The Indwelling Spirit

There is a guiding Indwelling Spirit in all of us.

All conscious human beings are guided by this metaphysical force throughout their daily lives.

Some might call it intuition or conscience, whatever you call it, it is right there within you!

In Christianity it is referred to as the Holy Spirit even though a majority of common believers do not understand or contemplate upon its nature whatsoever.

I personally call it the the Higher Self.

But today we’ll refer to it as the Indwelling Spirit which is a translation of the Hindu concept of Antaryamin.

The Antaryamin or Indwelling Spirit is not some otherworldly force but an inherent part of our True Being.

However our minds are seriously conditioned by the material world and all physical desires that come with it, therefore the intuitive nature of our Being is often personified as an external voice.

This has resulted in many ancient superstitions that have extended themselves till today’s day and age among religious believers cross-culturally throughout the world.

Many Prophets from especially Abrahamic religions considered themselves in contact with true external saintly beings like Angels.

Not realizing that these Angels were in fact the Antaryamin or the Indwelling Spirit guiding their everyday lives.

And the same counts for us today, we often ignore our intuition and rather listen to the conceptualization of our mind.

But there is a huge difference between the Mind and the Indwelling Spirit we call Intuition.

The Mind is conditioned by the external world and therefore often inclined to lesser emotions like fear and anger; also desires like material wealth and pleasures of the senses.

The Mind is never satisfied but because we keep listening to it, it develops over time into a powerful force that can’t be ignored any longer.

This is the Ego.

However there is something which arises from beyond the mind which is always communicating with us, the voice of God if you will..

This is the Indwelling Spirit and in our modern day and age we rather call it intuition.

This is because our present-day society is highly skeptical about everything Spiritual.

No, let me rephrase that…

Our present-day society is so stupefied and dumb’d down by the material shackles of the modern world that we actually believe to be more wiser than all the Spiritual traditions of the past.

But this is nothing more than a Satanic illusion and a sign that the masses are possessed by the egoic mind structures we ourselves created.

What a stupid race of people we’ve become to think that our intuition is no longer relevant.

It is relevant now more than ever with so many people addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography, smoking, horrible food, gambling and every other evil habit out there which the masses indulge in.

We ALL know that these things are bad for us and still we practice them on a daily basis, don’t we?

This is because the Indwelling Spirit is ignored by almost all people nowadays and only a few still hearken to its voice.

I’ve been ignoring my Indwelling Spirit for a very long time as well.

I’ve been addicted to almost all evil things that the Devil created under the Sun.

But this time has come to pass and my intuition is my new best friend.

I listen to it’s voice day and night, refusing to replace Its wisdom for the mind’s tricks and folly.

Common sense is the new trend.

The Indwelling Spirit wants to commune with you

The definition of the word commune is not a one-sided conversation.

It is not merely the Spirit talking and you listening.

The definition of the word commune is:
“to converse or talk together, usually with profound intensity, intimacy, etc.; interchange thoughts or feelings.”

So, when your intuition or conscience says: “You should not do this” or “You know better than this”, it might be wise to actually listen for once.

But most of us barely ever do and rather listen to the mind which is demonically possessed by society.

Don’t believe me?

What happens when you get angry?

You say or do things you don’t really mean and often regret after the fact.

What happens when you get drunk?

You become a devil and often engage in activities for which you completely lack the courage when you’re sober.

You physically attack people or harass them.

Is this not possession? How is it different?

What most people don’t realize is that they’re not their minds and that therefore there is more to live than just their thoughts.

Bad thoughts and evil inclinations do not necessarily have to be part of your self, therefore the mind can be ignored.

But most people are possessed by the mind and therefore hearken to all its thoughts.

In addition to that, they ignore the intuition (which is always right) and you know whats worse than that?

The majority of human beings do not even hear their intuition anymore, because the intuition has been having one-sided conversations for way too long that it kind of turns inward in silence.

Most people’s intuition has to be reawakened before they actually clearly hear its voice again.

That is the sole reason of addiction, the Indwelling Spirit has gone silent and the Intuition no longer penetrates the mental barriers.

You no longer have that inner “You shouldn’t do this” voice, you’re no longer able to hear its advice.

And even if you still hear the voice of goodness, you’re too possessed to actually heed its words.

Almost all human beings have reached this stage at some certain point in their lives and only a few will ever get in touch with the voice again.

But all is not lost, just because the voice isn’t talking to you right now that doesn’t mean that the Indwelling Spirit is gone.

It just lowered the volume in the hope that one day you’ll tune in again and pick up some of its frequencies.

Your intuition will never abandon you, it is an ever-present witness to all that you do.

Resurrecting the Voice

Even without the Indwelling Spirit knocking on your mental doors all the time, we still know what is good and what is bad.

All human beings know this inherently because it is ingrained since childhood.

We just need to be reminded sometimes.

In Ancient Times this was the purpose of religion but nowadays we live in an atheistic society of degenerates that don’t stand for anything and therefore fall for everything.

I’m not saying you should be religious, I’m saying you should remind yourself of the difference between good and evil.

This is how you resurrect the voice, by getting in touch with its own frequency and reconnecting with your intuitive nature.

Just because society tells you something is harmless doesn’t mean that it’s true.

You should always differentiate between right and wrong at any given time inside of you.

If somebody offers you some crystal meth or crack cocaine and the Intuition doesn’t ring a thousand alarm bells inside of you then know that there is something inherently wrong.

It is a sign that you’ve lost connection.

This is just one example out of a thousand.

You yourself know best what you’re struggling with in your daily lives.

Everybody has his own demons because everybody has a different mind, but we all have the same Indwelling Spirit.

You just have to cut out the bullshit and turn down the noise.

Before you know it, you’ll have resurrected the voice.

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