The Imagined Order of Things

There is a great illusion that penetrates our society.

This great illusion has possessed our minds and our bodies.

The great illusion has caused suffering and harm to mankind on scales that we do not yet understand.

It has penetrated our homes and poisoned our children.

Even our grandparents suffered from this great illusion, only in lesser degrees than we do today.

Yet this great illusion causes depression, stress, anxiety, boredom, division and mental weakness throughout the Western world.

And if that wasn’t all, it turns people into greedy and unhealthy degenerates.

It has opened the door to all vile and repulsive sins.

It is the Imagined Order of Things.

The beginnings of Civilization 

Civilization is a brand new thing.

Humans have been living like hunters and gatherers for almost 2,5 million years. Civilization and society as we know it only started 10.000 years ago with the advent of farming.

Large groups of humans started to live together in networks of cooperation, when they obtained surpluses in food through farming.

However food surpluses are not powerful enough to establish a society, culture or civilization.

Mythology is even more powerful than we think because it creates social links between large groups of people.

Mythology is the first building block of large civilizations.

That is what society is in its essence.

Today our entire society is based on an Imagined Order of Things. This Imagined Order is a collection of myths that only exist in the subjective human mind but not in objective reality.

These are myths like laws, gods, religions, motherlands, borders, businesses and money. These myths provide the necessary links that are needed for mass cooperation between large groups of humans.

Once humans started inventing these myths, civilization was able to prosper.

Myths became illusions

We’ve went into the wrong direction when we started to believe in our own myths objectively.

Mythology is always grounded in reality but only when you understand the underlining principles and wisdom of the stories that are being told.

The common person however is not able to understand mythology on a deeper level and thus falls into objective faith.

They are starting to belief that the mythological phenomena in its symbolical shape and form represents the objective truth. They no longer realize that the symbols and myths represent deeper realities.

This is because the human social order is not based on DNA and therefore not hereditary like the social order of other animals.

Humans actually have to make a conscious effort to preserve their social order.

That is why we are forced to go to school, work a job and use money for everything that is free in nature.

If this wasn’t the case then the social order would quickly collapse.

For example if everyone refused to go to school, the social order would collapse. If everyone refused to work 8 hours a day at some silly job, the social order would collapse. If everyone refused to even use money, the social order would collapse.

So, what did the ruling elite do to make sure that people don’t refuse to work like slaves? They didn’t crack down on us with armies to take our resources neither do they enforce us to pay them a tribute from our seasonal harvests like Kings used to do in the past.

They don’t force people to do anything anymore, but they feed us with illusions.

We are our own oppressors now. We enslave ourselves into debts and misery.

The governments of Western Society continuously feed us with myths that enslave us.

Put on the television and see all this mythology (illusion) being played out right in front of you.

Millions of commercials are being broadcast daily and live in front of our own eyes. They tell you to buy their expensive brand clothing, eat their junk food and watch their reality TV Shows.

They tell you that you really need their newest cars, most expensive smartphones and their silly earplugs.

They tell you to partake in the lottery, indulge in alcohol and watch pornography.

This is the paradise or heaven that modern mythology presents you with.

They present you with countless options for immediate gratification. Get pleasure right now and forget about becoming a better person.

In this capitalistic system they promise you the world of consumerism and they call it Heaven on Earth.

However this heaven is not free and most people will actually never experience it neither will they enjoy the temporary fading glimpses it provides.

This is because in order for us to experience this heaven, we need to worship a God that is never satisfied with us. And most of us don’t know how to worship this God at all.

This God is what they call “MONEY”.

Money is God in our society.

But not because money is something special. Money is just a piece of paper whether it is a 100 dollar bill or a 1 dollar bill, the material is exactly the same and worth the same amount (nothing).

Money that we have in the bank are just numbers on a screen. A digital code that doesn’t mean anything at all. Most banks do not even have any money to begin with. They continuously lend your money out to others while making money from your money.

They call it interest.

Do you know what I call it?


It is pure myth and not grounded in reality at all. Sure money is a very convenient tool but it is also a tyrant God that absorbs our daily lives and attention span.

We all want heaven but in this day and age, we’ve started to believe that heaven is found in material things. So, we got to work 8 hours each and every single day at a job we don’t like at all.

A lot of us work even longer than that. And for what?

Just to get ourselves a piece of heaven on Earth.

In order to receive enough energy from this God we worship, we’re praying 8 hours a day in our temples.

Which are these huge erected buildings we call companies. However these companies are just fictional as well.

We act as if they are true holy places wherein God is dwelling.

Most of us belief that if we serve these fictional entities called companies that God is going to give us heaven on Earth.

But this God (Money) and this Heaven on Earth (consumer products) are only temporary pleasures. They’re just illusions that cloud our minds and judgement towards reality.

At the end of the month your God is gone and the cycle of worship has to be continued again at the so-called temple. You’ll spent the next 160 hours again in perpetual worship before God returns to provide you with temporary Heaven.

What most people don’t realize is that all is connected. You are not miserable because of one thing that occurs in your life.

This is how most people see their problems, as events that will pass by with time and healing.

But all is connected.

Cause and effect.

One thing leads to another. You are unhappy in life because you do miserable shit to acquire miserable things.

Can you not see the connection?

You work a job you hate, for things that only give temporary pleasure but require the one resource that keeps you alive in this world which is money.

And what is money? Money is time, time is money.

You trade in your precious life-force (time and money) to buy things that only last a couple of days max in pleasure. After that you are hooked on to the desire to acquire new things.

And the cycle of slavery repeats itself.

This is the fallacy.

These are the illusions.

This is modern day mythology.

This is the Imagined Order of Things.

The New Order of the Ages

It is literally on the dollar bill.

“Novus Ordo Seclorum”

The new order does not worship gods, it worships money.

Capitalism is money worship.

Sure it works very well on state level and perhaps it is the best economic system around.

And yet the way capitalism is penetrating the minds of individuals is very destructive.

Enslaved to consumer products the population will keep degenerating more and more with each generation.

I left high school 8 years ago and much has changed since then.

The generations of teens that are now in High Schools are fucking retarded.

I really don’t have any high hopes for the next generation of adults.

They are so emotionally disturbed and lacking in intellect. The common person is truly bordering insanity by now.

There is only one road that will lead us away from this destructive path.

Stop consuming bullshit!

Stop chasing the newest shoes, expensive cars, brand-clothing, latest smartphones or whatever bullshit it is that you’re spending your money on.

If you’ve worked all month for a 2000 dollar paycheck, then you have no right to buy 300 dollar shoes.

That’s stupid.

Open your eyes to the truth and start realizing that nothing material can ever make you happy.

It is doing stuff that you actually enjoy doing that provides us with happiness.

Happiness is in doing something and not in getting somewhere.

When did you ever receive everlasting happiness by showing off your designer clothings?

Yeah I know right, nobody really cares about what you wear.

It is all a trap of your enslaved mind and part of the imaginary order of things.

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Ashwin Orie

Student of the Ancient Mysteries.


  1. Exactly! It’s all a big illusion. And it is very true that if everyone opened their eyes and stopped working their jobs and watching their TV, the whole thing would collapse!

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