate good behavior into the future because we want the present moment to be enjoyable RIGHT NOW!

But if you keep doing this then the present moment will never become nothing more than just temporary pleasure.

You’ll never lose the weight, get the college degree, build the business, become a professional, have the six pack abs or be a millionaire.

It won’t happen…

Because procrastination is at the order of your day.

Definiteness of Purpose

You’ll have to be exactly sure about the results you want from your life.

Procrastination is a sign of a foggy state of mind wherein everything is still quite unclear or uncertain.

Most people are in this semi-passive state within their lives.

They know they want more out of it but they just don’t realize exactly what that is.

But instead of going after it they rather remain in that grey gloomy area of uncertainty within their lives.

This grey area is where all the damage is being done.

It is where good and evil come together to wreak havoc against one another, however the battlefield where all of this takes place is right there within your own grey mind.

You’ll have to choose a side eventually.

It is unwise to be indecisive in this regard.

The reason that most people are unhappy, dissatisfied and outright miserable within their lives; is because they live within two opposite worlds.

They didn’t pick a side yet and frankly most people never will either.

Stop half-assing your life and second-guessing all of your decisions but for once just go after it.

Jump straight into the cold water and just start swimming.

See where it will take you, whether your road is good or bad…

Just pick a side.

You want to do drugs, eat junk food, play video games, watch TV and drink alcohol every day, go ahead and see where that will take you.

But don’t half-ass it, go for it a 100%.

You’ll grow tired out of it eventually which will lead you back to the grey area once again.

Your conscious will start pounding on your mental doors with questions about your passive state of being.

These questions will be left unanswered because you simply can’t in your present state.

This is the beginning of depression.

When depression sinks in most people eventually realize that they’ve picked the wrong side and they’ll turn around 360 degrees into the light.

However you can skip this entire phase of doing the wrong things leading you to depression.

You can skip the state of depression altogether.

Just pick the right side for once and start doing things of which you’re certain that they’ll lead you into the right direction of your life.

And everybody knows exactly which things are good for them and which things are bad.

Stop procrastinating the good and start cutting out the bad.

Have definiteness of purpose, try to find out what it exactly is what you want and just go for it a 100% even if it is just for once.

The experience of doing the right thing changes a person’s perception of life.

A fat person that eats a salad for once, will feel pretty fucking good about him or herself.

A criminal that turns his life around and keeps the youth from making the same mistakes will feel deeply satisfied with his life, because he turned his own darkness into complete light.

A mother that leaves all of her own ambitions behind just to take care of her children with utmost love and dedication will be the luckiest woman alive.

Life is not meant to be survived and yet daily living is designed so that we can thrive.

And you can only survive the jive if you learn how to truly thrive.

Definiteness of purpose is the secret key to a great life.

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