The Mind reflects what the Body injects

Marcus Aurelius Meditations Mind Thoughts Law of Attraction

The body and the mind are inherently connected. There is not a single bodily process going on, that does not affect the mind. Nevertheless we humans tend to live as if the mind doesn’t exist. We don’t even notice its… Continue Reading

Freeing yourself from your mind (The Power of Now with commentary)

The Power of Now book commentary on chapter 1 watching the thinker Eckhart Tolle

I was reading Eckhart Tolle’s International Bestseller and guide to Spiritual Enlightenment called “The Power of Now” recently. Openend the book again after a couple of years of not reading it. Decided to give it a quick read again… Yet,… Continue Reading

Satanic Verses: Evil Mental Concoctions from Non-Physical Entities

Evil thoughts bad thoughts addictions demons angels

Think about the amount of times in a day that you’re having absurd thoughts. Thoughts that seem out of place within the scope of your normal thought patterns. All humans are confronted every single day with ways of thinking that… Continue Reading

We are Creators created by the Creator

We are creators created by the creator

A majority of mankind live out very silly and lowly lives. Their entire lives amount to nothing but a meaningless jive, dedicated to the daily rat race and a worthless nine to five. Most modern day men have nothing worth… Continue Reading

M.I.N.D: Mentally Induced Negativity Disorder

Ego Mind Thought Present Moment Power of Now

You are possessed by negative thinking. As am I, as are we all. Human beings have merged with a collective mentality that produces forth nothing but negativity and negative behavior. If you truly “think” about it you’ll immediately grasp what… Continue Reading