Why you should NEVER stop learning!

You have been the same person for the past 10 years.

Aren’t you getting bored of yourself?

You have been doing the same thing for the past 10 years.

Don’t you think it’s time to try out something else?

You haven’t learned anything new for the past 10 years.

Doesn’t it occur to you that it might be wise to upgrade that dusty brain of yours?

All success in whatever shape or form whether it is wealth, happiness, health or the acquisition of knowledge, comes as a result of CHANGE.

It comes as a result of the change that must occur in our lifestyles.

If you do not change you do not grow.

If you do not grow, you won’t be happy.

Stagnation causes misery, disease, death and despair.

What happens when you store cooked food in the fridge for too long?

It decays, it rots and it becomes filled with disease.

This is because it is not doing anything.

If something in this life is not being used then it dies.

This is the law of Change, it destroys everything that is unwilling to adapt to it.


Change will keep all forms of pain, misery and sickness away.

When change is at the order of the day, nothing can cause you feelings of dismay.

How can you be depressed when constant action has become your way?

Feelings of uncertainty can only rise when you’re not sure about something.

And you can only be not sure of anything, when you don’t do a thing.

Action advances more action, whatever stands in the way becomes the way.

You can never escape taking action.

Action is required for all aspects of life, even doing nothing is doing something.

When you don’t do anything you are often killing yourself on the inside for being too idle.

You’ll create your own misery in this way.

Therefore always do something.

Make sure that every day is spent in learning something new for along the way.

Life is an endless journey!

So make the best out of it every single day.

Learn something new and don’t lead yourself astray.

What sources should I study?

For somebody that hasn’t truly learned anything for the past 10 years, it can be very overwhelming and even confusing to just start learning random things again.

Also the common person receives all of his knowledge from social media nowadays in a very chaotic and diluted form.

Especially a lot of self-help junkies.

They’re on social media all day acting as if they’re learning new things but in fact they’re just trying to socialize with other people that are interested in the same subjects.

We all know these fake intellectuals in the comment sections on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube.

These people are just mentally masturbating themselves.

They are taking shortcuts towards knowledge which in fact aren’t shortcuts at all but complicated detours that won’t get you anywhere.

You won’t be able to learn any subject extensively on social media, it is mostly just for fun and motivation.

The meat of any subject is contained only in extensive written (or audio) forms like books, papers, studies, encyclopedic websites, blogs and podcasts.

If you want to learn anything then these mediums should be your main focus.

In this way you can collect very extensive resources of knowledge based on any subject that you would like to study.

On social media you will just get little bits and pieces of knowledge.

The best way of learning however is to dive into the main sources yourself and to form your own opinions, viewpoints and angles on the subject.

It is only through your own efforts of trial and error that you will truly grow as a person.

It is the application of acquired knowledge that will cause enormous growth in you as a strong and wise human being.

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