The Earth is Alive

Name: Earth
Age: 4.5 billion years
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Planetary Being

What if I told you that the Earth is not dead but alive…

Would you be surprised?

What if I told you that the Earth is alive, right now?

Would that trigger your mind?

Of course the Earth is alive you’d say…

Everybody knows this, right?

Well, I say you’re wrong… barely anyone realizes this.

The Earth is alive, it literally is alive.

Repeat that two more times and say it aloud.

The Earth is alive, the Earth is alive.

Praise the Sky, the Earth is alive.


In Ancient Greek mythology the Earth was personified as Gaia, one of the Greek primordial deities.

Gaia was supposed to be the ancestral mother of all life on Earth and the mother of all the gods and titans.

In most cases the majority of people are unable to relate mythological stories to real life events and natural phenomena, however this is exactly what mythology was designed to do.

It is to simplify very complicated universal constructs in order to make these metaphysical concepts easier to grasp for the human mind.

This is done mostly through almost childlike story telling.

Where most people go wrong however is that they literally interpret these stories, like almost all followers of religions still do.

Religions are human interpretations of metaphysical incomprehensible constructs and therefore the seers, prophets and saints of different religions create stories that represent the truth but in a very childlike way.

Like for example, Greek mythology tells us Gaia gave birth to two sons namely, Uranus which literally means “Sky” and Pontus which means “Sea”.

What the common religious person would understand from this is that Gaia had two sons: Uranus and Pontus and that’s that… common religious people don’t really question a lot of things beyond the scope of story telling.

How this story however should be understood is that the Earth formed itself first and thereafter the Sky and the Sea in order to support the formation of lifeforms.

The Sky (Uranus) was given birth by Gaia in order to protect its surface from the scorching destructing heat of the suns rays, without Uranus there wouldn’t be one living thing on Gaia.

The Sea (Pontus) was given birth by Gaia to contain the first lifeforms on it and give them the chance to evolve eventually into humans after a process of billions of years.

This is how simple it really is, this is the power of mythology and religion.

It shows very complicated natural processes in the form of a great musical of gods and celestial beings.

But! And there is always a but…

Just because mythology explains complicated metaphysics in the form of theatrical story telling, doesn’t mean that there is no literal truth to the story itself.

Since Gaia represents something which all people already know by heart and that is the fact that the Earth is alive.

It is a Living Being, as a Whole.

Gaia is the living consciousness of the Earth which self-regulates Earth’s biosphere to make it a fit environment for the sustainment of all lifeforms.

Therefore Gaia or the Earth Goddess is a highly evolved spiritual Being and the Earth as a planet merely serves as her outer expression.

Just like our physical body is merely an outer expression of our Mind and Spirit.

Humans subconsciously know all these things already.

We’ve always known this cross-culturally around the world.

There are so many examples of humans personifying the Earth as an actual entity and the practice has been prolonged even straight into our modern times.

In classical astronomy and other scientific disciplines, the Earth is often referred to as “Terra” which has been derived directly from the name of the Ancient Roman Earth Goddess: Terra Mater (Or: “Mother Earth”)

But Earth personification wasn’t restricted to the classical Greeks and Romans but as I said before, it was common among all civilizations.

The English word “Earth” itself hails from Anglo-Saxon erda which means “Soil” and this word in turn has been derived from Old Norse Jörd whom was the Mother of Thor, the Sky-God and also the personification of Earth.

Just like Gaia from the Greeks gave birth to Uranus, Jörd also gave birth to the Sky, what a coincidence… huh?

The exact same “myth” can be found in the Vedic traditions of India where Mother Earth has been personified as Bhudevi or Bhumi (Soil).

And just like in Greek/Roman/Norse Mythology the connection with our protective atmosphere is made since Bhudevi is the wife of Dyaus Pita (“Father Sky”).

The same myth reaches the surface when we keep digging through the mythology well of different cultures.

The Biosphere

The Biosphere or literally “The Sphere of Life” is the worldwide collection of all ecosystems.

There are a few main components that make up our Biosphere, which are the Litosphere, Hydropshere and the Atmosphere.

The Litosphere comprises of Earth’s mechanic outer layer and it is divided into tectonic plates, I’d like to call this Gaia’s Body or the Soil.

However all Earth’s water including the seas, lakes and rivers are what we refer to as the Hydrosphere; or like the Greeks used to say… Pontus.

The Atmosphere is the layer of gases, known as air, that surrounds our entire planetary system.

It is retained by gravity and allows for life to exist on Earth by creating pressure that maintains liquid water to exist on Earth’s surface.

In other words Gaia gave birth to both Pontus and Uranus out of the necessity to facilitate the formation of life on this planet.

Since the Atmosphere or Uranus also absorbs solar radiation which warms the surface through heat retention which we nowadays call the Greenhouse gas effect.

In addition to that the Atmosphere also reduces temperature extremes between the day and night.

So that we don’t die horrible deaths due to extreme weather differences.

How benevolent Mother Earth and her Sons are!

Mother Earth or Gaia is obviously a self-regulating global ecological system which integrates all living beings and their relationships towards the elements of the different ecosystems.

She intelligently affects the stability of global temperatures, the saltiness of seawaters, oxygenic levels in the atmosphere, the maintenance of the hydrosphere and other variables that affect the continuation of life-supporting conditions on this planet.

The Earth does this all by itself.

Nobody is able to deny this and neither is anybody able to refute it.

The only thing you can possibly do is to ignore it but the fact of the matter remains the same.

The Earth is an intelligent planetary being with a highly evolved consciousness way beyond our narrow-minded human comprehension.

All lifeforms are part of this one single living hive-mind we refer to as OUR planet.

But it is not merely OUR planet it is literally US.

We’re made from this soil and we shall return back to it, whether we like it or not.

We’re all Earthbound Spirits karmically connected to this Planetary Being.

And not merely us humans but all things on this planet are a part of it.

Earth’s soil, vegetation, mountains, rivers, atmosphere, animals, minerals and microorganisms all play their part in the grand scheme of the globe.

Everything functions as one coordinated whole, each organism or element with it’s own definite function to make sure that life continues on this plane.

Earth’s life did not originate here and yet it can sustain life by providing water and an environment where organic molecules can interact with one another and eventually assemble.

In addition to that there are a huge plethora of different variables that contribute to the formation of life on Earth.

Like for example Earth’s exact distance from the Sun, a little bit closer or further away would either completely freeze the Earth into a rock solid ice ball or the other extreme it would scorch everything and turn this planet into Venus (462 degrees Celcius/864 degrees Fahrenheit).

The rate the Earth rotates also plays a huge part in the formation of life on this planet combined with it’s axial tilt, geological history, self-sustaining Atmosphere and Earth’s magnetic field.

All of these conditions for life are no mere coincidence, the chance is like 1 in a gazillion that this was all a coincidence.

A Planet that sustains itself through all of these intelligent conditions to exactly form life in this time and place is absurd.

And yet it has all happened even though when we look at the odds, it should have been impossible.

But then again…

It was never based on odds or coincidence since coincidence is nothing but an effect for which the cause remains Unseen.

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