Why you should NEVER masturbate

Why you should never masturbate

Masturbation is for losers, plain and simple. It is one of the greatest causes of failure in modern day men and yet society acts as if it is a normal thing to do. Masturbation is the number one destroyer of… Continue Reading

Learn how to Fight

Every man should learn how to fight

Every man should know how to fight. In the past every father taught his son some basic martial skills. This happened cross-culturally throughout the world, martial ambitions and fighting capabilities were always passed down from generation to generation. If your… Continue Reading

Become a Man with Iron Fists

How to become Alpha How to be more Masculine

We live in a world where everything has been turned upside down. The late 20th Century and the 21st Century are what I consider to be part of the Era of Ideological Subversion. In the past 100 years everything human… Continue Reading