The rejuvenating power of Fasting

Fasting is the best Medicine Fasting Benefits

The best medicine in the World is widely available to every single human being on the planet.

The best medicine in the World is not manufactured in some capitalist pharmacy plant.

The best medicine in the World is free for all and works for all!

The best medicine in the World was right in front of us all along.

The best medicine in the World was already there when there were no doctors for a long time to come.

Do you know what medicine holds the power to keep all cancerous doctors away?

It is the medicine of FASTING.

“The best of all medicines are resting and fasting.”

(Benjamin Franklin)

So what is Fasting really as we commonly understand it?

Most dictionaries translate the word Fasting as:

“to abstain from all food.” or “to eat only sparingly or of certain kinds of food, especially as a religious observance.”

But Fasting is way more than merely abstaining from food. That is what I merely call the physical definition of fasting.

Nevertheless fasting does start with abstaining from food. It is the basic key principle behind it all.

People have been abstaining from food as a Spiritual and Mental practice for thousands of years, especially in the East.

Most religions also contain dietary laws that prohibit the devotees from eating certain foods in order to cultivate Spiritual Power.

But aside from this Fasting is just an amazing medicine and the best one in the World for all ailments of the body, mind and Spirit.


The Physical Medicine

Fasting strengthens the body immensely despite common beliefs. It creates endurance and allows the body to use its stored energy as fuel.

Here in the West we are so used to the continuous incoming stream of food and drink that most people don’t even know what hunger feels like anymore.

The common Westerner just experiences thirst (we barely drink pure water), insuline spikes and has sugar cravings but no true hunger. So when you hear a Western person in public saying: “I’m hungry, lets grab something to eat” .

9 out of 10 times they’re just craving sugar (carbohydrates) and aren’t hungry at all.

Breakfast is gluttony not healthy

Let me tell you something…

If you already ate on a day, you can’t be hungry!

Here in the West we’re still clinging on to an old fairy tale called: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Which is absurd because why would your body need food if you’re overweight or just plain fat? Which most people in Western countries are by default.

The common Westerner has enough stored fat for energy to survive weeks without food.

You don’t need breakfast in the morning, you need breakfast in the evening! (Or at least late in the afternoon)

Yeah, I said it. Breakfast at EVENING!

Do we even realize where the word “Breakfast” comes from?

“Break” – “Fast”

It has nothing to do with eating in the morning. That is just a modern invention to make you buy and consume more food.

We live in a capitalist society not a medical society, even healthcare revolves around making money. So why wouldn’t medical advice like “breakfast is the best meal of the day” not be serving a capitalist agenda either?

Alot of health advice that we always took for granted has already been debunked by scientists and professors at universities for years. And I mean for YEARS!

But if you’re still following mainstream media then you probably still believe all the mainstream myths that are fucking up your life, like for example stuffing your body full of fat producing carbohydrates (sugars) every morning.

We’re stuffing our faces with pancakes, bagels, Latte’s with tons of sugar and milk, donuts, cereals and all that other sugary garbage.

And we still wonder why we can’t lose weight lol or why we get cancer.

It is because we’re not giving our bodies the necessary time to detoxify itself from all the garbage we eat and drink. It is because we’re not giving our bodies the necessary time to burn fat for fuel instead of the carbohydrates we consume.

Fasting is a FREE DETOX and WEIGHT LOSS pill. 

If you’re an overweight person than I advice you sincerely to fast. Just try it for 1 day and see how you’ll feel.

You can consume water, black coffee or unsweatened tea throughout the day without eating anything and burn alot of fat while doing it.

Intermittent Fasting Drink Water Black Coffee

“But Ashwin, why will I burn fat if I don’t eat anything?”

Good question, it is quite logical if you just use your brains.

Let us take a look at the common Weight Loss equation from the Fitness Community.

Calories In = Calories Out

Whatever you consume will always come back to you.

“You ARE what you EAT”

If you eat throughout the day then you will gain weight throughout the day. Your body reacts to the foods that you give it and the calories they contain.

If you’ve already eaten 800 calories at breakfast (which isn’t that hard if all you eat is sugar) then by the end of the day you’ve easily exceeded the 2500 maximum calories (for women 2000) and so you enter into the treshold of becoming fatter.

Most people get a little fatter everyday because with breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert you’ll barely be able to remain under the 2500 calorie treshold. It is just impossible in a Western style diet.

90% of diets end up in failure because people never really burn fat, all they burn is the food they consumed.

The body should be hungry in order to start metabolizing your stored fat reserves for fuel. In other words you should be starving and this is common sense.

Fat can be compared to an enemy during Medieval Times, hiding behind their fortified walls.

How will you fight such an enemy? By storming the walls straight ahead?

No that takes too much manpower and rescources.

The best way to fight an enemy behind walls is to STARVE THEM OUT.

Like the legendary Chinese general Sun Tzu said:

“When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil. When full, starve them. When settled, make them move.”

(The Art of War) 

So starve out those Fat cells by strict calorie restriction through fasting. How long you’ll fast for weight loss and physical benefits is up to you, but If you’re a beginner I’d recommend the standard Intermittent Fasting protocol.

The Intermittent Fasting protocol is very popular within the Fitness community and everyone that is “Health Conscious”in this day and age.

This protocol (the lean gains method) calls for a basic 16 hour fasting window where you are allowed to consume absolutely nothing but water, black coffee or unsweatened tea. The remaining 8 hours of the day are referred to as the “Feeding Window” where you can consume whatever you want.

Intermittent Fasting Feeding Window Lean Gains Warrior Diet OMAD

For example:

Fasting from 22:00pm in the evening till 14:00pm the next day and thus eating between 14:00pm till 22:00 pm.

Once this gets easy you can step it up a notch to keep the fat burning going on longer, for example a fasting window of 20 hours and a feeding window of only four hours.

This is called the Warrior Diet, and most of the days I’m following this way of Fasting.

There is also OMAD or the “One Meal A Day” method, where you typically eat just one meal in the evening and that’s it. I personally believe that this is the best way of eating for all human beings.

One nutritious high caloric meal a day to support all functions of the body in one sitting. And then be done with it.

Continue the fat burning!


The Mental Medicine

Perhaps even greater than the physical benefits are the mental benefits behind fasting.

Fasting is an amazing tool to not only detoxify the body but also the mind from all its vile contents.

Eating does not merely influence the body but also the mind. You are what you eat refers not only to the external looks of your body but also to the internal realm of the mind.

Plato on fasting mental clarity

Who do you think has better thinking capabilities?

A professional athlete that eats a diet full of lean proteins, vegetables, nuts and fruits or a fat office worker that sits all day and munches on bagels, donuts and McDonalds during lunchbreak.

Fasting gives the mind clarity and prevents the mental fog you receive after eating. You’ll be able to think much clearer even though your gut tells you otherwise.

If you’ve never fasted before then you won’t understand what I’m talking about because the mental fog is your natural state. You haven’t been able to function at full mental capacity all your life because, you’ve never given your brain the room to think, without having to operate the digestion process continuously.

You basically live through a mental fog everyday.

Only people that Fast on a regular know what I’m truly talking about. The mind is so much more creative when you’re fasting and less restricted.

I am writing most of my articles, including this one during a fasted state. I wouldn’t be able to creatively express myself with a full stomache.

Most days once I’ve eaten, I don’t do anything productive for the rest of the day because I am so used to working with mental clarity. That is why I barely ever eat before 6pm.



Fasting helps with curing addictions since food is the biggest addiction humans have. Once you take food away other addictions are way easier to restrict as well.

It is really hard to crave alcohol, drugs, pornography, tobacco or whatever once you’re really hungry. Once most people truly pass the treshold of the Fasted State they’ll start to get grumpy and really crave food!


Try it out one time and see if you’ll feel the need to do anything pleasurable before you’ve eaten anything.

Real hunger is a great driving force for men to achieve whatever they want. Hunger is the basic and most primal need in existence.

All animals are driven by hunger, that is their sole purpose.

Man isn’t different, we’re animals too.

That is why in the religion of Islam, Fasting is expected from the believers during the month of Ramadan. To give men a driving force and protection against sins.

By restricting the basic need of eating, we restrict every other force that man strives against especially LUST.

Muslims Fasting Ramadan Taqwa Piety Self-Control

The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him recommended Muslims that were unable to get married, to guard themselves against sexual immorality and sins through fasting.

“He who can afford to marry should marry, because it will help him refrain from looking at other women, and save his private parts from committing illegal sexual relation; and he who cannot afford to marry is advised to fast, as fasting will diminish his sexual power.”

(Prophet Muhammad, Sahih al-Bukhari 1905)

Basically in modern related terms you should fast if you suffer from example Pornography/Masturbation addiction. See how quickly the urge to masturbate will fade away if you’re stomach is empty.

All urges will fade away on an empty stomach except ofcourse the urge to eat, but even that will fade away eventually because our evolutionary sytem is made to adapt itself to our circumstances.

Your stomach will shrink and you’ll consume less foods on a regular basis altogether.



Fasting will produce significant results for your overal well-being and thus benefit your life in many different ways:

  • Mental clarity
  • Self-Control (Addictions/Lust)
  • Weight loss
  • Fat Burning
  • Longevity (Increased life expectancy) 
  • Saved money (Way less spending on food)
  • Abundant Energy
  • Prevention of Cancer


Just try it for one day and see how you’ll feel.

If all you did was being a fat ass glutton in the past, then NOW is the time to Fast.









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