The Greatest Power was Always Ours

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The greatest thing ever is right under our noses and 99% of us don’t even realize it.

I didn’t realize it until I discovered it in some shady corner of the Internet a few years ago.

Yet at that moment I knew that it was already in the possession of my Subconscious mind since I could even remember.

I already knew it, I always knew it.

It is the single most thing that gives the most successful people of the world (the 1%) the edge over everybody else.

It is the driving force that puts US Presidents in Office.

It is the flame that burns away all obstacles to a cinder and gives Entrepeneurs the achievement of their long-awaited business goals.

It is the energy that fuels the bodies of professional athletes.

It is the belief that brings forth prophets and seers, rebels and kings, inventors and revolutionaries.

It is that which inspires the actors and directors in Hollywood to create their best works ever.

It is the courage that gave small rebel armies the courage and strength to destroy huge empires and launch new dynasties into the world.

It is what made slaves run away from their masters into the forests, never to return again.

Do you know what it is?

No? Well, I’ll tell you.

It is the Universal Law of Attraction.

Belief creates Reality.

This ancient secret has been known by man for thousands of years.

The ancient esoteric scriptures of the East always proclaimed this.

And we don’t have to travel to India or China to learn this stuff, because it is present everywhere in todays day and age.

You do not even have to be religious to belief in this and yet every single religion professes it.

Jesus said it:

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.”

– Mark 11:24

Belief creates reality man. 

It does not matter what you believe, it will come true.

That is why you should never doubt yourself and neither should you fear anything.

Because you will attract exactly what you fear and your doubt will be truth.

A child that keeps hearing about how dumb he is by evil teachers or even his parents throughout his early school career shall never amount to anything.

If his confidence is low he’ll definitely grow up as a dumb person.

A child that keeps hearing he’ll amount to great heights when he becomes an adult, will do exactly that!

Amount to great heights and achieve extraordinary things.

Belief creates reality, thoughts create reality and consciousness creates reality.

The world around us is shaped by the thoughts of everyone that walks the Earth.

This is not some Mumbo jumbo New-Agey shit. This has been known by people from the earliest moments in written history.

We can read it in their books today. They’re widely available as is the case with any piece of ancient knowledge.

This is reality and if you don’t believe this then this becomes your reality too.

See what I did there? The fact that you choose not to believe a thing makes it false to you.

You probably do not in believe in the Norse god Odin and neither did the Anglo-Saxon (English) Christians during the Viking age.

But believe me when I tell you that Odin was VERY REAL to the bands of Viking marauders that raided monasteries and villages throughout England and France.

Odin gave them the power to dominate Europe and instill fear in the hearts of the Christians for almost three hundred years.

In the same way Jesus Christ is VERY REAL to alot of Christians still today. Some even communicate with him and feel his presence all the time.

You think that is a mere fantasy?

Then what about the Muslims that feel the continuous grace or punishment coming from the Throne of Allah?

Is that fake too?

No it is not. All religions have one single truth to them and that is: “Belief creates reality”

Whatever you believe in with conviction is a self-fulfilling prophecy. All prayer is efficacious and therefore it will always hit the desired result, IF a person believes in it.

There is no such thing as chance, at all.

Every great technological invention EVER has been brought forth into existence through the sheer power of Belief.

Without Belief we would still crawl around in East-Africa like our ancestors a hundred thousand years ago.

The most prominent theory within scientific communities for the rise of Homo Sapiens outside of its perimeter in Africa was the fact that we’re able to communicate through fiction.

Other Human species at that time like for example the Neanderthals were not able to invent (and understand) fictional stories and therefore were not able to cooperate on such a large scale as bands of Sapiens could.

The concept of Human (Sapiens) cooperation is largely based on our ability to create fictional structures that uphold our unity.

– Religion

– Mythology

– Gods

– Nationalism

– Ethnicity

– Language

– Money

– Working towards a better future

These are all fictional things.

Things we invented to empower ourselves within the world. Our belief in these fictional entities is what makes us powerful.

It is what unites us.

The Power of Fiction Homo Sapiens

Our beliefs in these things created and shaped our reality.

Human existence is based on belief. Belief in the abstract which we uphold to be true in reality and therefore it actually becomes true.

The mind is a very powerful thing, all thoughts that emanate from it are capable of changing our entire reality.

But this will only happen if we truly believe in the thoughts.

That is why a man that believes he will amount to much greater heights than his present station in life is very right and a man that believes he won’t ever amount to anything is right too!

Jesus was right and Muhammad was right.

Krishna was right and the Buddha was right.

Guru Nanak was right and so was Mahavira.

Even Hitler was right.

He believed Jews were the source of all evil and suffering for the Germanic race. So what happened as a result of this intense belief he had in his heart?

He created a reality wherein six million Jews died because of what he believed.

The exact same thing can happen today, that is why its important to drive out hatred, bigotry, ignorance and racism out of this world.

Because as long as negative beliefs exist, there will be negative consequences emanating from it.

Reality is influenced by the vibratory energy coming from the thought processes and belief systems of ALL human beings.

Again this is not some “New-Agey” shit, this is fucking science.

Everything is energy, all matter consists of the same thing.

The entire Universe is constantly in a vibratory motion even our thoughts, this has been proven many times over. A mere simple interest in the nature of the Universe shall proof this.

Even mainstream science is passed the stage of a fixed material Universe.

There are plenty of available studies from Universities across the world that prove everything to be vibratory.

Everything in life is vibration albert einstein

Yet most people barely even realize that thinking is a process that can be influenced at will.

That our thoughts do not have to be what they are. That we can influence our own thinking and therefore our own belief systems.

Change your vision man.

Create new beliefs about yourself and empower your experience of life in a totally different way. Stop negative thinking and infuse your body with new energy.

The greatest power was always ours and you know what else?

It still is.

Belief creates reality.






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Ashwin Orie

Student of the Ancient Mysteries.

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