The Power of Prayer

Prayer is not exclusive to one single religion.

There is not a single religion on this Earth that can claim to have the right to all prayers and yet all religions practice prayers in some way, shape or form.

Prayer is not restricted to one specific language.

And yet all languages contain prayers in some way, shape or form.

Prayers are not monopolies of one specific group of human beings and therefore all human beings are praying in some way, shape or form.

Prayer is a very powerful practice, one which most human beings don’t really consciously value and yet unconsciously practice.

This is because every thought is a prayer.

Yeah, I said that… every thought is a prayer.

I’ll repeat that.

Every thought is a prayer.

Prayer is a petition from the mind, to the mind.

When you pray, you are reaffirming the thoughts you already had before you started praying.

Prayer is a mental practice and it serves to reinforce our thought patterns.

If you entertain a thought inside of your head long enough, it becomes more than a prayer.

It becomes worship, it becomes a sacrifice and it will bear results in your life.

If you think about something long enough you will create it’s physical equivalent in your daily life.

Think about food and you will get some food, that is the result of your thought process and it is the way our Mind answers our prayers.

If you think about earning more money, your mind will provide you the way.

All thoughts entertained long enough will bear results, once you believe that they will.

We all know this to be true all be it not consciously.

Jesus said it in the Bible:

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours”

In modern day “New Age” terms they call it The Law of Attraction but this is just another materialistic way of reshaping ancient truths that have always been a part of mankind’s religious conceptions.

Since time immemorial mankind knew the secrets of the Universe and that we are not disconnected from nature.

All our actions in the world will bear results, not only physical actions but mental and oral ones as well.

Every invocation, prayer, sacrifice, spell, mantra, supplication or incantation will bear results even if we don’t always notice it directly.

Most of the times people don’t notice the effect at all because their mind is too clouded by the slurs of daily life.

But words have magical (natural) effects in the world and every thought is a form of energy which can be transmuted into a physical thing.

A simple compliment can light up a woman’s day and a blessing received can remove any obstacle from the way.

Words of encouragement can empower athletes to greater heights than they previously deemed possible.

This is what coaches do, they motivate athletes through the power of words and often times these words actually transform the skills of the athlete without the application of any tools.

Words are magical and they carry powerful vibrations, once applied enough can create a genius out of a fool.

In our daily realities we all know these things and we all take it for granted.

You have these foolish dumb atheist kids watching motivational video after video on the Internet but never connecting the dots.

We just don’t realize it, but prayer impacts everyone’s life.

Nobody can escape this fact and nobody should even want to because prayer keeps the circle of life going.

What does a baby do when it is hungry?

It cries out very intensely for his mommy.

That is prayer.

The baby doesn’t know that his prayers will be answered neither does it realize that it’s praying, but yet it cries out until his supplication has been answered by his divine mother.

The whole of nature is a prayer circle, everything calls out to something else in order to receive all necessary resources of life.

When you beg your boss at that silly job of yours to get a day off for your cousin’s wedding, you’re probably begging with full sincerity and hope so that your prayer will be answered and your wish will be granted.

But the boss says no and you’ll feel like a fool for asking…

That is prayer whether you realize it or not, but most people’s God nowadays is their human boss.

Religion isn’t gone and it never will be.

You’ve just replaced your god with boss, and prayer with begging (asking permission).

The mainstream religion nowadays is Science and the object of worship is Money.

That’s all there is to it.

Why most prayers go “Unanswered”

Most people always want loopholes and easy routes in life.

People want loopholes in religion, science, relationships, careers, health, business or their silly careers etc.

That is why most people pray, to find that loophole that makes their lives easier.

But their lives will never get easier and there are no loopholes for anyone.

If it seems that someone is doing better and much easier in life than you, that doesn’t mean that they’ve found a loophole.

It means their prayers do not go unanswered, all their thoughts are being translated directly into physical equivalent without friction or opposition.

And I’m not talking about money, or good education or a good reputation or whatever you might consider to be an easy life.

That is not an easy life!

Easy life is when you live without fear despite being surrounded by scary things and situations.

Easy life is when you never get harmed despite being surrounded by harmful situations and people.

Easy life is when you never go hungry despite not having much means to obtain food.

Easy life is when the Lord speaks to you through the Higher Self despite you being a lowly sinner.

Most people do not realize what I’m talking about here at all.

Because they’ve never experienced the easy life. Their prayers go unanswered all day and all night while they walk through the world of matter like empty vessels.

Always collecting money but never putting that money to satisfactory means, always just wasting away towards endless pleasure and giving in to greed, desire, lust, vanity, scarcity, jealousy, ignorance and dissatisfaction.

They ask for money but they don’t get it, because once they’ll have it then they’ll spent it on things that do not bring anything in return like alcohol, drugs, excess food and vain objects.

Most people are exactly like this, they pray for material things and therefore their prayers go unanswered.

Whether you got it or not, it doesn’t give you anything which is lasting.

True prayer doesn’t give you anything material because the source of all true prayer is not of this world.

It can only bring you everlasting results, everything from this world is subject to death and decay.

That is what selling your soul means, praying for immediate results.

That is not a Godly prayer but a prayer of demonic nature.

When most religious people pray their prayers are not with their God or gods, but with this world. Their mental state is fully focused on material things, this is what we call Paganism.

Most people are Pagans, Heathens and Savages.

Only a few remain which we could consider true believers even within the fold of all religion, is the truth only in the hands of a few.

And I’m not saying I’m free of this, I used to pray for everything and anything but I’ve realized the truth and the truth sets people free.

Prayer for anything material to manifest is not true prayer.

It is Black Magic.

Prayers in this world aren’t answered by the Divine Being, He only hears prayers related to the Spirit.

Like Christ said:

“My Kingdom is not of this World”

– John 18:36

Most thoughts that absorb humanity’s mental space are not of Divine origins but they’re Satanic vibrations created by this world with all it’s demons and Earthbound spirits.

They fill the mind with greed, hatred, anger, anxiety, scarcity, fear and lust.

This translates itself to the way we pray as I told you before, all prayer is thought and all thought is prayer.

If your mind is tainted by the world, you can’t say righteous prayers.

That is why a sinful person’s prayers aren’t answered, not because God is angry with that person but because that person is unable to connect with God.

The vibration is way too low and all your prayers remain Earthbound, they do not cross the boundary into higher spiritual realms.

God and His Angels are disconnected from sinners, or I should say that sinners are disconnected from them.

The crusades felt like a holy war to Christians at that time but believe me when I tell you that all of their prayers where not answered by God but by dark forces.

Our history is filled with religious armies standing right across one another and praying for the oppositions destruction.

When a Muslim army and a Christian army met each other on the battlefield, they both believed that their God was on their side, did they not?

So, if both prayed to the same God because that is what they believed, that there was only One God, then who did God favor?

The Muslims or the Christians?

Both would of course claim that the truth was wholly on their side, right?

Okay.. then why did they both lose battles?

Why are they still fighting today if God clearly favors one above the other?

Perhaps because they’re both not praying to God but to forces of darkness without realizing it themselves.

When two armies meet while praying for another’s destruction, that is not true prayer but as I said before, it is Black Magic.

Prayers do not go unanswered but that doesn’t mean that all prayers are answered by benevolent forces.

Any prayer that is done in order to benefit somebody at the expense of others is nothing but Black Magic.

In that case it is just the one that prays the hardest who bears the greatest results, and often the most pious and devout worshipers are the ones.

This is the Law of Attraction.

You reap what you sow and whatever you ask for shall be received once you believe.

White Magic

True Prayer is White Magic.

It isn’t based on acquiring things from a dying world but it is based on tuning in to the world that is everlasting and eternally alive.

In religious terms we call this The Kingdom of Heaven and everything that sets you in contact with this eternal realm is True Prayer.

And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

– Jesus Christ, Matthew 6:5-8

This is White Magic and it is True Prayer.

It is an inner connection between You and The Source of All that is.

Most people only act to be religious but they’re not and they never have been.

They’ve no connection with God whatsoever but they portray like hypocrites in the synagogues, mosques, temples and churches.

Their religion is futile and it will bear them no long lasting results, and at the end of their lives they might have lived in great material wealth but their hearts are still as dark as ever.

The connection has not been established and they will die while being entrapped once more by dark forces.

The Matrix will run once more and all their prayers, sacrifices, worship and months of fasting will bear them no results in the afterlife.

But if you’re reading this then you have the time to change.

There is a Higher Dimension of life wherein the Eternal Divine Spirit is always Present within You.

You just have to seek Him out and once you’ve gazed your attention inwards then you’ll realize that He was there all the Time.

There is no set of rules or practices to do here, I cannot teach you this.

You yourself will know when the connection has been established and then you will be able to let go of all the fears.

When the Student is Ready, the Master appears.

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