Veganism: The Satanic Diet

Humans are meat eaters

Veganism is a phenomena of pure evil.

It is unnatural and purely meant to bring forth the eradication of the human race.

It serves no purpose other than that.

They will tell you that a vegan diet is absolutely necessary for human beings to be healthy.

But they are wrong and not because they’re ignorant but because they are lying to you.

You will see it everywhere in society nowadays.

On television, social media, movies and in public you’ll see veganism being promoted under the guise of better health.

Open your eyes and just look…

Everywhere I see this and that vegan recipe being promoted.

I see vegan restaurants and salad bars appearing like mold on our cities.

And vegan products are all over the place, it doesn’t matter where you look.

This process of veganization shall continue for quite some time as well until there are no more meat-eaters left.

It is very hard to make a profit on meat especially when there are 7 billion meat eating humanoids walking the planet.

The ruling elite behind the governments of this world do not care about human health neither do they care about animal well-being.

They care about profit and meat does not financially provide that in the same way as vegan or vegetarian products do like wheat, rice, potatoes and all those vegetables that are produced very cheaply.

Unlike these things, meat is quite expensive and needs more resources to be produced for a smaller amount of people.

It is hard to make a big profit on beef, lamb, goat or pig and most big companies know this.

They’ve understood the math.

Veganism is thus not a health game but a numbers game.

How to feed enough people with the least amount of financial investment.

Feed them cheap grains and artificially produced vegetables.

In that way the corporations can make money forever and eat all the expensive meat while the deluded population is stuffing itself with cattle food.


Humans are meat eaters

Humans have been eating meat for the past 2.5 million years.

To make the claim that veganism is better for your health like most vegans do is a very retarded statement.

It is just plain stupidity and it shows laziness.

In this society vegetables are considered healthy and beneficial for our health by default because that is how most of us were raised.

“Eat your green veggies, so you can grow big and strong.”

But vegetables do not make human beings strong.

Eating spinach like Popeye does not give you muscles.

This is just folklore and not based on true intellectual understanding.

What makes humans strong, vital and muscular is meat.

It has been doing so for over 2 million years as I already said.

Humans truly started evolving into humans once they’ve started to consume meat.

Humans first evolved in East Africa about 2.5 million years ago from an earlier genus of apes called Australopithecus, which means ‘Southern Ape’.

What is very noteworthy is that human beings support extraordinarily large brains in comparison to other mammals.

“Mammals weighing sixty kilograms have an average brains size of 200 cubic centimeters. The earliest men and women, 2.5 million years ago, had brains of about 600 cubic centimeters. Modern Sapiens  sport a brain averaging 1200-1400 cubic centimeters.”

– Sapiens: A brief history of Humankind, Chapter 1 page 9 

The brain size of human beings is phenomenal and has given us unprecedented thinking capabilities. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the brain like any other part of the body requires energy (calories).

Our brain needs to be constantly fed in order for it to grow and maintain itself.

If your body is suffering from malnutrition that means your brain is as well.

That is why it is impossible to think clearly when you’re hungry.

It was meat eating that gave our brains the nutrition necessary to evolve in the way it did and therefore it was the consumption of meat that made us human.

According to most archaeologists and evolutionary biologists a raw vegan diet would have never been able to support the evolution of such a large human brain.

Meat eating was a crucial element in the evolution of the human race.

There are simply not enough calorie dense foods in a raw vegan diet to support a growing brain with sufficient nutrients.

This is fairly obvious when we compare ourselves with other primates like the gorilla.

Gorillas are huge and on average three times more massive than humans and yet they have smaller brains than us.

The reason for this is because all gorillas eat are leaves and raw plants.

Gorillas have a raw vegan diet which requires them to eat over 9 hours a day to only support their body mass.

For gorillas to evolve a human-like brain, they would need an additional 733 calories a day, which would require another two hours of feeding which is an insane amount of time to just eat.

Human beings would have never survived if they continued eating a raw vegan diet like their primate cousins because we would be eating for over nine hours a day.

That is a lot of time we would have needed just to feed ourselves and that isn’t even the amount of time we would’ve spend in gathering all that food in the first place.

So, our intelligent ancestors started eating meat millions of years ago in order to sustains themselves.

And along the way everything we now are evolved because of the meat consumption.

We’ve become hunters and omnivorous.

Humans are meat-eaters and it is the only natural way to support our large brains.

We would have certainly gone extinct or still be apes, had our ancestors stayed on a raw vegan diet.


Meat isn’t necessary anymore, vegan is the way to go forward.

This is another illusion propagated by ignorance.

It is ignorance created out of a privileged and stupefied society.

Most vegans are very ignorant and can’t think clearly.

Their brains lack all the vital nutrients that humans always needed to become what they are now.

Meat will be necessary for human beings until we’ve evolved to live without it.

But that day has not come yet.

We need the animal proteins and fats, the vitamin B12, the iron, the magnesium, the zinc and all other vital nutrients our cattle provides.

In order to live the optimal human experience in this life we definitely need to consume sufficient amounts of meat and animal fat.

Vegans often put forward the argument that we can get all our nutrients from meat substitutes like soy and that it is even healthier than meat.

This is a deluded fantasy.

Soy increases estrogen which might be okay for women to consume but as a man, you really don’t want to consume any estrogen at all.

That is why a lot of vegans are weak, emotional and feminized.

They’re consuming estrogen from all the fake-meat left, right and center.

They lack the right nutrients vital to manhood.

But they will never realize this until they eat meat again.

Most vegans will live out their days chronically malnourished and not even realize it.

They’ll think it is normal to be weak, foggy-headed and emotional.

I was talking to this vegan dude a couple of weeks ago.

He is a good guy but he is delusional.

We were talking about fitness and working out, when the dialogue came to the topic of nutrition he said that he barely ate any meat anymore.

He also said that he barely eats any candy or junk foods.

Mostly eats his green veggies because and I quote: “We can get all our protein and nutrients from plants, meat isn’t necessary if you think about it logically. All protein comes from plants originally since the animals eat the plants and we eat the animals. Why not leave the animals and just eat the plants…”

This might sound like a very logical argument but it is bogus and I’ll tell you why.

We aren’t able to digest vegetables that well.

We are not herbivores like the cattle we eat.

From an evolutionary standpoint we aren’t meant to eat many vegetables at all.

Vegetables are only seasonal foods, for thousands of years they were only available for small amounts of time.

There were no supermarkets filled with two hundred different vegetables from all across the planet.

The average human ate only two or three seasonal plants a year.

Most human beings before farming came around 10.000 years ago, had meat as a staple in their diets.

Meat was all we ate and so our digestive system is evolved to process meat and not vegetables.

This is why eating a lot of vegetables is bad for you and leads to constipation. 

You will never be fully relieved when you eat a lot of vegetables.

It is better to seriously limit the amount you eat.


Vegetables are not natural foods

This might be the strangest thing you have ever heard considering the indoctrination we’ve all had since our childhoods to eat enough vegetables.

But most people do not think for themselves, they’re automatons and robotic.

They’ve been trained since childhood to just listen and obey.

But this article is not for those people and that is why I know that these words will not fall upon deaf ears and blind eyes.

Think about it for a second…

Have you ever seen wild vegetables in nature?

Did you ever go for a long walk in nature and stumbled upon a wild cucumber?

Have you ever walked through the forest and stepped on some forest tomatoes?

Was there ever in your life a time that you went hiking and caught some lettuce or cabbage?

All the vegetables you ever saw were either in a store or on Agricultural land, never just out there in nature.

Do you know why?

Because vegetables are not natural, they do not grow in nature.

All vegetables we consume are genetically modified by human beings.

Human beings have been genetically modifying plants for the past 10.000 years.

They often call this crossbreeding but it is basically the same thing.

It is the creation of things that did not originate in nature by themselves.

These genetically modified foods is what society calls vegetables and they will keep on urging you to eat them in huge amounts.

And you’ll eat them not knowing better than all those generations before you.

Always having a hard time in the toilet and never being fully relieved because you’re eating shit that can’t be completely digested by your stomach.

Try eating nothing but meat for a day and see how well your stomach will flush out your system.

Eat nothing but vegetables for a day and I wish you good luck.

Do both of these tests and then read this article again.

It will all make sense in the end.












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