The best exercise in the world to lose weight immediately!

Walking is the best exercise to lose weight

Are you tired of being a fat piece of shit?

I am going to assume you are and that you’re finally ready to begin a new adventure.

The adventure of being mean and lean.

A real healthy killing machine!

And this adventure is not going to involve eating green or clean.

That does not work for you!

You want something that is easy and efficient.

You need something easy that can be implemented right away.

And I got that little something for you available right now.

I do it everyday and you probably do it too!

The thing is that you probably don’t do it enough.

Not like me anyways.

Nevertheless the best exercise in the world to lose weight immediately is something you already do every single day.

I am talking about a beautiful and easy thing called “walking”.

“But I never lose weight and I walk a lot, this is bullshit!”

No, you’re not.

You’re not walking enough at all.

If you were then you wouldn’t be overweight.

It is really hard for our bodies to become fat or stay fat with constant movement.

One of the reasons that are our present day society is suffering from obesity is because we just sit too much.

Plain and simple.

We sit all day long.

Most people today work in offices where they sit for eight hours straight and not only that but they even sit on the way to their jobs. They take public transports or the car and sit for the entire journey towards the company they work at.

In addition to that most people take elevators and escalators nowadays instead of taking the plain old stairway.

Which is just laziness and mindless behavior if you ask me.

Walking is a beautiful thing but highly underrated nowadays as an exercise even within the fitness community.

Today we see fat people taking the car to the gym to walk for two hours on treadmills.

Which is the dumbest thing ever if you just open your eyes for a second and truly think about it…

A treadmill is the same goddamn thing as walking.

The thing is that walking outside in nature and the city is much better for your health than using a treadmill indoors.

Because walking out there in the world at least gives us obstacles to avoid and provides us with different types of terrain to tread upon. This provides the body with different levels of intensity. It also triggers the brain more than such a thing as mindless walking on a treadmill.

Just forget about artificial shit and go outside for a natural walk man.


How much should I walk?

Just walking is not enough of a tip for most people, so I’m going to get technical on this one.

Walking 10.000 steps a day should be your bare minimum.

Everything below 10.000 steps is just not enough to lose significant weight.

A 10.000 step walk can be done in one hour. You don’t even have to be idle while doing it.

You can go to the mall and shop while doing it but just walk man!

Walking 10.000 steps means you’ll burn approximately 400-500 calories which results in losing one pound a week easily.

Do this for 3 months straight and you’ve just lost 12 pounds.

You’ll be an entirely different person!

The thing is most people just do not have the willpower to do this.

They rather go home immediately after work to watch some Netflix instead of taking a nice brisk walk out in nature.

And I kind of get that because there isn’t much willpower left after working 8 hours.

So, let me give you a more optimal way to implement those 10.000 steps.


Wake up earlier

Just wake up an hour earlier than you normally would and walk during that time.

Wake up, drink some ice cold water and go for a nice morning walk. Grab some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of an early morning out in nature.

You can listen to audio-books, podcasts or music while doing it.

And if you have a dog take your dog out to walk for an hour, I’m sure he or she will definitely appreciate that!

Just do what you’ll have to do to lose that weight!

The beauty of early morning walking is that you’ll have the rest of the day to walk some extra steps.

For example you wake up at 6 am and get those 10.000 steps in.

Then you already will have burned 500 calories at 7 am in the morning. All those extra steps and every other form of exercise you’ll do in the remainder of the day is just a bonus on top of your 10.000 steps.

Do you even realize how good you’ll feel throughout your day?

It is such a beautiful thing to do.


Walk while being hungry

The power of being hungry is not something to be underestimated.

Hunger is a great driving force of nature and being hungry is a sign of losing weight.

This is why it is very powerful to walk early mornings on an empty stomach.

You’re body has no calories to burn and yet walking will MAKE it burn calories.

So, where do these calories come from? From your fat stores and reserves.

Walking on an empty stomach during the early mornings will completely change your body within a short amount of time.

Your body is literally going to melt away your excess fat in order to provide itself with energy during your walk.

And you won’t notice any of it, walking can barely be called an exercise and yet it is one of the best exercises out there.

It just takes a tiny amount of willpower and in exchange you’ll receive a tremendous amount of benefits.

Fasted walking will get you lean in no time.

People will be confused because they’ll have no idea how you did it.

“I never see you going to the gym or starve yourself… what’s your secret?”

And you’ll say there is no secret…

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