We are Creators created by the Creator

A majority of mankind live out very silly and lowly lives.

Their entire lives amount to nothing but a meaningless jive, dedicated to the daily rat race and a worthless nine to five.

Most modern day men have nothing worth for to strive and neither do they have the ability to obtain good wives.

What has happened with our Masculine Creators of the past and where are our heroic Kings and Knights?

Well, I know exactly what happened and I will tell you within the second…

Mankind has forgotten it’s True Nature as Creators

That is right, we are all Creators.

As the good book has said: “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

– Genesis 1:27

The Creator has created Us in His Image.

Most religious people fail to realize what this means since they interpret religious texts like illiterate baboons.

They read the words mindlessly, over and over, but never ever contemplate what they actually mean.

Created in the Image of the Creator means that we have become Creators in our own right.

It doesn’t mean that we physically or aesthetically look like God because God is not a mere physical Being, as we might all agree.

It means that we have the Godlike capabilities of Creation as well. If we only use our brains for once then we would realize that this is true.

Who has build this entire world with everything in it?

God? Wrong!

Who created all buildings, farms, cities, temples, currencies, religions, roads, tools, houses, irrigation systems, sewers, factories, vehicles, sciences, books, weapons, electronics, states, nations, clothing and all other things of tangible value?

Men created all these things as co-creators in God’s Divine Glory.

This is what separates us from the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.

The ability to create is the only thing that separates humans from animals.

The Spark of Mind

Humans have been given the Divine spark of Mind.

Just like the Divine Being we have the ability to mentally create a thing and then convert it into it’s physical counterpart.

Everything that mankind creates, literally originates as a spark of mind, as a thought-form inside of Us.

When this thought-form takes shape, we are able to translate the thought into an actual material thing.

We create blueprints in our minds which don’t exist in the physical world and then we actually create it.

Did airplanes exist 500 years ago? Where did all the cars come from? Computers and the Internet?

All of these things where created in the minds of Human Beings that literally believed that these thoughts could actually become a reality even though in almost all cases of invention they were ridiculed by all other Humans around them.

Who would ridicule the inventor of the airplane today? Or the car?

That would be a ridiculous thing to do right? And still people did.

Because most people do not know who or what they are, they believe themselves to be nothing but filthy organic beings and nothing more.

How ridiculous most people are, not realizing that they are co-creators with God.

Not realizing that they are Gods on Earth themselves.

That is why most people will never amount to anything and the ones that do are always deified by others.

Look at all the celebrities that create music just from their minds. They are treated like Gods by all the mindless monkeys that listen to their songs.

Too bad the monkeys have forgotten their own potential and that they themselves have the capacity to create the exact same things, perhaps even better if they wished.


“Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”

– Genesis 2:7

The breathe of life is the Divine Spirit of God that is seeded in every Human Being, it is what we truly are and it is what creates the true Spark of Mind inside of Us.

Without the breath of life we would just be like any other animal, not knowing anything but being purely reactive to our sensual impulses and natural instincts.

Most people have forgotten these ancient truths and therefore are exactly like that, nothing more than mere animals.

And you can see it in their buffoonery and idiotic behavior.

They don’t care for creation, all they partake in is destruction.

That is why most people won’t leave anything of creative value behind in this world, they’ll leave the world behind just in the way they’ve entered it, which is ROTTEN.

Their lives are based on mere consumption and sense pleasure.

I’m not saying everybody should create something which is saintly and pure, I’m just saying that you should create.

Some people even neglect to create children just because they want to enjoy their own time, so without consideration they’ll partake in the destruction of entire generations.

They just work silly jobs, indulge in leisure all day while stuffing their faces and barely ever doing something new.

In their laziness they just rot away…

This destructive behavior has to end today.

Start creating in any way!

Create children, create a beautiful home, create a strong family, create your own philosophy, create something useful, create a business, create a building, create a book, create wholesome food; just create something in whatever you do and realize the creative Divine potential that has always been hidden deep within you.

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Ashwin Orie

I am the Mind behind the Grind.

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