Why you should NEVER masturbate

Masturbation is for losers, plain and simple.

It is one of the greatest causes of failure in modern day men and yet society acts as if it is a normal thing to do.

Masturbation is the number one destroyer of men and it turns you into a weak, effeminate and scared little wimp.

It is the number one thief of masculine energy and vitality.

“But doctors say masturbating 3 to 4 times a week is healthy…”

Doctors want you to be weak, sluggish and disease-ridden.

Doctors want you to be sick all the time and keep returning with bags of money so that they can sell you their medicine.

Ofcourse they’re going to tell you that masturbation is healthy, they became doctors to make a lot of money.

But try to go about it logically…

Do you think your doctor is rubbing one off 4 times a week in-between patients?

Come on man don’t be silly, the doctor is playing you.

Masturbation is the worst thing a man can do for his overall well-being.

Masturbation robs your vital energy

Every time you finish masturbating, you feel like sudden death.

You feel like you’re fucking dying, especially when you do it in addition to watching Pornography (which 99% of masturbating men do).

Pornography causes an insane amount of dopamine to release itself into your brain, you are literally frying your dopamine receptors.

That is why every time you finish masturbating, life seems fucking meaningless and nothing is pleasurable anymore.

You had too much goddamn fun, so to speak.

Your brain feels like it committed suicide.

But the pornography is not even the worst thing, it is the release of your vital energy after you’ve finished.

Most people don’t realize how powerful of a substance our semen really is.

Which is kind of stupid if you consider that a freaking child is created from it.

A human being is made from semen, let that sink in for a moment.

Let that sink in every moment you feel the urge to masturbate again.

You are literally wasting your precious seed, your vital energy.

When you consume food then all the best nutrients from it get converted into semen.

“The reabsorption of semen by the blood is the strongest nourishment and, perhaps more than any other factor, it prompts the stimulus of power”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Once you learn to retain this semen within your body, the nutrients get reabsorbed at the right times giving you an overall feeling of wellness, great health and vitality.

Retaining your semen for a mere 3 days can manifold your physical strength and vitality already, you will literally feel the energy surging through your body once you become conscious of it.

Retaining your semen for a mere 7 days will already give you feelings of physical superiority over a majority of men.

Once you retain your semen for a month you become superhuman, you’ll be able to strangle a bear with your bare hands.

And I’m not fucking kidding.

What a waste of vital energy and strength masturbation is…

Our society has been so degenerated that feeling weak and being on low energy is the absolute norm.

Truth is most men do not realize how strong they can be just by cutting out masturbation from their lives.

Most men nowadays think that being low on energy is the generic state of human beings.

We often look up to our glorious ancestors who were great warriors and masculine hero’s.

However we assume that this was due to the way society was build back then.

But that’s not it, it has nothing to do with society.

Men of the past were much stronger and more courageous than us because they didn’t waste their vital fluids.

They weren’t sexual degenerates like 90% of men today.

Men of the past were not obsessed with sex at all, they were obsessed with surviving.

They didn’t care about leisure; they cared about glory, conquest and the advancement of their own tribe.

Nowadays everything revolves around leisure, people work 40 hour weeks in an office just so that they can drink and party throughout the weekends.

This is degeneracy.

Sex is everywhere in this society and if you want to become a real man again, you’ll have to learn to ignore it.

Ignore the porn, ignore the sluts and ignore all the filth.

Retain your semen and become a man of iron strength, vitality and Will.

It destroys your ability to concentrate

Masturbation seriously fucks up your focus and mental clarity.

In the same way it robs vital energy from your body, it also absorbs all energy from the brain.

After masturbation you’re just a sack of shit.

You can’t think straight anymore for the rest of the day, you’ve became mentally retarded.

You’ve literally destroyed your own mind for a while.

You sad piece of shit.

Wake up dude, masturbation is the number one enemy of every Masculine Man.

If you want to do great things in the world and achieve all of your goals, you’re going to need every drop of mental energy there is.

You can’t lavishly spent mental energy every single day on pixel sluts.

Conserve your brain power.

In this dynamic and fast-paced changing world of technology, you can’t afford to not have the capacity to think straight.

You have to be sharp and mentally strong at all times.

There is not one successful person that masturbates.

Masturbation is for peasants, slaves, serfs and fat emasculated merchants.

Kings, Warriors, Priests and Nobles never masturbate, they absorb all their semen and convert it into worldly success.

Semen is power and those who are powerful retain all their semen.

Do you think professional athletes, Movie actors, Music Artists and CEO’s are masturbating?

Ofcourse not, every person that is functioning on a high level in society knows the secrets behind semen retention.

They all know the power that emanates from not ejaculating all the time.

The power to be able to focus and concentrate on one single thing, is the greatest power mankind has received from the Divine.

It destroys your Testosterone levels

Testosterone – Testicles

Can you spot the similarities in these two words?

Almost all of your Testosterone is produced in the testicles, when you keep depleting your testicles of semen then you are literally throwing out Testosterone out of your body.

The consequences of this are very severe for a man’s overall masculinity.

This should not be underestimated!

Truly I’m telling you, this should NOT be underestimated.

Testosterone is literally the cradle of a man’s health and overall well-being.

It is like running your own business but spending all of your revenue on private luxury instead of reinvesting it in new business opportunities.

Sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost and you’ll have to file for bankruptcy.

Testosterone is what makes a man, a Man.

Your motivation to get out of bed in the morning is due to Testosterone surging through your body, that is why all men wake up with a boner.

The motivation to get yourself some action from the fairer sex comes from Testosterone.

That is why men of the past didn’t have a hard time to get women.

Our grandfathers were all pimps meanwhile men of today can’t even look women in the eyes.

Because the average man of today is looking at strange naked women on a screen all day.

The average man of today is getting more action from his own hand then he gets from real life women.

Wake the fuck up dude!

If you are one of these men then it is high time to rise and boost your overall Testosterone levels.

How do you do that?

You stop fucking depleting your testicles for no fucking reason.

The ONLY time you are allowed to release semen is inside of a real woman’s vagina, if that isn’t the case then you just got to deal with your sexual urges.

Transmute your sexual urges into something productive, this is the key to real manhood.

All men of the past had to deal with their high sexual nature in one way or another.

They transmuted their surplus energy into great endeavors, they used their serum testosterone levels to achieve greatness in the world.

Instead of ejaculating in a piece of cloth, they went out into the world to conquer, build, hunt, discover, farm and learn new stuff.

Unlike these sissy boys of today who can’t stop touching themselves like weak degenerates.

Most of these boys are always blaming women for everything.

They really believe that it is women who have changed and that it is the reason why a lot of men have a hard time getting women nowadays.

But women never change by themselves, women are an adapting gender.

They always follow men in everything.

When men become sissy boys with low testosterone then women have to become the exact opposite.

Since women are our complementary sex, they always do the exact opposite thing.

When men are harsh women are soft, when men are weak women are strong.

This is the way God created the different sexes.

Opposites attract like magnets, and therefore women are acting like bitches in order to attract men who are acting like maggots.

Women will become nice, soft and fertile again the moment men become harsh, strong and filled with Testosterone again.

Let that sink in for a moment.

All it takes is not ejaculating to pixels on a screen all the time.

Just stop touching your dick dude and you’ll become a Masculine Man again within the blink of an eye.

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