God is Omnipotent (All-Powerful)

God is all-powerful, almighty, omnipotent

God is able to do all possible things. Able to do all possible things. All possible things… God’s Almighty power is often misunderstood by people from all walks of life, classes and different groups from within human society. Everywhere cross-culturally… Continue Reading

One Humanity, Many Languages; One Divinity, Many Religions

One Truth One God One Humanity

The Truth behind all religions is basically the same. Religions are like languages, they have been cross-culturally designed to convey and physically translate thought patterns that float around in the Human Psyche. The differences between human languages actually inspires curiosity… Continue Reading

The Lord God has a Body

God's Physical Form

Just like everything else in existence, God has a flesh and bone body which can be seen by the naked eye. Well, not flesh and bones exactly and yet exactly like that! The eternal notion that we can’t see God… Continue Reading

Creation: A Never Ending Cycle of Divine Manifestation

God Being Nature Creator Multiverse Demiurge

This is not the first creation, let’s make that perfectly clear. And how could it be? If we logically think about it then everyone is bound to come to the same conclusion. Even the most devout religious people might often… Continue Reading