The ignorance behind the fitness community.

I used to be a fanatical gym rat.

A devout follower of calories and macros.

The type of buff dude that believed in drinking 3 whey protein shakes a day.

One before workout, one after and one right before bed.

I used to spent 2,5 hours in the gym only, and that for 5 days in a row.

Doing split routines with devotion as if I was on the path to Greek godhood.

When I wasn’t active in the Gym then I was probably looking at some of the popular (don’t know if they still are) bodybuilding YouTube Channels like:

Kali Muscle, CT Fletcher, Mike Rashid, Brandon Carter, Scott Hermann, Kinobody, Buff Dudes, The Hodgetwins, Elliot Hulse and Ullisses.

However this era in my life has truly ended for me.

The bodybuilding community is filled with lies, cringe-worthy people and just sheer stupidity.

And I am not talking about lifting weights, lifting weights is awesome.

It is the whole present-day culture that surrounds weight-lifting that is filled with ignorance.

There is too much misinformation out there.

How often do we see people that never worked out before, make new-years resolutions to start working out in a gym and then they’ve already quit their new habit before February even starts…

And who can blame them?

There is so much crap out there in the fitness community that the layman just can’t start working out without needing professional help.

The basics are always overlooked for the most “advanced diets and workouts”.

They don’t teach beginners anymore to just practice their bench like in the classical bodybuilding era of Arnold. No, they teach you to do all these strange mechanic chest presses and silly chest fly’s.

They don’t teach beginners anymore to just eat a lot of egg yolks and fatty steaks cooked in lots of butter. No, they tell you to eat bare rice with asparagus and a dry piece of unseasoned chicken breast.

They tell you that you should eat 6 times a day in small amounts to lose weight and to make sure that you don’t lose muscle, even though such advice goes against all forms of common sense.

And you should always supplement with a synthetic artificial protein shake and amino acids because otherwise all your weight lifting is useless.

All this modern day crap is just invented to make you buy, buy and buy more stuff.

Even the health industry is based on making money, this is fairly obvious since we live in a capitalistic society.

Health is never the main interest of any company in a capitalist society.

The main interest is always money.

Mainstream fitness magazines provide you with crap information. They display monstrous bodybuilders with an insane amount of muscle (ALL from DRUGS) and then they’ll tell you that they used some specific product to get there.

They’ll make you believe that you’ll get all that muscle from a silly protein shake, even though no piece of chicken or steak ever made you THAT big.

It is all a big hoax man.

The fitness community is one big hoax.

Don’t ever belief what they say but always do the exact opposite.

That is what I started doing.

They’ll you to eat a good breakfast every day and carbs before a workout.

I tell you don’t eat at all until after your workout.

This is called working out fasted and it is the best fat loss method out there.

They’ll tell you to walk for an hour on a treadmill, they call this cardio.

I’ll tell you, just walk outside in nature like you’re supposed to. Don’t be so silly to drive to the gym, so that you can walk on an artificial machine.

They’ll tell you to train specific body parts per workout only and I’ll tell you, always do full body like it happens in nature.

A hunter doesn’t only use his back and biceps on friday and only his legs on monday…

This is so unnatural and cringe-worthy.

Be smart about your health.

The things that are healthy for us are always the most natural things. If something sounds too complicated that is because it is probably an unnatural thing to do.

If a diet sounds complicated, it is an unnatural diet.

If a workout sounds complicated, it is an unnatural workout.

It is as simple as that, just use your brains man.

Crash Course in Fitness

I am not a fitness expert, neither do I pretend to be one.

I am a nature expert.

My expertise is in common sense, something which most people nowadays lack.

So I’m going to use my common sense to break down the Fitness philosophy for you.

Always workout all muscles

Moving the entire body is the natural way. Human beings still have hunter-gatherer bodies which we inherited from our prehistoric ancestors.

Therefore we are meant to move and strengthen the entire body every single day, not just specific muscles per day.

This can be done by walking, sprinting, swimming, weightlifting, push ups and all compound exercises like the bench press, squat and deadlift.

Frequent full body workouts also raise overall testosterone levels significantly in men.

Eat enough meat and fat

Meat and fat are staples in the natural hunter-gatherer diet.

Therefore meat and fat is the most optimal diet for human beings.

Stop eating all these carbs and genetically modified vegetables as if they will build muscle on your body. These foods have only been around since the past 12.000 years which is very short amount of time on the scale of human history.

Humans are natural carnivores.

We all know muscles are made from protein and high testosterone levels and testosterone is made from cholesterol.

Don’t believe in mainstream health sciences which tell you to lower your cholesterol.

All naturally muscular men have high cholesterol levels.

All unhealthy fat and skinny people have low cholesterol levels, the doctors are fooling you.

Never stop walking

Walking is the most natural human thing to do.

Humans are blessed with two feet, strong healthy legs and a great muscular back to roam the Earth in search for all its natural bounties.

There are no chairs in nature.

Sitting for 8 hours straight is immensely destructive for the human body.

We are meant to walk long distances and to run intensely.

This is a necessary activity to support our hunter-gatherer bodies and to live an optimal lifestyle.

Try to use your common sense and visualize what people are doing on cardio machines and treadmills…

Try to realize that it is exactly the same as walking or running in nature.

Only walking and running in nature is actually natural and beneficial for you.

How can an hour walking inside of a sweat infested gym be healthier for you then walking in the forest or besides the lake in the park?

Use your brains man, come on.

Treadmills are retarded.

Most people that walk on treadmills remain fat forever anyways.

Incorporate some fasting

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years then you probably still think fasting is only a religious thing.

However fasting is something which is seriously overlooked (read: ignored) by the mainstream health industry.

Because fasting is the most natural and best thing humans can do for their body.

Our body isn’t used to having food all day every day, even though you’ve probably been eating this way all of your life.

The truth doesn’t change itself.

Our bodies are still exactly the same as a 100.000 years ago.

A time when real food wasn’t always available.

A time when people used to live some days without food.

Breakfast (BREAK FAST) is therefore a very modern invention and quite detrimental to your health especially if all you ever eat is sugary crap like cereals, breads and oatmeal.

Which are slave foods that induce weakness in society.

Start fasting at least 16 hours a day and reserve the other 8 hours for eating.

You’ll see the fat dripping off your body in no time, leaving you with pure freaking muscle only.

And yes fasting counts even as you sleep.

Time to get ripped

That pretty much sums it up.

Add enough sleep to the mix and you’ll be walking in the body of an athlete within no time.

Being healthy, strong and fit doesn’t require much science or thinking.

It just requires common sense!

Do you have any common sense?

Leave some sense in the comments.

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Ashwin Orie

Student of the Ancient Mysteries.

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