The Sacred Morning

Waking up at 5 am every day benefits
Quote by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and Stoic Philosopher

There is something truly sacred about those early morning hours before 8 am.

I wake up around 5 am each and every single day on average and I have to say…

It is an amazing fucking lifestyle!

To be out and about ready to hustle, grind and work a couple of hours before the rest of the country awakens, is one of the greatest habits a man can have.

It has such an impact not only on my levels of productivity, but also on my psyche.

It is really hard to have a bad day when you’ve been up before the day even starts.

There is so much time for preparation that it is almost impossible to start the day off on the wrong foot.

I mean if you think about it, nobody is going to wake up 2-3 hours before the world starts buzzing and fuzzing just to be unproductive and lazy, right?

If you have the power to wake up at 5 am willingly then you have the power to do everything you want.

Nothing is hard after such a feat, nothing!

That sacred morning sense and state of tranquility you’ll receive is a strong energetic force to be reckoned with.

Once you get a hold of this force then nothing can stop you.

I truly never want to go back to a sedentary lifestyle like the majority of emasculated men.

Most men wake up just in time to not arrive late at their silly jobs.

They keep on sleeping, turning and tussling until the alarm has hit the snooze for the third time.

Then they’ll drag themselves out of their beds all depressed, groggy and fuzzy-headed.

Most of them even have the destructive urge to light a cigarette immediately after, just to get that little rush of morning dopamine or “motivation” so that they can actually be sort of alive.

However this is no way to live man.

If you are a man and the only reason you’ll wake up early is to please your boss, then know that something is really fucking off with your priorities in life.

The men of the past like our great grandfathers used to wake up to do the work of a man.

They woke up at 4-5-6 am to pray, feed their cattle, wake up the rest of the household, cook breakfast for their children and take care of the land.

Now most men wake up past 7-8-9 am to puffs of cigarette, sugary cortisol raising coffee, a mentally depressing Facebook scroll, a nagging wife and blood-boiling morning traffic just to earn a few measly scraps for another fat fuck they call “boss”.

Who happens to have the exact same routine, only thing is he can afford to have his diabetic coffee at Starbucks.

This is the way of men in the 21st Century.

Long gone are the days of old where men woke up to the fruits of their own labor.

Now they’re just a bunch of mindless fat drones without free-will.

But this is not a rant about emasculated lazy man, because you are here because you want to change right?

Well all change starts at the base level.

You’ll have to fundamentally change the way you start your day.

There is not a better way to do this then to wake up much earlier then you’re used to.

You’ll notice it immediately the first time you wake up at 5 am, everything will make sense because you’ll reap the benefits of the sacred tranquility that lingers around during these early hours.

You’ll make the right decisions for once

Only a fool wakes up early to do useless things.

Nobody is going to put his alarm at 5 am to scroll through Facebook or whatever other crap you do on your phone.

This is not intelligent, and your Guardian Angel will definitely let you know.

Waking up at 5 am on purpose means waking up with purpose.

At this time a man’s state of mind functions completely different, it is orientated towards productivity and overall well-being.

You will be less prone to eating sugary foods, smoking cigarettes, lazy behavior and overreacting to stressful situations throughout the rest of the day.

A great house always needs a great foundation in order for it to remain standing.

A great day always needs a great start in order for it to remain a great day.

Too many people seriously underestimate this, but that is not so weird since most people underestimate almost everything in life.

A majority of people has no fucking clue about what it’s like to make the right decisions in life.

They have no idea what it’s like to finally do the right thing for once because they literally never fucking do.

They want to quit smoking for 20 years in a row but they never do.

They want to lost weight for 20 years in a row but they never will.

They want to get more out of their lives for 20 years in a row but they never quit their mediocre jobs.

And who can blame them?

Society induces this kind of behavior in men and that is exactly the reason why men should change their habits, starting at the greatest habit of them all.

Waking up early.

Start doing it the first morning after you read these words, put your alarm clock at 5 am and just wake the fuck up!

See how you’ll feel and feel how you’ll see.

Realize the potential that is within your reach once you start waking up early every single day and then thank me later.

You’ll have more time for yourself

This might seem like a no-brainer but it isn’t, because if it was then most men would wake up earlier, wouldn’t they?

The thing is men have no clue about what it’s like to have all the time in the day to do whatever they want.

But once they start waking up at 5 am each and every single day they’ll realize how much time they’ve wasted before this habit.

How much time they could have dedicated to their own hobbies, crafts, side-businesses and personal missions before the daylight hours began.

Waking up at 5 am means waking up approximately 2-3 hours before the rest of the world awakens, hell you’re even out and about before the chirping birds.

It is insane how much extra things can be done in a day when you start practicing this habit.

I promise you this in a way Medieval Popes and Bishops used to promise their followers Heaven, with utmost fucking certainty.

Most men complain about there not being enough time in a day but meanwhile all they do is sleep.

They complain for years about their jobs but never strive towards finding a better job, learning a professional craft or building their own business.

They complain about not having the financial means or time to quit their jobs, but neither do they really do anything to create this much needed time and neither do they strive to raise the necessary financial means.

They complain but they never change their habits.

But lets break it down, right now.

Say you work a mediocre job where you have to be present at around 8:30 am each and every single day.

In order to get their on time, you’ll have to leave your house at around 8.

This means that if you’ll wake up at 5 am, that the first 3 hours of the day are completely yours and yours alone.

Now do the math.

If you do this everyday from Monday till Friday, you’ll have 15 hours of selfish time in a week which results in 60 hours a month…

60 hours a month!!!

To do whatever the fuck you want.

That amounts to 720 hours a year and I did not even include the weekends (which are completely optional).

You can seriously build a Kingdom with that amount of spare time.

Once you realize this, then all excuses you’ve ever made about why you didn’t have the time to practice good habits before, will fly directly out the window.

All excuses you’ve ever made about why you couldn’t learn that new skill become complete bullshit in an instinct and you’ll realize it yourself.

All your crap about why you couldn’t start your own business become blatant lies and you’ll kind of regret all the time that you’ve previously wasted trying to sleep in every day.

Your conscious awareness expands itself

For the first time you are truly alone.

If you live together with a family or a partner then this is the one single moment where you can have your own thoughts.

You are literally alone with your thoughts around these early morning hours and not just random thoughts but it is a higher state of mind than you are normally used to.

At 5 am in the morning your mind is still unpolluted from external influences and energized from resting all night.

All great artists know that their best creative moments are outside of daylight hours.

The best work is created either at night or very early in the morning.

Even if you’re not a creator you can use this time very creatively, you can read a book for example.

You can do some morning brisk walking to get fresh blood circulating throughout your body.

You can prepare healthy meals for the day ahead.

You can go to the Gym for some exercise or go for some sprints outside.

There is room for meditation, contemplation and prayer.

I personally use the early morning hours to write because at that time I am at my most creative and my mind is very conscious of everything.

The level of awareness the human brain resides in at 5 am is insane, this conscious awareness gradually dissolves throughout the day because we deplete our mental energies.


The conclusion is that you should start waking the fuck up.

As a man you can’t afford to be sleeping any longer, too many are suffering from a sedentary lifestyle.

You have to be the change.

Show the world what kind of quality man you are and the world will shower you with respect, admiration and recognition.

Life will open portals for you which you didn’t knew ever existed.

The floodgates of success will pour themselves out to you with the grace of wealth, health and happiness.

Laziness is our present-day scoiety’s greatest flaw.

Those men that wake up earlier than the rest will therefore always surpass the others.

This is no mere wishful thinking, this is the Natural law.


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