Homoism: The Rise of the Sodomites

Homoism The Rise of the Sodomites

They’re everywhere nowadays. In the streets, on our TV screens, billboards, movies, music or whatever… Every single direction I turn my gaze towards I’ll see them spreading their propagandic filth. These Sodomites are literally everywhere and how could they not… Continue Reading

Transgenderism: The Personification of an Emasculated Culture

Transgenderism The Personification of an Emasculated Culture

When I grew up there was no such thing as Transgenders. There was no talk or a single mention of it anywhere, I never encountered a man looking like a woman. Also, I’m in my twenties… so it wasn’t really… Continue Reading

Sexual Degeneracy: The Widespread Consequences of Mental Perversion

Music industry sells you sex

Let’s face it… We’re all a bunch of fucking perverts. We’ve been collectively brainwashed into believing that sex is just a casual thing. The devastating effects of uncontrolled sex with many different partners are NOT to be underestimated. Sex is… Continue Reading