The Natural World of Man

The natural world is not an ambiguous place.

It is a vast land of hardship, cruelty and indifference.

Without society a majority of people that are able to stay alive for decades today, would perish within a few weeks.

Hell some would even be killed within a few days or die from starvation within a matter of weeks.

Modern day men and especially women have forgotten this harsh truth completely.

Most people nowadays in the West are born or living in cities that shut off all perceptions of true nature in human beings.

We have forgotten that life is actually very cruel.

Most Western men and women are like little lambs ready for the slaughter.

The only thing that protects a majority of people is society itself with all its laws, facilities and regulations.

I have realized this for a long time now.

That is why I personally still hold fast to ancient values like Strength, Valor, Courage, Bravery, Wisdom, Manhood, Virility, Brotherhood, Vitality and Faith.

A lot of things I do are preceded by the consideration of: “Would this be something men would do in the Natural world?”

If not then most of the time I consider it to be of a lesser value activity or habit unless there is a modern equivalent for it.

But before we dive too deep into this article let me first explain what I mean exactly when I use the phrase: “The Natural World.”

The Natural World is the world we live in without society. It is the world where mankind is basically one of the animals (which we are).

It is the world before farming entered the picture, the world before Agriculture.

So basically it is the world before society started around 10.000 years ago.

Society can only exist because of farming, before Agriculture there was not enough food to go around for high concentrations of people to live together in one place.

Before Agriculture most of mankind lived in tribes of a 150 people maximum.

And that wasn’t the norm, that was considered a very large tribe.

Most tribes were no larger than around 60-70 people.

This is the way human beings have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, perhaps millions.

Farming, Society, Money, Religion, Cities etc.

These are very new things that are still not really noticeable by our reptilian brains.

Our brains still function like hunter-gatherer brains even though these days are long gone now.

That is why they say that you aren’t able to form real meaningful connections with more than a 150 people.

Our brain has cognitive limits due to the way it has evolved over millions of years.

Today everything in society is different than in hunter-gatherer times and therefore people suffer mentally.

And in addition to that most people lack all physical qualities to be able to survive in the natural tribal world of our ancestors.

Hell if a global catastrophe would destroy society today most people wouldn’t be able to survive the harshness of nature.

Something so natural as nature would be a completely alien thing to modern day people.

There are no fat people in nature

This one is first and foremost.

The majority of people in society is seriously overweight, and having a fat belly is considered the norm nowadays.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, man or a child.

Being fat is considered normal even though being fat is very unnatural.

There were no fat people in tribal societies.

Fat is a very recent thing in human beings, it was absent before Agriculture.

In the natural world there aren’t enough inflammatory foods available that cause people to become obese.

In the natural world men had to hunt all daylight hours in order to scavenge enough food for the tribe.

There was no room for a sedentary lifestyle.

While the men where out hunting, the women where gathering food from the bushes all the time just to make sure the tribe got enough calories in and the children wouldn’t starve.

In the natural world all people become naturally lean, muscular and physically fit.

The average hunter of 20.000 years ago would beat any professional fighter of today to death with bare fucking hands.

The reason for this is because hunter-gatherers had better diets than we do, better eating-patterns and they were ofcourse physically active.

They were just overall healthier and much stronger than our degenerated generation of fat fucks.

So try to realize that if you are a fat person than you probably wouldn’t survive in nature.

A predatory animal would probably outrun you and kill you for your meat and saturated body fat.

And if that isn’t the case then you would probably die from starvation because you’re used to eating the wrong things.

Which brings us to the next reason why most modern day people would die horribly in the natural world.

There are no vegetables in nature

This is one of the biggest causes of present-day human weakness and one of the biggest reasons why most humans are destined to die horribly without society.

We have bought wholeheartedly into the whole vegetables are natural and healthy food indoctrination of our society.

Haven’t ever wondered why there is such an emphasis in our modern world on eating vegetables even though nobody really likes to eat em.

“What are you talking about, I love eating vegetables…”

No you don’t, not really.

Eating vegetables is part of nurture not nature.

There are no vegetables in nature.

Think about it, have you ever seen a wild tomato?

Have you ever seen a wild cucumber or a bunch of wild potatoes just randomly popping out of the ground in the forest?

Have you ever been able to pluck some kale and spinach in the woods?

You haven’t!

Vegetables did not exist 12.000 years ago.

All vegetables that are filling the stockpiles of our Supermarkets are genetically modified plants that do not grow naturally in nature.

All vegetables are planted by humans on huge agricultural fields that are artificially sustained.

There are no wheat and corn fields in nature.

Bread did not exist for hundreds of thousands of years and neither did rice.

These foods are the genetically modified descendants of wild wheat plants that grew in very small quantities here and there ONLY during the summer.

And they were only eaten when people were actually starving.

Most plants are poisonous by nature and inedible.

Don’t believe me?

Head out to the forest and see how much food you can find.

Go ahead and eat some wild leaves, plants and grass.

See what happens to your weak minded fat body.

You’ll be a lifeless fat carcass within a few hours because you probably are going to eat something poisonous.

Since plants are not food and they do not want to be eaten.

Most plants therefore secrete poison and anti-nutrients to kill the parasite that tries to feed on them.

Vegetables being healthy is a complete myth.

It’s bogus and the consequences of eating them are very severe in the natural world.

Children are a very good indication of what is right and wrong in nature since they haven’t been nurtured by society yet.

Most people never truly reconsider the fact that children never like vegetables.

All children have to be forced to eat their vegetables throughout their lives until they come of age and start eating them with a fiery passion.

This is nurture not nature, it is indoctrination.

But why does it happen?

Because vegetables are very cheap to produce and the Agricultural industry is one of the biggest on the planet.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the first thing you see when you enter a Supermarket is fucking vegetables.

Vegetables are very cheap to produce and therefore carry a huge potential for profit unlike better quality food like meat.

Haven’t you ever wondered why all these vegans are so emaciated and their body composition is nothing but skin and bones?

Isn’t it funny that often times the most unhealthiest and fattest people are always dieting and eating salads?

Those that promote vegetables all the time are the worst people in health.

People like this wouldn’t survive a week in nature, it is truly society that keeps all these weak vegetable eaters alive.

Meat is the only real food in nature

In the natural world everything feeds on another thing, it is killed or be killed out there.

You have these retarded vegans nowadays thinking that it is natural to eat plants and that humans are herbivores.

The thing is however that this is the greatest fallacy ever.

In nature you can’t survive without eating meat because there is not much else to eat.

Long gone are the days where we ate nothing but leaves because those were the days that humans were still primates.

Humans became humans because of eating meat, there is not a single plant in nature that has the capacity to induce growth in the human body.

We have one of the largest brains in the animal kingdom because of the huge quantities of caloric nutrient dense meat that our ancestors started eating a couple of million years ago.

Meat eating is what made our ancestors more humanlike.

Do the research, all scientific data agrees on this.

Veganism however ignores all scientific data because it is a destructive ideology.

It is not rooted in science or common sense but in false emotion, ideological subversion and rhetoric.

In the natural world however all vegetable eating people would die since the natural world belongs to hunters.

Look at how the animals are all killing and eating each other.

Even grazing animals who are seen as peace loving cows are actually killers.

Cows eat grass and grass is alive like all other plants in nature.

Just because you eat plants doesn’t mean you don’t kill, everything is based on death in the natural world.

Even plants and trees kill each other by spreading their roots and claiming territory.

Death and Life are two sides of the same coin, one can’t exist without the other.

In order to survive in the natural world and not die a horrible death because of starvation, one has to go out and hunt animals.

There is no bread, pasta, rice, potatoes or any kind of other modern day vegetable to fill your salad bowl with in nature.

All of these are modern artificial foods that didn’t exist for a majority of human evolution and history.

On the scale of human history, vegetables aren’t that much older than the Internet.

There are no weak men in nature

In nature all men have to be naturally strong.

And I mean physically strong not modern day strong where we see a fat man occupying a political office and call him a strong leader.

No I mean actual physical strength.

This is part of being a man, it has always been so and it always will be.

You can’t afford to have no physical strength once society lifts up its protection from you.

As a man you have to be strong and you have to do anything within your power to remain so.

You can’t become gullible and let big daddy government take care of your safety.

This is a disgusting attitude and if you are afraid of physical violence in the 21st Century then know that the natural world would fucking bury you.

You have to be capable of committing physical harm.

Every man has to be capable of committing what we nowadays call atrocities, brutality and violence.

Every animal is capable of this, even plants are capable of this.

But nowadays we’re so fucking afraid of harm that the women and physically weak are ruling our society.

In a natural tribal society this would not stand.

No fat effeminate guy would be tribal leader, and no feminism would be allowed.

It is really fucking hard to be a feminist when an apex predator is chasing you through the forest to take a bite out of that feminist butt of yours.

In nature where there are no things such as welfare, police, prisons, schools; the strongest and most violent men always rule.

The men that now fill our prison systems were the Kings that sat on Medieval thrones.

They were the tribal chiefs that divided the meat for the women and children after a successful hunt.

The ultimate fantasy of every teenage girl is to have a man that is kind of a bad guy or a criminal in society but the right guy for her alone.

Women like assholes they say…

That is because physically strong men don’t conform to society as easily like emasculated fat Soy Boys.

So please tell me again about how much men and women are naturally equal?

Reclaim your Masculine Power

If you are one of those men that has physically degenerated over the years because you didn’t consider strength and natural health to be important, then it is high time to change the course of your life right now!

Even though we have society, there is never a guarantee that the police or the government can always protect you.

The natural world might seem to have disappeared from our daily experience but our brains experience everything the same nonetheless.

Most men are anxious all days of their life because they don’t eat the right food, lack sufficient physical strength and courage.

They’ve allowed women to regulate their lives instead of doing what nature intended for us.

Men rules, women support men in ruling.

This is the natural order of things and the only way in which the sexes can unite again.

Most of modern society’s problems are present because gender roles have been collectively neglected.

Women are no longer women because there is a lack of real men.

You have to be the one to flip the script around.

Take charge again and the women will follow you without a doubt.

How do you do this?

You sign up to and a real man you shall become.


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