God is the Embodiment of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss

The explanation of God's attributes in Hinduism and Vedanta

God is a matter of endless debate because the word itself carries all sorts of heavy and confusing thought patterns with it. Often men are unable to truly differentiate between the word God in general and all the ignorant barbarism… Continue Reading

A philosophical conversation with Lord Krishna

Bhagavad Gita Soul Death Life Reincarnation Liberation

Krishna is the archetypal mythological divine personality. Humans throughout their history have been questioning their own origins for a really long time now. Because of this endless questioning and philosophical inquiring, mankind created countless of these similar divine personalities. Divine… Continue Reading

Hinduism: From Warrior Culture to Soy Boy Heritage

Hinduism and Eating Meat

In Ancient India during the Vedic Age, almost everyone ate cows. Cattle was considered as the main source of wealth in all ancient Indo-European cultures. And in Vedic culture sacrificing animals especially cows, were one of the main practices if… Continue Reading