The inferior school system

Every single school in the West is a slave factory.

The school system was not created in a time when the government had the people’s best interests at hand.

The school system we still have today is a by-product of the Industrial Revolution, when factory workers were needed everywhere.

And that is exactly what school still is.

A Capitalist factory.

Pumping out an endless stream of mindless individuals to work silly monotonous jobs for the rest of their lives.

They don’t teach you things that are relevant at all for a creative, inspiring and virtuous life.

They just teach you how to be a good slave of money.

Follow the rules, get your degree and become a good little paycheck consumerist slave until you retire.

This is all that the school system has to offer.

Slavery, debt and misery.

When I see an educated person, I don’t see a smart person at all.

I see a good parrot.

I say this not because I want to devalue all the hard work that educated people have accomplished to get where they are.

I say this because most of them got where they are because they never thought out any idea for themselves.

They only repeated the exact same things they have learned in school and they act it out in the exact same way in their careers as well.

They never develop beyond what they learned in school and never question those things either.

Therefore a good doctor while educated does not necessarily have to be an intelligent person, most of the times he’s just a good doctor.

The good doctor has no ideas of himself, all his medical knowledge comes from Capitalistic school system textbooks.

The professional athlete however while uneducated knows more about the capacities of the human body than a doctor because he experiences a lifestyle of healthy decisions, failed experiments and physical exercise.

He doesn’t like to take medicine because he knows it is better to prevent ailments and suffering than to cure it.

The professional athlete possesses the wisdom that comes with a healthy lifestyle and diet while the good educated doctor allows people to stuff themselves with cancerous foods and then prescribes them medicine, painkillers and chemotherapy.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

– Hippocrates (Father of Medicine)

Schools destroy our creativity

Humans are creative beings.

We are created in God’s image.

Every single human being has the capacity to create something which no other individual has ever thought about.

This is the capacity for greatness that lies within each person.

All humans are like creator gods in their own right, able to produce forth their own cosmos from thin air.

Look at all the extraordinary creations of man on this Earth. It all started at the individual level, in the mind of one person.

Therefore we should try to consider that all children are free, creative in their own way and highly intelligent.

But the school system doesn’t care about creativity nor freedom. Schools do not like creative children.

They don’t like children that only want to draw, play musical instruments, paint, build, play sports, sing, fight, climb, run, sprint, jump, daydream, taste and touch everything, contemplate the natural world or whatever children like to do naturally.

They like children that obey orders, sit down in silence and pay attention.

According to them children should not always act naturally and follow their creative instincts. They should be drilled constantly like little soldiers.

That is why they got to raise their hands before every question. That is why got to walk in straight lines and strive to get straight A’s.

They are drilling children from day 1 to follow orders and not to think independently.

They are teaching children to learn “facts” and to repeat them like parrots.

Behaving like a parrot is what gives you good grades in school.

Why do all children have to learn the exact same subjects in the exact same way? Why do they all have to learn mathematics, biology, history, English, chemistry, algebra or whatever.

It is to prevent that they excel in anything.

They just want everybody to be average and quite the same.

They want us all to know just a little bit about everything, so that we’ll just be cogs in the Capitalist machine, once we leave school for the corporate world.

If children were given the choice to learn whatever they want, they all would follow their natural inclinations and become strong well-developed individuals.

But they can’t have that can they? If everyone excels at something extraordinary then who would still do the ordinary work?

If all children become masters then who will be the slaves?

For example:

Children that want to draw would learn how to draw and excel at it. They would discover all sorts of creative ways to put their natural talents to good use.

They would go on creating imaginary things that have never been seen before in this world.

They would become great draw artists, visual media producers or create a branch which is entirely new in and of itself.

In this way they would change humanity’s collective mind towards greater realms of possibilities.

But how does that help the government make money?

How does that benefit the economy? How does that benefit the Capitalist system? How does that fill the coffers of the bankers?

It doesn’t.

The drawings would only benefit the artist himself and those who are willing to pay for his skills, knowledge, art and products.

Children that follow creative ways mostly end up being self-sufficient.

They become businesses unto themselves and make their own money.

They’re not dependent on paychecks.

Look at all these music artists for example, barely any of them ever finished school. They all became great music artists and pop-stars because they followed their natural inclinations and creative strengths.

This is the case with all great people.

Barely any of them ever finishes school. They just do what they want and whenever they want.

It is the average person that seeks greatness, wealth and salvation in the school system and ends up being an unknown corporate slave.

Just a John or Jane Doe in the Capitalist machine.

That is why you should never force your children to get good grades. If they’re failing at a certain subject at school, it isn’t because they’re dumb.

They’re not failing because they need extra classes.

They need different classes.

They don’t understand algebra because they don’t fucking care about algebra. It is that simple.

It isn’t the child that is dumb, it is the mentally enslaved teacher that tries to force nonsense upon their bright creative minds.

Most teachers are not educating children but they are destroying their minds and capacity for independent reason.

A child shows high quality talent for musical instruments but you’re only going to provide music classes for 1 hour per week.

In addition to that you’re going to fill up his head with 6-8 hours of classes in mathematics.

This is what teachers do.

This is the school system.

They don’t care about individuals, they care about money and creating slaves that will follow orders to keep the money rolling.

Schools neglect the basics

A majority of your adult life is based on doing things that you never learned in school at all.

Paying taxes, relationships, household chores, cooking, money management, building a business or taking care of your health are all neglected by the school system.

They don’t teach us how to handle intoxicants, and here we live in a society where there is alcohol available on every street corner.

Almost all domestic violence in the West is alcohol related. All violence in Western nightlife is alcohol related. All fucked up things that people do in the streets are alcohol related.

But no, teaching children about the dangers of alcohol and how to use alcohol in an enjoyable way is never taught in schools.

Because that would mean that the alcohol industry could collapse if enough people become conscious of its dangers from childhood.

That means less alcohol tax money for our Capitalistic governments and they can’t have that.

Diabetes and cancer are predominantly caused by eating too much sugar, processed foods and carbohydrates.

But lets not educate our children about the science of healthy foods. Lets just let hem indulge in all these cookies, pizzas, sodas and donuts.

Lets feed them cereal (which is almost pure sugar itself) for breakfast and send them to school malnourished.

Because if children learned about the dangers of sugars and processed foods then they would live healthy and the sugar industry would collapse.

That means less sugar tax money for our Capitalistic governments and they can’t have that.

Almost all diseases and ailments that people suffer from when they become older can be prevented by regular physical exercise.

But they only teach our children gym class for 2 hours a week.

They can’t have children that are too adapted to physical exercise because that means that they always will be health conscious.

And they can’t have that.

Because if children learned about the dangers of not exercising the body, then the medical industry would collapse.

That means less medicine tax money for our Capitalistic governments and they can’t have that.

Pornography is a true thief of masculine life-force.

It destroys your mental clarity, fills your mind with perverse thought patterns, creates anxiety around women, causes depression and physical weakness and it turns you into a needy filthy degenerate, plain and simple.

But lets not teach our children that pornography is evil and destructive.

Lets not talk about it at all even though it occupies like 30% of all data on the Internet.

Let the little boys indulge in it especially when they’re in their teenage years when the testosterone is sky-rocketing.

Because if our little boys would learn about the true dangers of pornography then they would become real men full of vigor, courage and testosterone; like men used to be for like the entire human history…

But that would mean less pornography tax money and less emasculated corporate slaves to feed the Capitalist governments, and they can’t have that.

And these are only a few examples.

The school system is not in the best interests of the individual but it is in the interests of the rich elite.

It is to create a steady supply of average/good employees for the corporate world.

Once we become adults most of us are thrown into the wild without any skills.

Because we haven’t learned anything truly useful. We are on average not well-rounded human beings at all.

We are just made to be slaves within a specific market and the rest is unimportant.

While 200-300 years ago the average human still knew how to farm, how to hunt, how to fish, how to cook, how to chop trees, how to ride horses, how to sail a ship, how to take care of sheep and cattle, how to sew their own clothing, how to dress properly, how to build houses and furniture, make campfires, survive in the wild, identify poisonous plants or herbs, skin animals or create their own tools.

They knew how to communicate like noble humans, how to share with one another and how to help the community.

The average human had to be really skillful in order to thrive in the world.

Nowadays we have more education than ever before and still we know jack shit.

I am truly ashamed of my own lack of basic human skills.

This is what the school system causes among the human population. A lack of humanity.

We’re not individual humans anymore, we’re drones. We learn about life through a robotic lifeless system and then we’re thrown out into the community of the brainwashed to serve the rich and powerful.

Schools don’t care about health.

We all have a human body.

It is the essence of physical experience.

You can’t exist in this physical world without your body.

This is basic sense right?

Do you know what happens when your body becomes unhealthy?

You suffer pain, illness and eventually an untimely death.

Not only that but an unhealthy body means you’ve got an unhealthy mind too.

The mind and the body are interconnected.

The brain needs healthy nutrition to think clearly and to function properly.

Mankind started to evolve intellectually only after they started to eat lots of meat from wild game, which is the most nutritional dense food on the planet.

We got one of the largest brains in the animal kingdom and this is solely due to meat eating. Our brains were much much much smaller before our ancestors started eating meat 2.5 million years ago.

It is what allowed us to become human.

Yet, this school system feeds children sugar, sugar and even more sugar.

A lot of parents support this because they’ve been raised within the same school system. So they give their kids lunchboxes full of cookies, sugary milk and unhealthy fruit juices.

In schools they serve children carbohydrates and sugar all day every day. They give them breads and pastas, pizzas and even donuts.

It is insane.

The level of stupidity is so cringe-worthy.

But it is not the school system which is stupid, it is the parents that allow it.

I’ve already explained the nature of the school system.

What better corporate slave is there than one that is malnourished, unhealthy and lacking in vital nutrients.

If you lack nutrition, you can’t think straight. That is why most vegans are crazy, they lack the right nutrition.

That is why all these people that got full-time corporate jobs don’t care to improve anymore.

They aren’t learning anything new in their spare time neither do they practice any form of serious self-development.

It is because their brains and bodies are malnourished.

You can’t have the mental or physical energy to do anything productive after working for 8 hours, while you poisoned your body with unhealthy sugary (poisonous) foods.

The standard average Western diet is high in carbohydrates and sugar which is basically poison, while being alarmingly low in protein and animal fats.

Even though protein and animal fats are the building blocks of a healthy brain.

The reason for this is obvious by now and it already starts in the school system.

Being healthy is not in the interest of the school system.

Healthy individuals are dangerous because they think straight and they act with vigor and vitality in their daily lives.

We can’t have corporate slaves that are healthy and strong because then they would probably have the actual courage and mental clarity to see the insanity of our society.

They would most likely stop listening to others for a miserable paycheck and start creating their own empires.

The ancient proverb is Health is Wealth.

But schools do not want you to be wealthy so they skip the lessons on being healthy.

My Children

Cursing at the school system is easy when you don’t have any children yourself.

I’m very well aware of this.

I personally do not have any children yet but I do plan to start a family in the near future.

When the day comes that my children have to go to school.

I’ll sent them to school.

But listen to this and take it with you as a little sound advice…

  1. I will never chastise my children for not succeeding in school.
  2. I will always support the natural inclinations and talents of my children.
  3. I will try to assist them with all my strength, life-experience and parental guidance in becoming great extraordinary individuals.
  4. I will personally teach them or help them learn anything they want to learn.
  5. I will never criticize their opinions or dreams but help them discover themselves.

Something so ingrained and established in society as the school system can’t be changed overnight.

But at least we can try to not commit the same sin that so many parents have committed before us.

To let the inferior school system raise our children with vain materialistic values.

To let the school system take away our children’s natural desires.

And to let the school system destroy our children’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

So let us help our children to follow their passions towards a lifetime of true wealth.

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Ashwin Orie

Student of the Ancient Mysteries.

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