What is Masculinity?

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Masculinity is the only thing that truly matters in this world, especially in this day and age.

There would be no society without the power of masculinity.

All great things would be completely absent from the world, where it not for masculinity.

All great inventions, all great philosophies, all great religions, all great art and all great achievements are solely due to the divine power of masculinity.

Masculinity was the greatest gift of Nature to this world.

It is the fire in the belly.

Masculinity is the sword of progress which cuts through all forms of stagnation and degeneration.

Masculinity is pure natural growth and it is the driving force of all evolution.

Masculinity is not limited to Gender

It transcends all physical barriers and yet it manifests in the physical world in countless shapes and forms.

Both sexes have a certain degree of masculine energy, the thing is that it can only express itself perfectly through a masculine frame.

In biological terms for example we say that both male and female contain testosterone in their bodies as well as estrogen.

But too much estrogen in a man results in very negative behavioral patterns and it can be very detrimental to his health.

The same rule applies to women.

Too much testosterone in a woman results in all sorts of bodily malfunctions, too much testosterone in a woman can also seriously mess up her mental state and psyche.

The only way masculine energy can truly express itself perfectly is through a strong masculine body.

The only way feminine energy can truly express itself perfectly is through a fertile feminine body.

Masculinity is the driving force of evolution

Look around you at whatever small piece of natural world there still is out there.

Can you see the beautiful flowers grow in Spring after a harsh infertile Winter?

Do you see the trees finally covering their branches again with green and vibrant leaves?

Do you see the animals hysterically running around chasing each other in order to reproduce during mating season?

Do you see all these human toddlers stuffing their mouths with every single thing they can find in their environment?

This all is masculine energy at work.

The process of growth, discovery, evolution, construction, invention etc.

All of these things are results of masculine energy.

The will to discover life in all of its facets is very masculine and therefore throughout history; it was predominantly (almost always) males that did new, dangerous and risky things for the sake of growth and discovery.

Never females.

Not because they’re a lesser gender and neither because they were oppressed, but because they’re just different.

They have different qualities and taking dangerous risks is certainly not one of them, women love comfort way more than men do.

They do not have the driving force that men are naturally born with.

A woman’s mind has to be distorted and manipulated in order for her to become success and risk driven.

A man’s mind has to be utterly destroyed in order to kill his inner drive to succeed in this world.

Therefore masculinity is a very powerful natural force to be reckoned with.

It is a force that induces the will to grow on the evolutionary scale.

It functions almost like a deity, an inner force or a spirit guide that fills men with the desire to become wealthy, healthy, intelligent, wise, physically strong and abundant in resources.

It is the force that motivates men to spread their seed around and create great progeny.

All men desire these things due to high levels of masculine energy surging throughout their bodies.

Women do not desire these things.

What women desire is to have a man that desires these things.

That is because they lack sufficient amounts of masculine energy.

Only they have been lied to by society into believing that they want the exact same things men want.

But the society of human beings is no match for Nature.

Nature will always redistribute masculine energy to its rightful owners and it will deprive those that fight against its natural laws.

Nature will not allow something so silly as society to stunt its own growth under false pretenses.

Masculinity is the only solution to society’s problems

Our society is so disturbed because there is an absence of masculinity.

We actually live in a globally feminized society as we speak, a majority of Earth’s men has been systematically demoralized.

They have been emasculated and mentally castrated to believe that women and men are equal.

A lot of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers from the past would be disgusted by the effeminate ways their male descendants are behaving in the 21st Century.

The truth would be so visible to them and the solution to society’s problem would be very obvious.

It is because we don’t really know anymore how men used to be, we have this distorted feminine view nowadays about our masculine ancestors.

They want us to believe that our ancestors were just a bunch of homophobic violent women-oppressing bigots.

Even though they have literally build the entire foundation of the world that we’re so parasitically exploiting.

This is insanity.

No, this is pure degeneration of the human race.

The only thing that can save our imminent destruction and further degeneration is for men to reclaim their lost masculinity.

Reclaim the driving force that has built the foundations upon which you are presently standing.

Once we do this then our women will start getting in tune again with their own lost femininity.

Women will always follow men in whatever direction they’ve chosen for themselves.

This is no mere wishful thinking or hopeful fantasy, but it is the Natural Law.

It is merely the extraordinary power of masculine energy.


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