Why you should not be a nice guy

Don't be a nice guy

“Nice guys finish last.”

We all know this sentence, we’ve all heard it in a movie sometime before.

It is the basic premise that a woman will never love you if you’re too nice.

And it is true, women do not like men that are always nice, good and polite.

These kind of men are actually kind of repulsive to a lot of women.

Why is that?

Is there something wrong with women?


Is there something wrong with nice guys?

A whole lot of things.

Because a man should not be just nice, being a nice guy is easy and everybody can do it.

Being nice does not equal being a good person.

This is what society wants you to think.

A slave is a good person because he is nice to his master out of fear for being whipped.

An employee is a good person because he does everything his boss tells him to out of fear for being fired if he does not.

A husband is a good person because he does everything he thinks his wife wants him to, because he fears that if he won’t do it she’ll leave him.

This is the nice and good guy syndrome.

It refers to men who do things because they fear the consequences if they don’t.

They don’t do things out of love or because they want to, nor are they nice people for the sake of being virtuous.

Since virtue does not refer to “good guys”.

The word virtue itself refers to manliness.

Being true to your male nature is being virtuous.

It comes from the Latin Vir literally meaning “man”.

The Latin Virtus refers to masculine strengths like valor, manliness, excellence, courage and character.

In Roman philosophy it was uncommon for women and impossible for slaves to have Virtus.

In today’s world a lot of men have become nice guys and thus the true meaning of virtue has been distorted.

Society now believes a man should always be nice and that’s it.

Be nice to women, be nice to your boss and be nice to the government.

Be a nice good guy.

A passive male animal.

This is what society promotes as virtue.

It is in our movies, on television, social media, our music, advertising and in politics.

It is simply everywhere.

We live in a feminized society wherein all men have to be nice good guys.

Do you know why the ruling elites do everything in their power to make sure we are all so good and nice?

Do you know why the sitcoms and movies always show retarded useless husbands being scared of their wives?

Do you realize why they are pushing homosexuality and all that transgender crap into society?

And why does the music industry promote emotional soft girly men?

Why do they push veganism into the mainstream?

Why do they promote strong masculine and stone cold business women in almost all TV Shows nowadays and do they encourage women to take positions of power in society?

It is because Vir or Man is dangerous by nature.

In Sanskrit which is an Indo-European language like Latin the word Vir means “warrior”.

Being virtuous used to be a synonym for a noble and courageous warrior.

Throughout history men were never expected to be just good or nice.

Men were dangerous.

They were rulers, kings, warriors and hunters.

Men were supposed to be brave, courageous, persistent, steadfast, fearless, independent and physically strong.

Nowadays they promote these qualities to be inherent in female nature as well.

How many times a day do you hear things like strong women, brave women, confident and independent women.

This is what they promote in the media.

We rarely hear things about caring women, loving women or sweet and supporting women.

Being a good wife and a caring mother of a loving family is no longer important in society.

But society tends to forget that nature exists.

Nature is dual and gender permeates all things.

The Male and Female energies exist because opposites attract.

The problem arises when society promotes complete equality between the sexes.

Because this does not happen in nature.

When women acquire masculine traits then men have to become more feminine.

Nature creates this equilibrium for a while, however this will not last in everlasting harmony.

Eventually the sexes will repel one another which is already happening in Western society as we speak.

Divorces, single mothers and men literally becoming women, are now more rampant issues than ever.

Marriages and natural heterosexual relationships seem almost impossible to maintain nowadays.

All these things are the result from one thing only:


It is because men are afraid to be men.

They are afraid nowadays of offending anyone.

Men no longer take what they need from the world as they used to.

Men now ask permission for everything.

They want to be perceived as nice good guys, they want females to like them and other men to treat them with respect.

These are pure female qualities however.

Men never cared about being liked, this does not happen in nature.

No lion cares about being liked.

They take their respect, they don’t expect it.

If the lion wouldn’t eat first then the lionesses would never stay with him.

They would perceive him as weak and without a strong will.

If the lion wouldn’t secure his territory and fight off other lions then his lionesses would leave him.

They would rather stay and mate with another lion who is able to protect the household.

If the lion does not dominate his lionesses then they will leave him.

They would rather hunt game for a real lion.

Lucky for lionesses there are no nice lions in nature.

Too bad for women however, there are nice guys in society and a whole lot of them too.

True virtue is no longer present in the male species.

This is because men do not realize that being a bad guy is not a bad thing.

All great men were bad guys.

Jesus was the baddest cat on the block.

A week before his death he raided the temple in Jerusalem and threw out all the merchants.

“And making a whip of cords, he drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and oxen. And he poured out the coins of the money-changers and overturned their tables.”

– The Gospel of John, 2:15

Does that sound like a nice guy that never dears to raise his hand or does it sound like a virtuous guy that is actually capable of inflicting harm?

Jesus was the pinnacle of goodness and virtue but he was not a nice fellow at all.

He was harsh in his words and steadfast in his actions.

He was ready to divide families just for the sake of fulfilling his mission.

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.”

– The Gospel of Matthew, 10:34-35

Men we nowadays consider to be virtuous, were being demonized in their own times for being dangers to society. Some of the men that were considered heroes in their own time would nowadays be villains.

An Indian prince called Siddhartha Gautama left his wife and infant child in the middle of the night to find the cure for suffering in the world. Today we would call that a deadbeat dad and a terrible husband.

This Siddhartha did not really seem like a nice guy huh? You’d be surprised that he found what he was looking for.

The end of all suffering called Nirvana.

And thus Siddhartha became the Buddha. 

Another enlightened being called Krishna urged his pupil Arjuna to fight against his own evil cousins in a bloody war for the sake of doing a warriors duty. He urged Arjuna to be completely detached emotionally from the outcome of this war whether he kills all of his cousins or not.

Krishna considered this to be virtuous. Imagine if he told Arjuna to be nice to his cousins, they would have killed him instead, raped his women and sacked his kingdom.

Meanwhile in the Heavenly realms above a powerful warlike entity called Yahweh wanted to free his people from enslavement in Egypt.

In order to accomplish this he did not raise a prophet that would ask the Pharaoh nicely. Instead Yahweh recruited a warrior called Moses to be his prophet to ensure the liberation of the Hebrews.

And what a warrior indeed he was, liberating his people from bondage and ensuring their conquest of the promised land.

You see, humans have always glorified warriors because we subconsciously find them to be virtuous.

Even within present day society we still do.

Haven’t you ever wondered why almost all great movies and TV-Shows are based on violent action and warfare?

Because we do not like nice guys but we love virtuous warriors. We love heroes that are capable of doing bad and violent things when necessary.

A nice guy can never be a hero because he is not capable of inflicting harm and therefore he is not capable of heroic deeds. He can’t protect himself let alone his family or the community.

He can’t ward off evil but only submit to it.

That is why we love all these antiheroes in movies. They are capable of fighting evil because they themselves contain a lot of darkness inside of them.

BatmanFrank Castle, Ragnar Lothbrok, Uthred Ragnarsson, John Wick, Luke Cage, Wolverine, Riddick, Jax Teller, Harry Potter,

Prince Vegeta and Dean Winchester.

And these are only a few examples, I’d bet you can add a hundred more.

Man is virtuous by nature but society has changed the rules of the game. We still love heroes but society tells us not to be one.

Since heroes are very dangerous individuals.

Only one virtuous hero is necessary to change an entire society for the better.

And yet a thousand nice guys can not even change one woman.


How to stop being a nice guy

1. Kill him

Yes, you read that correctly!

Kill the nice guy persona that you have created in your mind.

Drive him out of the temple.

You are no longer that person.

Almost all things you believed to be you, can change within no time.

You can mold and shape your character in whatever person you want it to be.

The answer is in the word person itself.

Person comes from the Latin Persona which literally means “mask”.

Your character is not your true self but just a manifestation of your mind.

So, take off the nice guy mask and make the mental decision to no longer be that guy.

Everything starts with an intention in the mind.

Without this intention to change, you never will.

Kill the nice guy.


2. Stop being afraid

There is no sense in being afraid.

Most things we fear are mere manifestations of our thought patterns.

They are just mental illusions that are projected into a future which might or might not happen at all.

In most cases our fears never come true.

Reality is almost never as you predict it to be inside of your mind.

Think about it…

You’re alive right now, right?

That means you’ve survived every single fear you’ve ever had before.

And you will probably do so as well in the future.

There is nothing to fear when you live life in the present moment.

All fears are inside of your head, they’re not objective truths.

Fear only happens when your idle and bored.

When you occupy the mind with activity and productive thoughts then there will be no time to have fears.

The successful do not fear anything because they are always busy creating business. The average nice guy fears everything because he doesn’t do anything.

It is the way of the world.

Cause and effect is a Universal law.

You reap what you sow.

The more things you do, the more you get.

A nice guy gets nothing because all he does is being afraid all day.

Afraid of saying what he really wants, afraid of offending women, afraid of quitting his miserable job, afraid of having his own opinions and afraid of pursuing his dreams.

Stop being afraid and start being frightening.


3. Become physically strong or learn how to fight

I’m a short guy.

That is why I always had to be strong during my childhood.

I didn’t want the taller kids to mock me at school.

And they never did.

Because I punched them, all of them.

I’ve never been bullied because I was never afraid to exercise my strength and prowess in schoolyard battles.

It always felt as if nature balanced me out.

It took a lot of height from my body but filled my limbs with great strength to compensate.

That is why I’ll fight anyone.

I don’t care.

I don’t fear human beings.

Because I’m strong.

It really is that simple.

Strong men have no fear of physical violence.

So, if you’re truly committed to stop being a nice soft guy that fears everyone and everything then you should become strong.

This is nature, this is basic logic.

A lion beats a zebra.

A virtuous man beats a nice guy.

And physical strength is a great virtue.

If you don’t want to learn a martial art (I recommend you do) then at least get a Gym membership and put some muscle on your frame.


4. Start saying “No” without explaining yourself

You don’t have to explain yourself ever.

If you don’t want to do something then don’t do it.

Just say no and be done with it.

This is your life and nobody can tell you to do anything.

You don’t have to be a selfish jerk but you also shouldn’t be a selfless wimp.

Most people always have excuses for everything.

They want to be perceived as always nice.

But people won’t respect you if you’re always explaining yourself for everything.

Especially women.

Women will trample you when you always have excuses.

Just say no to them or yes if you actually want to.

But don’t bring excuses whatever the case is.

People will respect you for your staunch opinion.

Initially some will hate you for it but hate and love are just two degrees on the same spectrum.

Where does hate end and love begin?

If you have a woman, you’ll understand.


5. Open your mouth when something bothers you

Nowadays everyone is so nice, shy and polite.

Everybody is so afraid of each other.

Most people are even nice towards people that are actually bothering them.

They act nice to everyone’s face but behind closed doors they’ll curse you.

But this is a women’s trait because they do not have virtue.

They do not have the physical prowess to take unpleasant situations head on.

Men do.

But most men rather don’t.

They rather remain in silence when another man or woman is bothering them.

Which is a weak trait and shows cowardice.

If somebody is bothering you, then speak up.

Show your teeth.

Be a man.

6. Free yourself from society’s way of thinking

The people that stand at the top of the pyramid want those at the bottom to be all nice and kind to each other.

Do you know why?

Because nice people do not have what it takes to rise above the pyramid.

They remain stuck at the bottom, nice and docile.

Like a circus lion.

Dangerous by nature but pacified into a nice loyal house cat.

This is modern man.

This is how society wants men to be.

And men will be like that until they learn how to transcend society’s way of thinking.

How do we do that?

We stop watching their goddamn television.

We stop using their filthy social media.

We stop being addicted to their phones.

We start reading books.

We start eating the right food.

We start creating our own worldview.






















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  1. Damn straight. I would never choose a nice guy as a husband. My man should always protect me, physically and verbally.

    • The thing is most women actually prefer this, society only makes it seem as if the rules of the game have changed.
      But in the end nature always wins.

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