The extraordinary benefits of waking up early

Aren’t you tired of sleeping all the time?

I definitely know I am!

To be honest I’ve been quit slacking on myself for a while now.

I’ve been brushing a lot of great habits I used to have to the side as if they’re not important anymore, even though they’re more important now than ever.

One of these habits was waking up extremely early.

Before, during and even after Summer 2018, I created a strict habit out of this.

I woke up between 5 and 7 am each and every single day.

Even during the weekends I was up before 9 am.

I felt fantastic during this time and was at the top of my game.

As with all things in life however, there is a serious ebb and flow when you pursue good habits.

One moment a habit feels like the most natural thing you can do and the next moment you’ll drop the habit for 2 years before you rediscover it.

When this happens it means that your motivation for a certain habit has burned out and if you haven’t disciplined yourself enough then you’ll crash.

This is what often happens when people that never diet, hop onto extreme forms of dieting or when people that barely walk all of a sudden start running long distances for cardio purposes.

Extreme measures never result into long term habits!

They even destroy your process because it often takes longer to truly implement the habit.

When you crash there always seems to be a sort of mental block which shields you off from the initial euphoria you experience, as a result of pursuing a certain habit.

You actually forget how fucking great you felt while you was doing that.

Today I woke up at 5 am and I am so grateful that the gods decided to wake me up early today.

It wasn’t on purpose at all but I just knew that I was done sleeping.

I immediately woke up and jumped into the shower to get the day going.

And I felt amazing, I’m telling you.

I had a huge epiphany after my shower and It felt as if I had rediscovered my older and better self.

The feeling was so recognizable because I experienced all the glories surrounding it when I used to wake up early throughout last summer.

I now remember all the goodness that comes from waking up early again.

The Day feels endless.

There is this magical feeling surging throughout my body as I’m writing this.

I can feel this enormous sense of excitement for the day.

It seems as if the possibilities for this day are endless.

It is 7:33 am as I’m writing this and I’ve already done a lot of things.

I took a Cold Shower, Meditated, Wrote in my Journal, Read a book and I’m writing this article as we speak.

Even already did more than a hundred Push Ups for strength.

Yet there is so much more opportunity left to do more things.

Do you realize how motivating that feels like?

Not only do I want to do a lot of things, but it actually feels like I can accomplish them as well.

I can accomplish all things I want today!

And I will.

Because if you think about it logically…

Nobody wakes up at 5 am to just waste the day right?

If I’m going to waste a day then I’m damn sure gonna spend a huge part of it sleeping.

A lazy day without sleeping in… that just seems silly.

Don’t you think so?

Immediate sense of happiness and well-being.

It is hard to do depressing stuff in the morning.

No person that does well in life likes to eat or drink junk in the morning.

As addicts we barely ever give in to our addictions during the early morning hours.

What I’m trying to say is.

People are more safeguarded against harmful things in the morning.

It almost seems as if a spiritual tranquility has descended over you.

You know what I mean…

That Hallelujah feeling.

The morning has a certain energetic atmosphere which produces an overall feeling of “goodness” and a sense of well-being unlike any other.

You truly feel good about yourself.

Just waking up before the sun rises gives you an euphoric feeling which lingers on throughout the early morning.

Whether this is because of the way our circadian rhythm has evolved, I don’t know.

I just know what I feel and what I encourage others (as well as myself) to start feeling from now on as well.

You have a better grip on time.

You truly start realizing that time is really precious.

Maybe that is perhaps the first few hours of the day are now truly yours.

You don’t have to spend them in doing things for others and neither are others bothering you because everybody is still asleep.

You’ll realize how fast time really passes by when you’re doing your own thing.

When you’re at work doing things for other people, the time passes at a very dreadful rate, not at all!

But when you’re enjoying your own thoughts, your own habits, your own space and your own time early in the morning then the time flies by.

Maybe this is because I’m so immersed in activity and activity always results in happiness and a sense of joy.

Or I truly am a time wizard.

Whichever it is, you should try waking up early for yourself.

Learn to control the time that you have been given.

In this way you’ll appreciate it much more and you won’t waste time in your overall life.

Indirectly you’ll seriously expand your total lifespan because you’ll experience the days in way more ways then you used to.

Time becomes more precious and you will learn to appreciate it.

And if you don’t value time and treat it with respect.

Then you should ask yourself…

Do I truly want to live a great life or am I a thief of my own happiness?

Way more motivation to do great things!

I am actually way more motivated to actually do things that will benefit my life today.

I can feel the inspiration surging in my blood.

I want to do good!

Good for myself and good for others.

I simply feel a sense of greatness arising from myself.

My body, mind and spirit are in synchronicity.

Unified towards a single purpose.

This is exactly the opposite on the days that I sleep in (everything after 9 am is what I consider sleeping in).

On those lazy days my body, mind and spirit are all over the place.

Body is in the Netherlands, Mind is on Mars and my Spirit seems to be a black hole (not present at all).

Sleeping through the morning seems to seriously disrupt our individual growth.

You seem to think in a more scarcity driven way.

Everything seems to be not enough.

There is not enough time to create great work.

There is not enough time to think great thoughts.

There is not enough time to feel great.

All of this changes when you wake up very early in the morning, this I can guarantee!

You’ll feel greater than you ever felt before in any way you can possibly imagine.

Just try it for one time, go to bed early and make sure the alarm wakes you up at 5 am.

Then without snoozing immediately hop out of bed and jump into the shower.

You’ll feel like greatness itself.

The little things become great things

You’ll be sipping on a cup of tea and feel like a million dollars is sliding down your throat.

You’ll enjoy it so much during those early morning hours, it is insane.

The most basic things become major things.

You’ll enjoy them like you never did before.

There is no rush during those early morning hours.

No people to disturb your presence.

Nobody to take away your energy or focus.

You can relax, drink a nice cup of tea or have a coffee and just enjoy your own thoughts and presence.

You can brainstorm in peace or enjoy the peace in silence.

Life becomes about the little things when you have a lot of time on your hands.

You’ll start to learn to actually enjoy the daily process of life instead of always trying to search for the best shortcuts towards your goals.

When there are no distractions, the moment at hand becomes precious.

You’ll be full of new ideas.

Creativity rises through the roof!

Every thought vibration within your mind is of an innovative nature.

I am thinking about things I haven’t thought about in months.

Things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but I just didn’t had the mental clarity to actually go through with them.

When I woke up at 5 am this morning and immediately jumped into the shower, the series of epiphanies I had were insane.

Every second I was thinking about things I couldn’t access these past couple of months, as if that section of my mind closes off after a certain moment during the day.

At this moment of the article it is 9:07 am and I do not feel the same things I felt at the beginning of this article.

I can literally feel my mind becoming a little dull.

The time of the day truly effects our state of being, I’m telling you.

I can feel it directly because I’ve been paying attention to it all morning.

The best ideas truly rise in the early hours before daylight.

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