Feminism: Imminent Destruction of the Nuclear Family

Feminism destroys the Traditional Nuclear Family

Feminism hasn’t always been the Satanic movement that it is today. In fact Feminism started off as a great movement. The oppression of women was a real thing in many parts of the world. However Feminism has never been just… Continue Reading

Become a Man with Iron Fists

How to become Alpha How to be more Masculine

We live in a world where everything has been turned upside down. The late 20th Century and the 21st Century are what I consider to be part of the Era of Ideological Subversion. In the past 100 years everything human… Continue Reading

The Natural World of Man

Men are hunters by nature

The natural world is not an ambiguous place. It is a vast land of hardship, cruelty and indifference. Without society a majority of people that are able to stay alive for decades today, would perish within a few weeks. Hell… Continue Reading

What is Masculinity?

Masculinity Masculine energy Alpha Male How to be masculine

Masculinity is the only thing that truly matters in this world, especially in this day and age. There would be no society without the power of masculinity. All great things would be completely absent from the world, where it not… Continue Reading