The Mind reflects what the Body injects

The body and the mind are inherently connected.

There is not a single bodily process going on, that does not affect the mind.

Nevertheless we humans tend to live as if the mind doesn’t exist.

We don’t even notice its existence during our daily lives.

We’re so heavily involved in the body that we tend to neglect the mind altogether.

For most people the mind is nothing more than just a random stream of thoughts all day long.

But what if I told you that a majority of all your thoughts are related to the way you treat your body?

Would that surprise you?

If it does, then try to understand that you are in an unconscious state most of the time.

Realizing that the mind is connected to your body is something that literally every person should know.

Every person should be able to come to the obvious conclusion by their own accord that, their mind and body are not two separate things.

They communicate all the time and are dependent upon each other’s coexistence.

In order for the body to move, the mind has to imagine the movement before it ever takes place, otherwise nothing would actually take place.

The mind is therefore the cause of every frown upon your face.

Different Mental States

However the thing most humans don’t realize is that this works vice-versa as well.

Not only does the body obey the mind but the mind reflects the body as well.

This is a very dangerous thing since most humans including myself block their own minds by mistreating their body.

We eat the wrong foods, drink the wrong drinks, use horrible things and watch more horrendous shit.

All of these things are affecting the way our minds function.

The difference between the most wealthy and most successful people and the rest of society is that the elite know exactly what affects their minds.

The rest of society (which is most likely us) neglect the mind altogether, we barely even use the word.

Most of us are animals and adhere to nothing but a body of flesh and bones.

But we all have different mental states all throughout the day and they affect your live in every possibly way.

However you’ve probably forgotten about your mind for a long time by now.

Since the common person doesn’t think at all, thinking happens to them and their mind is on full auto-pilot 24/7, 365 days a year.

They wake up angry and “decide” that their entire day shall unfold angry.

They wake up sad and “decide” that their entire day shall unfold itself in a state of full-on sadness or depression.

Most of the time your mental state upon waking up represents your actions from the day/night before.

However if you can’t realize that there is even such a thing as mental states, then you’ll have no clue about what I’m talking about.

All emotions are disturbances of your mental state.

Being depressed is not a normal mental state but a sign from your spirit that you should probably get your act together.

Depression is therefore self-induced, it follows the wrong actions taken by the body.

If you neglect exercise, animal foods, sufficient rest, fulfillment of purpose, love, creation and all other necessary aspects of a thriving human life then the mind will eventually let you know.

That is depression, a sign of doing the wrong thing with your body.

You yourself know what’s best for you and every single depressed person knows actually what they should do instead of what they’re doing.

We all know our personal mistakes and failures by heart.

And all our personal failures and weaknesses can be solved through occupying your own mind with the power of your consciousness.

Seize the mind and its contents!

Use your willpower to penetrate your own mental barriers in order to find the perfect balance between body and mind in this life.

I know a perfect book to help you start this journey:

Share the Red Pill

Ashwin Orie

I am the Mind behind the Grind.

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