Homoism: The Rise of the Sodomites

Homoism The Rise of the Sodomites

They’re everywhere nowadays. In the streets, on our TV screens, billboards, movies, music or whatever… Every single direction I turn my gaze towards I’ll see them spreading their propagandic filth. These Sodomites are literally everywhere and how could they not… Continue Reading

Equality: Mental deception of the First Order

Equality does not exist. Equality is a hoax. Everybody is equal?

Government state-funded propaganda is the greatest tool of ideological subversion in the 21st Century. The governments of the Western world use many different forms of Media in order to wage psychological warfare on the Western mind. They’re waging this war… Continue Reading

Introduction: War on the Western Mind

Media Propaganda is real Fake News

There is a war going on, and it has been going on for quite some time. Right here under our noses, it is right there in plain sight. A war that is being waged upon us, it is there day… Continue Reading