Why most people do not believe in their OWN religion

All religions are man-made.

Every single religious book out there has been written or constructed by men.

Nobody can deny this, if a book is written down in human words then it is human.

At the head of every religion humans have created core inner doctrines, often reserved for the spiritual elite or those that are intellectually capable enough to unravel this mystery.

This inner doctrine is therefore often concealed within the words of the religious texts themselves.

Most religious people however have a very shallow understanding of their own religious tradition.

They often lack the knowledge, right understanding, interest and intellectual capacity to even understand their own holy books.

This is not me speaking down to people but it is merely my perception of the general people in our modern-day society.

Religion isn’t really taught in schools anymore due to the separation of church and state.

This however has had an obvious effect on people today, because even those that call themselves Christians do not have the slightest understanding of Christianity or the Bible itself.

We all know this…

How many Christians or Muslims do we know?

And how many of them do you actually ever hear breaking down the Bible or the Qur’an intellectually?

They rarely do that and you’ll rarely meet such people in real life.

This is because most people that call themselves believers don’t really know or understand the things they should believe in.

I said “should” because if you subscribe to a certain religion and go around your daily life in society calling yourself a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or whatever; then isn’t it obvious that people would assume, that you’ll at least understand your own holy book…

Or at least read it sometime…

Which most people that subscribe to certain religions don’t do, at all…

Come on, we all know this man!

Most people don’t practice their own religion.

The only reason they subscribe to their religion is because their own parents subscribe to that religion.

And their parents subscribe to that religion is because their parents subscribed to that religion.

And their parents…

And so the cycle has been continuing on and on since who knows when.

All we know is that the initial spark of true spiritual understanding about the cosmos that our ancestors had, is long but gone.

It is up to the present generations to rediscover what our ancestors where talking about and what they actually knew about the universe.

However we will never discover that if we just blindly subscribe to religions without ever investigating what it’s all about.

Honestly, if you are religious, then ask yourself… right now!

“Am I truly aware of what the religion of [….] is truly about?”

Are you capable of conveying the true spiritual message of your ancestors, prophets or god to another human being?

If the answer is no, then ask yourself, why is that so?

Do you not care about what your religion teaches, does it not really interest you or might it be so, that you do NOT really believe?

These are hard questions man, questions that require answers.

Questions like these can not be left unanswered.

Leaving bold statements out in the air is not the way of our ancestors.

The ancestors of humanity believed or perhaps actually knew the answers to all major things.

“How do you know that?”

Because they told us through the goddamn religious books man!

What do you think a religious book is?

It is a fucking college textbook dummy.

A college textbook sent down through the ages by our ancestors, filled with information about history, cosmology, physics, biology, metaphysics, chemistry, biochemistry, alchemy, astrology, astronomy, mathematics, psychology, theology and whatever other field of study you could possibly think of; all of them hidden in a deep maze of allegories, metaphors and mythological stories often filled with gods and primordial beings.

All religious books convey things that are more than often severely misunderstood by the general masses, who are more than often kept blind by their own priesthoods that are to be found in every single religion out there.

Priests cross-culturally around the world, generally have a monopoly on the course a certain religious group sets itself.

When the priests fall for the ever lurking desire of wealth, they often hide the spiritual truth of the religion from the general masses in order to empower and enrich themselves.

This could not be if all people truly understood the hidden power of the true spiritual traditions of their own ancestors and would therefore no longer have the need for priests to take care of meaningless religious rituals.

Still for the general masses of religious people, rituals are still at the core of their religious comprehension and therefore they’re excommunicated from the divine truth that is hidden in deep allegory, often right in front of them on the dusty pages of their long neglected holy book.

A book which sadly often sits right there in the midst of their home, never to be read.

And therefore more importantly never to be understood.

That is why there is so much confusion nowadays.

Left and right, Black and white, Christian and Muslim, Atheist and Christian, Muslim and Jew etc; are constantly at each others throat.

This has become a global battlefield which manifests itself in all layers of society whether it be politics, media, social media, TV, Hollywood movies or music…

It is literally everywhere.

The forces of good against the forces of evil.

The problem is… everybody especially religious people always count themselves to be from the forces of good.

However if you have been swept away by all this global propaganda and actually picked a side whether it is left or right, Christian or Muslim; then you’ve lost the war already.

Because most likely, you don’t really know or truly understand what is going on out there if you’re actually picking sides.

There are no good sides in this global war.

But you don’t understand that, because you don’t read your holy book.

Every religious text out there says literally the same…

“The world is fucked up, however YOU gotta make the best of it”

And then the book most likely goes on throwing endless mystery and allegory in to your face and you’ll be to blind to see it for what it is.

A man-made creation, which is nothing but a scientific study from another time period and most likely in a less “factual” form.

Because in ancient times humans were nothing like us.

They didn’t have nation states, Television and Cars.. but they had a pollution free sky tho…

A sky through which they could see countless stars and star systems very clearly.

They had endless miles of nature with no other men in sight; therefore they had extraordinary amounts of time for contemplation, understanding and direct communion with the forces of nature.

Why do you think every culture had gods for literally every phenomena out there?

Because they understood that nature is a very conscious thing and that literally every phenomena has a consciousness behind it.

This is described in most holy books and it is often pronounced as:


You see?

Y’all lack comprehension, you lack true understanding.

It is all the same whether you say your God is everywhere or whether an ancient sage, slightly elevated with some Cannabis Indica, perceived the thunder to be an actual being called “Indra” and the Fire through which he performed sacrifices he called “Agni”, and the Sky above he called “Dyaus Pitar” and the Earth below his feet he referred to as “Prithivi”.

These are all names from the Indo-Aryan pantheon of divine entities which they referred to as “Devas”.

Which means “A being of extraordinary qualities”, a semi-divine non-human entity, very real and literally perceived by us throughout our daily lives.

The reason I am telling this is because the Vedas, are often considered to be one of the oldest forms of religious literature in the world.

They originated as an oral tradition said to be perceived by ancient sages called “Rishis” during their meditation.

The sound forms are said to have emanated directly from communion with the Divine Being of the Sun; which the Rishis then constructed into a language they called “Sanskrit” meaning Perfectly Made.

Later on during darker times in Indian history, the Vedas were forced to be written down out of necessity.

The story goes that there weren’t enough Great Rishis left in order to keep the oral tradition going, many parts of the Vedas are therefore said to have never been written down and are considered lost to humanity.

It seems the advent of luxury and civilization, eventually takes away many human capabilities which are necessary for survival in more ancient times.

Like for example having a photographic memory might seem nice in 2020 but not really that important with all the cloud storage and digital technology; but believe me having a photographic memory was definitely necessary for survival for humanity during hunter-gatherer times.

Probably all hunters had a very sharp memory, more extraordinary than anything our present-generations can attain today.

They had to constantly memorize landmarks in order to know where they were, they had to remember which plants to use for medicine and which ones are poisonous.

They basically knew everything there was to know about both the animal and the plant kingdom.

With this type of sharp memory, sages constructed the Vedas orally and past them down from generation to generation until they had to be written down in the 4 main Vedas we nowadays have.

The Vedas form the core basis and have laid the foundations for the collection of religious traditions that we nowadays know as Hinduism.

In the Vedas however as I said before, the Aryans extensively described these Devas to be present all throughout the natural world in countless manifestations, some Devas are not even limited to what we understand as “Nature” but are actually allegories for psychological and biochemical ocurrences that happen right there in the human mind and body ALL THE TIME.

That is what the ancient Indo-Aryans in Northern India revered as gods.

Later this natural form of Vedic worship evolved (or devolved..) throughout the history of ancient India due to the advent of ascetic orders like Buddhism and Jainism, the Vedic renaissance led by Shankaracharya, the invasion of Islamic Afghan-Turkic dynasties which caused the rise of the Hindu Bhakti movement and forced an ascetic order called “Shishya’s” to become a martial culture of warrior-saints adhering to a religion called Sikhism.

All of these things occurred before the British ever entered India.

But when they did…

They deemed it fit to label everything they saw in this immense land of Gods and Demons; Devas and Asuras; Rishis, Guru’s, Buddhas and Mullah’s… and they just called it:


Which is ridiculous, there is no such thing.

It is merely a cultural umbrella term, it does not define anything a person believes.

Which brings us back to the main story.

What do you believe?

What religion do your parents have and do you actually believe in that as well?

There is no use in mainly stating a religion and then for the remainder of your life ascribing yourself to that religion, without ever knowing what that religion is about.

You must always ask yourself where your religion comes from, who created it and for what purpose? Does your religion ever convey hidden meanings and who is meant to understand it? What is the agenda of your religion? What is your religion trying to achieve in the world?

Have you ever read the holy book of your religion, and tried to read it like a story from cover to cover?

Or do you just pick and choose what to read in order to feel good about yourself?

Be honest with yourself.

Read the damn book man.

Find out what you really believe..

Because let me tell you something, once you start walking down this road there is no going back.

You might not really like what you see out there.

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