Transgenderism: The Personification of an Emasculated Culture

When I grew up there was no such thing as Transgenders.

There was no talk or a single mention of it anywhere, I never encountered a man looking like a woman.

Also, I’m in my twenties… so it wasn’t really that long ago either.

I’m a 90’s child, being born in 1993.

Now in 2019, all of a sudden there literally seems to be a third gender out there.

We have man, woman and we have transgender.

But this is not a coincidence…

This is the result of years upon years of indoctrination.

It is part of the globalist agenda to completely equalize the sexes and all people into becoming mindless consumerists.

Equalization of the sexes

This is where the whole transgender hype started.

It starts with Feminism.

The emasculation of men and the masculation of women which they call “women’s liberation”, leads to complete equalization of gender polarities.

There are no different roles between men and women anymore within nuclear traditional families.

This has lead to debauchery and an emasculated culture wherein men won’t be chastised for acting like women.

Look at your TV screen for once.

There is not a single man on the Television that I would consider a masculine dude.

All those Hollywood actors that portray violent bad ass alpha men in movies are just a bunch of emasculated sodomite soy boys in real life; they literally support everything related to feminism, transgenderism and homoism.

They are not examples for male virility and heroism.

But that is what they want you to believe.

You see all these bad ass men on the movie screen but when it comes to real life the same actors support all these degenerate emasculating movements.

They want you to believe that it is okay to be a bad ass and a faggot at the same time.

But it is not, in no patriarchal culture is it accepted to be gay in the same way that it isn’t acceptable to be a pedophile in our present-day culture (yet…).

These are all forms of sexual degeneracy that have entered our collective human consciousness through the wide scale of propaganda the globalists use to mentally pervert us.

Mankind is heading in a very very dangerous direction.

A direction which present-day men and women are unable to foresee but those who have studied history can definitely recognize the signs of a dying culture.

At the zenith of every great empire there eventually is a decline back into a former less glorious state.

Western Civilization has long passed the stage of its glorious past and we are now in the down phase.

Speaking in Biblical terms, the USA is the new Sodom and Europe is Gomorrah.

The West has reached its maximum point of development and now it is time to destroy itself.

Where do you start the destruction?

Within the families.

Divorce rates are at an all time high because marriage is frowned upon by the state.

Don’t believe me? Open your eyes and just see.

Hollywood movies promote women independence, divorce, single motherhood, homosexuality and women having promiscuous sex with many different guys.

A lot of these TV Shows are starring women that are powerful in business and society, while they promote sitcoms where men act like buffoons.

Oh yeah, and the woman is always in charge in literally every movie and TV show.

Tell me again, how this industry promotes healthy marriages and good parenting?

In addition to that we got a music industry that demonizes all men to be cheating pieces of shit and all women to be powerful single ladies.

The only industry where men still find themselves to be “manly” is the porn industry that has been specifically designed to mentally pervert us into sexual degenerates.

But the funny thing is… porn itself emasculates you and turns you into the exact opposite of what a real man should be like.

It is also saturated with perversions like anal sex and transgenderism which subconsciously programs people into becoming homosexuals.

Just realize that there is no such thing as equality.

Everyone is literally different and nobody is equal.

The plan to equalize the sexes is merely a hoax to divide them further from one another.

Middle Child Syndrome

In our present society, men are middle children.

When middle children are living between an oldest child and a youngest child, they’ll often feel excluded within the family.

This is because the oldest child receives more responsibilities and privileges by virtue of being the oldest.

The youngest child receives indulgences unlike any other while the middle child pretty much is left out in many situations.

Women are society’s oldest child, they now receive most of the responsibilities in governance and privileges in daily events.

While the youngest child, is the homosexual and transgender man.

They receive indulgences, gifts, standing ovations and are being publicly applauded for being “so brave”.

While heterosexual masculine men have become middle children and are severely being chastised for being what they are…

They call masculine behavior toxic.

And they’re doing everything in their global power to turn us away from our natural behavior of dominance, strength and conquest.

They can’t defeat us since we are a part of the family, so they’ll treat us like middle children.

Everything we do can’t interfere with the agenda of male emasculation.

You’ll have to either get on board with the extreme feminist agenda or you’ll be demonized and called a misogynist.

There is no other option for a middle child, you’ll have to get on board with the agenda of the entire family without having anything for yourself.

You’ll have to serve the agenda or even better loose your own identity like many middle children do.

Men becoming women

This is the conclusion of the story.

When men are being indoctrinated long enough into believing that there is no difference between them and women, then they’ll become like women themselves.

This is the law of polarity, opposites attract.

When women are being indoctrinated long enough into believing that there is no difference between them and men, then they’ll become like men themselves.

This is the result of natural law.

Nature balances itself out despite humans trying to escape from it all the time.

It doesn’t work, nature intended men and women to be certain ways and no amount of laws, regulations or indoctrination can change that.

Cause and effect.

Homosexuality didn’t fall out of the sky and these Transdegenerates didn’t just one day pop out of the ground.

It takes generations of time and mental plus chemical engineering in order to change a population in such extreme ways.

You have to change their natural inclinations, intuition and neural pathways to such an extreme degree that they become incapable of rational thought.

In addition to that you’ll have to continuously dull their senses in order to shut their mind off from what is really going on.

Isn’t that what they’re continuously doing?

Aren’t they convincing you that it is okay to be as emotional as women?

To be as soft and weak as women?

Aren’t they changing your natural masculine inclinations and swapping it for a more softer girly version of yourself?

Isn’t it so that they’re convincing us day and night that there is nothing wrong with two men fucking each other in the butt?

Because that is what gay and transgender men are doing… they fuck each other in the butt…

And they’re being applauded for it.

Open your eyes and just see reality for what it is.

All men should become like women whether mentally or physically.

This is the agenda.

If you won’t literally become a woman then you should at least be supportive of those that do.

If you’re not then you’re a bigot, sexist, racist, misogynist and a homophobe.

Oh yeah.. I forgot, you’re an anti-semite as well because the Jews matter more than anyone else.

As long as you don’t go on board with the transgenderist agenda then you’re being treated like a fucking vulture.

But as a virile man you should never feel inadequate because transgenderism is the result of an emasculated culture.

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