Science is the NEW religion

Science is the NEW religion

Most people always think in poles of extreme opposites. Either this is correct and the other thing is incorrect. This is real and that is false. We are black and they are white. We are Christians and they are Muslims.… Continue Reading

The Fundamental Truth behind this Universe

The Reality Behind The Universe

For all physical things that exist in the universe there is one single thing about which we can be completely certain. There is one thing which makes all things the same. One thing which shows that all physical things have… Continue Reading

My collection of Faith: 10 things I believe in.

"The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding."

I have no religion. And yet I adhere to a lot of beliefs. Most of my beliefs can not be scientifically proven. Either you’ll understand the significance of my beliefs or you won’t. Therefore you should not ponder upon my… Continue Reading