Veganism: The Rise of Plant-based diets

Veganism is the future.

Plant-based diets are the present.

And meat belongs in the past.

If you did not realize this before then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past twenty years.

In this millennial age, veganism and plant-based diets are everywhere.

They’re promoting it on Television, in the streets, in the shopping malls and at the shopping centers.

In the supermarket, on commercials, in movies and even in music.

Plant-based diets got the full support of the Agricultural Industry behind it.

And where big industries are providing full financial support, there scientists and politicians are to be found right around the corner as well.

“The future is vegan” is one of the famous vegan slogans.

And they’re not wrong.

The process of Veganisation is long overdue.

They’ve been indoctrinating us since the 1960’s and all generations since became staunch defenders of plant foods.

We’ve all been raised with the “eat your veggies” religion.

Eat your vegetables or you won’t grow big, strong and healthy they’ve told us.

What a blatant lie we’ve been told!

What a horrible thing our parents taught us… oh how they’ve failed in recognizing mass-indoctrination.

Because that is exactly what it is, indoctrination en masse.

The deception has been going on for a quite a few generations right now and it won’t stop either.

Most people ALREADY eat plant-based diets

The Agricultural Industry is paying billions of dollars each year to Universities, Scientists, Politicians and Entertainment Industries to keep on promoting the sanctity of a plant-based diet.

Meanwhile they rape the Earth and enforce it to surrender an endless supply of Genetically Modified Organisms we call vegetables.

They pay huge sums of money to scientists in order to provide us with continuous studies that put plant-based diets in a positive light.

They pay huge sums of money to Television broadcasting stations to continuously promote the health effects of plant-based foods like vegetable oils, margarine, vegetables, soy and vegan options of your favorite snacks.

And they subconsciously encourage you in this way to hop on the plant-based bandwagon.

Most people are fat, unhealthy, sick, weak and depressed.

This is how they got to us.

By providing you with misinformation and twisted words.

Not realizing that it is the plant-based food that makes you sick and unhealthy in the first place.

It is all a mind game.

And they’ve been playing us for a very long time.

It is all part of the agenda of Ideological Subversion.

But if you truly think about it analytically without preconceived notions then you’d realize that you are already eating a majority plant-based diet.

All those starchy carbohydrates that the population is eating by the kilograms; carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, rice, pasta and corn are all plant-based foods.

All the sugar that we are consuming in all our hot drinks, sodas, snacks and desserts are plant-based.

Sugar is to be found in almost all processed foods and sugar is derived from plants like the sugar cane.

The only natural sugar around comes from fruit, however fruits themselves are plant-based as well.

And most people are eating salads or vegetables with every single meal already.

Even our hamburgers got lettuce, onions and tomatoes on em’.

Every meat based meal has a huge portion of vegetables included as well.

The Standard Western/American style diet IS ALREADY plant-based.

And still 90% of people are suffering from physical ailments, disease, weakness, obesity, depression and premature aging.

Humans have evolved on Animal-based diets

This is not a matter of debate.

If you assume that human beings have been eating plant foods in the huge quantities that we do today then you’ve probably neglected to actually open a history book for once.

Our history as hunter-gatherers is undisputed.

Men have been hunters for millions of years first and foremost.

Women have been gatherers for millions of years first and foremost.

Together men and women evolved on the hunter-gatherer diet into modern human beings, and the hunter-gatherer diet was predominantly animal-based.

You can only collect a certain amount of calories from berries, fungi, nuts and wild plants until you starve in nature.

There are no vegetables in nature whatsoever especially not during winter seasons when everything is DEATH.

Before farming was invented 10-12.000 years ago all humans were dependent upon the meat of animals for survival.

This lasted for millions of years.

The huge nutritional value and caloric density of wild game meat has resulted that humans evolved from a species called “Australopithecus” into modern humans eventually.

The huge amount of minerals, vitamins and calories derived from meat resulted into the human primate brain growing exponentially into what it is now…

One of the largest brains in the animal kingdom.

A plant-based diet is not progress but regress.

Back to a monkey diet of leaves, grass, nuts and seeds.

The result is the human population becoming extremely weak.

We’ve evolved to thrive on meat and changing this diet in the extreme way we’re doing now means that eventually we’ll degenerate as a species.

However, this is exactly what the elites want…

A future where everyone is eating plant-based foods, vegan meat substitutes and lab-grown meat.

A future where everybody is sick, subservient to the elite and weak.

Eating lots of Vegetables is Unnatural

Have you ever seen a wild cucumber or a tomato growing in the forest?

Did you ever go out hiking and stumble upon some fresh onions, spinach or garlic?

Have you ever found some wild natural corn or potatoes?

You haven’t have you?

This is because ALL modern vegetables are man-made.

The green isles in the Supermarket are not to be found in nature.

All vegetables are GMO’s.

The big Agricultural Industries are playing us by the masses with labels like non-GMO.

All veggies are genetically modified because they do not exist in nature.

In nature there are only some wild seasonal edible plants (that die off during the Winter) which are often poisonous as well.

For millions of years the bulk of human diets was meat, fish, eggs and the occasional wild plants, berries, nuts and seeds that people were able to gather.

However during the Winters human beings basically only ate meat because there was nothing else to be found.

Humans thrived and evolved on a diet that was basically 95% animal-derived food like meat, organs, animal fat and bone marrow.

The other 5% of calories were things like berries, wild edible plants like mushrooms, seeds and nuts that the women gathered while the men were out hunting.

The standard hunter-gatherer was seriously lacking in plant-based foods and vegetables.

And yet they were much more healthier, bigger, stronger, smarter, talented, perceptive, intuitive and more muscular than we are today.

They did not die from eating insufficient vegetables and neither did they clog their arteries from all the red meat they ate.

We’ve been deceived by the trillion dollar Agricultural Industries.

Your history has been hidden from you right there in plain sight because the truth is so obvious and yet nobody sees it.

Like religious disciples you can see all these fat and sick people in the Supermarket hoarding their healthy veggies for dinner.

Plants do not like to be eaten

If you don’t consider plants to be alive then the title of this paragraph will confuse you.

But plants are just as alive as you.

A lot of plants are being eaten raw and they’re still alive the moment people are chewing on their leaves.

This is not some metaphysical talk about the spiritual nature of plants.

Everything in nature is alive, even minerals.

Plants are one of the higher lifeforms in this world together with us animals.

They’ve feelings, emotions and very sensory perceptions of the world around them.

Plants fight for territory, seek food and they trap or lure in prey just like animals.

Due to their level of consciousness, plants are also able to perceive potential threats to their own existence.

A plant knows exactly when a bug or caterpillar is chewing on its leaves and it has defense mechanisms against it.

You see unlike animals who can defend themselves with claws, teeth, horns and muscle power most plants do not have physical weapons to defend themselves against potential predators.

Neither can plants turn around and simply run away when a predator is lurking through the bushes.

Plants lead a very stationary existence but they are NOT harmless.

They have very vicious defense mechanisms ingrained in their genetic code.


These are natural compounds found in plants that interfere with the absorption of nutrients.

Some of these anti-nutrients have the power to make insects infertile and they have similar effects on human beings when consumed in huge quantities.

That is why vegans struggle with brain fog, inflammation, constipation, weakness, premature aging, muscle loss, thin hair and eventually infertility.

There are lots of anti-nutrients that occur in most plants that human beings now consume under the guise of healthy vegetables.

1. Phytic Acid

Phytic acid is a very destructive anti-nutrient which upon huge amounts of consumption results in a plethora of weaknesses in the human body.

And in the Standard Western/American diet we consume a LOT of phytic acid.

No wonder we’re sick.

Since phytic acid upon consumption binds itself to the dietary minerals calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

When iron and zinc for example bind themselves to phytic acid they become insoluble and unable to be absorbed by the intestines.

This process can therefore result in iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium deficiences in people whose diets are heavily relying on plant-based foods especially vegans and vegetarians.

No wonder we HAVE to take all these Multivitamins and supplements these days just to feel a little better.

We’re highly deficient in minerals due to the consumption of plant-based foods that contain anti-nutrients like phytic acid.

Phytic acid is mostly found in seeds including nuts, grains, legumes and pulses.

All the consumption of bread, beans, nuts, soy and seeds with every meal will result in mineral deficiencies.

2. Phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens literally create birth control effects in insects and renders them to become infertile.

Some plants contain these anti-nutrients to reduce insect populations in their area and direct surroundings in order to secure their own survival.

Phytoestrogens are literally estrogenic hormones derived from plants.

Plant foods like soy contain the most phytoestrogens of all plants.

Other great sources are nuts and oil seeds, cereals and legumes.

All vegetable oils like sunflower, rapeseed (canola) and soy are also saturated with phytoestrogens.


They cause huge hormonal imbalances like low testosterone and high estrogen resulting in infertility, obesity, overall weakness and disease.

3. Lectins

One of many toxic constituents of raw plants which can cause nutritional deficiencies and allergic/immune reactions in the human body.

They are mostly found in grains, pulses, legumes and soybeans.

Gluten for example is a lectin.

4. Oxalates

Oxalates are one of the most dangerous and prevalent anti-nutrients out there.

They are chemical compounds that bind with calcium and create crystals that can cause a wide range of problems in our bodies like kidney stones, inflammation, joint pains and arthritis.

Often times when older people are starting to suffer joint pains all over their bodies and experience organ failure is due to them consuming too much oxalates on a daily basis.

The neglect of consuming sufficient amounts of animal fat and proteins results in a break down of the human body especially during older age when sufficient protein is necessary more than ever.

But instead of consuming more animal products most elders nowadays turn to oxalate rich diets because of misinformation provided by their money-hungry doctors.

Food sources high in oxalates are plant-based like Parsley, Spinach, Potatoes, Soy, Tofu, Beans, Grains, peanuts, almonds, cacao and most berries as well.


Stop eating so much plant-based foods, it is far from healthy!

It only serves to enslave you and it makes your body weak.

The future will be absent in real meat because a majority of people are already consuming mostly genetically modified plant-based feed.


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  1. Excellent article Ashwin. I haven’t eaten a single plant in 6 months and feel better than ever!

    • That is awesome man, 6 months is a really long fucking time dude! You didn’t even had cheat days to get some starchy carbs?

      • Haven’t cheated once, no starches whatsoever! I have also been drinking Raw Cream from grass-fed cows to help put on some weight. It tastes incredible Although it does have a few grams of carbs, it is mainly saturated fat.

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