The Alpha Male Self

Every man is an alpha male by nature

Deep within the essence of man there exists a being that is continuously fighting for power. A being that is continuously working to reach the surface of man’s chaotic and intertwined psyche. A being that wants to make itself known… Continue Reading

Become a Man with Iron Fists

How to become Alpha How to be more Masculine

We live in a world where everything has been turned upside down. The late 20th Century and the 21st Century are what I consider to be part of the Era of Ideological Subversion. In the past 100 years everything human… Continue Reading

What is Masculinity?

Masculinity Masculine energy Alpha Male How to be masculine

Masculinity is the only thing that truly matters in this world, especially in this day and age. There would be no society without the power of masculinity. All great things would be completely absent from the world, where it not… Continue Reading