The Individual Awakening

Benefits of stop watching the News

Sometimes it seems as if the World is getting worser and worser by the day. It seems as if wars, poverty, terrorism, religious intolerance, disease, racism and sexual immorality will never truly end.

And how could it not seem so?

If we put on the News Channels we are continuously bombarded by streams of depressing situations around the world.

If we unlock our phones and hop on one of our many Social Media apps, we’re probably bombarded with some depressing shit as well.

If you still read Newspapers every morning then you’re probably depressed as fuck by default.

Whatever your medium for daily News is, it is probably depressing.

But let me tell you something…

Something they don’t learn you in school. Something people barely talk about in public.

And something you definitely never heard at your location of daily enslavement (job).

The World is awakening!

Although it doesn’t seem that way on a daily basis, alot of people are actually awakening to some profound truths about life.

Spirituality is more widespread than ever.

“Conspiracy theories” are being discovered and discussed throughout the Internet on a daily basis.

Every form of knowledge is literally available at the tip of our fingers through the Internet.

There is even a slang term especially in the online community, that refers to curious people hungry for knowledge and the truth about the world.

We call people like this “Woke” and we encourage eachother to “Stay Woke”.

As in “awakened” individuals or people that no longer take the Status quo for granted.

People that do not any longer believe everything they see on the “News” or any other mainstream form of Information.

The advent of the Internet and its widespread worldwide applications were one of the great stepping stones that lead to worldwide awakening.

Although much of the views of these awakened people are brushed to the side as mostly “Conspiracy theories” or “New Age mumbo jumbo”.

The grip of Mainstream information is still at large and politicians like to keep it this way.

Keep the masses drowned in their ignorance so that they have a steady supply of mental slaves to keep them at the top.

Stop worshipping television

But times are changing.

I recently spoke an old High School friend who was very surprised about this website when he found it. He never considered me to be a “Woke Guy”.

And neither did I consider that he’d ever become an Awakened individual either.

Since in High School we weren’t “Woke Teens” at all. We were partying, drinking, chasing girls and hanging out in the streets like any “normal” teenage boy does.

Spirituality or Awareness of the dark side behind the status quo (The Matrix) weren’t exactly teenage boy topics.

And yet here I am (7 years later) writing about it.


Mass Awakening

It is no mere coincidence that people are awakening worldwide.

It is no mere coincidence that people are leaving the old religious beliefs of their parents and finding Spirituality.

It is no mere coincidence that people are finally realizing that the News Media Channels are mostly fake and serve an evil agenda.

It is no mere coincidence that alot of people are rather spending time on their phones than watching television.

More and more people want to choose for themselves in this day and age. We want to ingest information that suits us that is why we are learning stuff from Youtube, Social Media and Blogs by the masses.

That is why self-development communities like the Nofap (no masturbation) movement are arising all across the web.

That is why Eastern spiritual practices like meditation are becoming more and more a mainstream practice instead of being linked to merely Spiritual Gurus and Yoga.

That is why the Fitness community is getting bigger and bigger across the Internet. (Everybody wants to jump on the fitness train).

That is why Professor Jordan Peterson is getting more and more popular by the day amongst youthful men, despite almost all mainstream media channels having launched Witch-hunts against him.

The Individual Awakening is not the Awakening of a few Individuals but the masses at large. Everybody just experiences it in his or her own way.

Some people awaken through Spirituality, some through Social injustices, some through Conspiracy Theories and some through Self-Development practices like reading books.

However they awaken doesn’t matter, the fact is that people are indivually awakening by the masses.

No longer can politicians tell lies and get away with them.

No longer can News Channels decide what we should know since the Internet tells us alot of different things.

People are actually thinking about the world, unlike the previous generations that were forced to take everything for granted.

If you found this site then you are most likely an awakened person yourself but nonetheless I will provide you with some tools to strengthen your awakening process.

How to Awaken:

Stay Woke Stop watching Television

1. Don’t watch the News

All the News can do for you is brainwashing. Don’t let these News Channels influence your mindstate on a daily basis. Even if you’re more woke than the generic person, watching the News will draw you back into that enslaved mindset real quick!

You don’t need all that depressing stuff to fill your mind with, especially not in the mornings. Drink your coffee, eat your breakfast and go do your daily business.

I promise you, if you stop watching the News you won’t miss out on anything. Life just goes on as usual.

The enslaved ones will keep you updated on any “important” issue anyway.

You’re way better off paying attention on what is in front of you instead of what is happening across the World in a place that you’ve never been before.


2. Don’t spend precious time scrolling through Social Media

There is not much of a difference between watching the News and scrolling through Social Media. On a daily basis both result in precious time wasted.

You’re just ingesting information or garbage that other people with agenda’s want you to see or read. On Social Media 95% of the content you consume isn’t by your own choosing.

Your mindset is getting influenced by everybody left, right and center. It is time to put a stop to Social Media as entertainment and use it wisely.


If you’re not doing business on Social Media or working towards a higher goal through Social Media then what are you there for?

Entertainment? Don’t make me laugh.

You’re addicted and don’t even realize it.


3. Stop watching pornography.

Pornography destroys your brain cells.

It takes all your motivation to do anything useful away.

The drive to have sex is what gets men out of bed each day.

Our Testosteron is EVERYTHING. If you’re masturbating to porn then you’re wasting all your Masculine Energy away.

You won’t have the drive for any achievement.

If you’re a virgin living in your mother’s basement or simply can’t get a real girlfriend you wouldn’t understand but pornography is fake as shit.

Real sexual interaction is a very different world from porn.

The difference between porn and real sex, is the same between being a British soldier in the Belgian trenches during World War I and playing Battlefield 1 on the Playstation 4.

You can never comprehend what the real thing is like, when you’re not actually doing it.

Porn is destroying our perception of real women. It is actually giving us a hard time enjoying real sex because real women look nothing like pornstars. And they also don’t do things the way pornstars do.

They do not talk like pornstars, wear things pornstars wear and they’re not fake like pornstars.

Real women are much more fragile, shy, sensitive and more importantly they’re physically flawed.

And there is NOTHING wrong with that!

If you think that there is something wrong with flawed women then your mind has already been clouded by the widespread disease of porn addiction.

You should stop now!



4. Be curious about new things

There are so many new things we all want to learn, so many hobbies we’d like to pursue or habits we’d love to have.

But we barely ever learn or do anything new especially people that are working 9-5 jobs. And I get that.

It is very hard to do anything after working 8 hours in a day surrounded by unconscious mind slaves.

But think about it.

If you’re not striving to learn new things right now, when will you ever? When you’re retired with a old brain and body?


Want to stop working for your boss and build that business you always wanted? Become self-sufficient and ‘Google’ it. Read “How to” articles or watch practical Youtube videos.

And if you’re like me read any of the thousand books you can find on whatever subject you’re curious about. Just do it!

Life is way too short to die ignorant.

You can LEARN ANYTHING in this day and age, so why wouldn’t you?

AWAKEN yourself through KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge awakens you Carl Yung Enlightenment


5. (…fill in the brackets yourself)

Every person is different by nature and therefore you yourself can decide what will suit your awakening best next.

The four previous methods I’ve given you are generally applicable to every human being.

They were the four major stepping stones in my life towards Awareness and the state of “Being Woke”.

If you apply them to your situation then I can guarantee you that your mindstate will improve. You’ll get motivated, energetic, wiser and more creative than you’ve ever been.

No longer will you be influenced by the outside world but your mind will be filled with your own authenticity.

You will prosper and elevate all aspects of your life.

This is it. The time is now. The moment is here.

The destruction of the Matrix.

The Individual Awakening.























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Ashwin Orie

Student of the Ancient Mysteries.

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