Simulated Reality: The Distortion of Divinity

The Universe is a Computer Simulation Matrix

Believing in a Divine Creator is no longer popular.

It is the most logical conclusion any Human Being can come to and yet due to a bad history of religious bloodshed most Westerners nowadays refuse and fight against this conclusion with all they’ve got.

They can’t see the truth any longer for what it is.

People rather entertain the thought that everything is at random and that nothing has ever been designed by an Intelligent Higher Mind.

All natural occurrences in the end bottle down to pure chance and nothing in particular.

This however is a very foolish and a downright stupid way of perceiving something as grand and mystical as the Universe is.

Even modern liberal scientist can’t deny the fact that nothing comes from nothing and that everything must have something as a cause.

This Universe did not originate by chance, that is not what scientists believe at all even though the masses of sheep believe it.

But that is why they’re called sheep, they believe whatever the ruling establishment tells them.

In previous times the ruling establishments believed in God and the Church, so the people did as well.

Nowadays the ruling establishments have deceived us and give us an atheistic narrative based on material lust and pleasure.

But this is just to fool you, barely any scientist is a true atheistic materialist at heart.

Most scientists are in fact simulationists.

They believe in the Quantum Universe.

They believe in Eternal Energy which has been an established science since the days of Albert Einstein.

Meanwhile they’ve persuaded the masses that matter is all there is.

But not any longer, the masses are waking up with the advent of the Internet and free information.

So, the scientists are adapting to changing worldviews.

Now they’ve openly become less materialistic and most people realize that science isn’t as concerned with physical matter as most people would love to believe.

Most people have been deceived.

We’ve known that there is way more to the Universe than just matter.

Top mainstream scientists no longer talk about matter, only the foolish population does.

Scientists actually believe in God but they refuse to tell you openly.

Therefore Science is the mainstream religion of our day.

And their main doctrine is that the world is a Matrix.

The Simulation Theory

Scientists nowadays believe that the Universe is a simulation.

It is not really physical reality but a mere illusion, a veil drawn over our eyes.

Everything is just based on molecules, atoms and small energetic particles which we can’t trace back to any particular origin whatsoever.

We just know that it was always there.

Energy can’t be destroyed but only converted into something else.

Therefore the Universe is a simulation, it is not real and yet physically very real at the same time.

Because we are a part of the simulation, we experience it as base reality.

But it is not base reality but a world that is part of innumerable worlds and dimensions beyond any human comprehension.

Scientists believe that there was once a base reality wherein there was a civilization that became so technologically advanced that they were able to create entire realities within computer simulations.

In the same way we create open world video games nowadays.

So, according to most scientists we live in a simulated reality which is only mirroring a true base reality which we’ve lost contact with a long time ago.

We’re now trapped in a simulation that has been cut off from the base reality wherein dwell true advanced beings that created our reality.

My friends… how different is this from religion?

How different is this from a Divine Creator Deity that decided to create a reality from scratch in the so-called “beginning”?

“In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the Earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters….”
– Genesis 1: 1-2

We all know the famous first verse of Genesis, whether we are Christians or not…

Everybody knows the famous beginning of the Bible whether you heard it in Church, on TV or in School.

We all know Genesis 1:1…

In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth…

My friends, just replace the word God with “The Great Simulator” or “The Advanced Beings” and replace the word created with Simulated, and you’ll have the exact same truth.

The exact same truth!

Science draws the same conclusions as religions do, only the words are different but the concepts are always the same.

Nothing pops out of nothing.

Because this reality exists, a fundamental base reality HAS to exist or this one wouldn’t be.

Something has to be eternally there just for our reality to seemingly pop out of nothing.

I hear it all the time: “What if we are in a computer simulation? Just like the Matrix…”

My friend, have you been sleeping for your entire life until now?

We already knew this tens of thousands of years ago, the world is a simulation, it is a creation, it is an emanation, it is a manifestation and it has been designed by an intelligent designer.

Yes, an advanced scientific Being with knowledge beyond our comprehension.

And this advanced Being with knowledge of all mathematics and sciences is what we call GOD.

You just fear the word because you’re ignorant.


How many times do you need to be reminded? How many times do you need to be told? How many more stories do you need? How many scientific studies do you need to understand?

There is a Creator, a Great Simulator and His name is GOD.

That is what we have named Him unanimously throughout this world, and we’ve known Him as a race collectively for a very long time.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.
– Genesis 1: 3

What happens when you switch on the Light? You become conscious of your surroundings.

When the Great Simulator switched on the Light in His Simulation it meant that He injected His own Consciousness into the Program.

This is what “Let there be light” means, God wanted to see for Himself what Physical Creation means.

Simulator and Simulation become One and the Same.

The One becomes Many

This is the illusion of the Matrix.

It makes us believe to be individuals even though we’re all part of One Universe and One Simulated Reality.

Doesn’t that mean by default that we are all One and the Same?

Of course it does, despite what you materialistic apes want to believe.

On the one hand the materialists reject God and all talk of Spiritual Unity and on the other hand they wholeheartedly believe in a Simulator that created the Matrix in which we now live and have our Being.

It is the same age old religious conception of Divine Unity and our Origins Being with God.

It is no different in any way.

God becomes His creation and divides Himself into different roles.

He becomes the Generator – Orchestrator and Destroyer (G.O.D.).

And from these divided roles His simulation becomes manifold and beautiful.

While it seems there must have been innumerable powers at hand in the Universe, in the end there is only One.

The One that became Many, so-many that we’ve entertained all these strange ideas of computer simulations and Advanced Scientific Beings that have written the Code behind this Matrix.

Life often seems Fated because it Has been Simulated by One Higher Mind.

Whom we call The Great Scientist or The Great Simulator.

The Great Programmer behind the Screens of this Computerized Matrix.

In Ancient Times they just called Him “The Creator”.

And He wrote the Code for the Simulation which we experience as a Creation.

It doesn’t matter what words you use, I hope I’ve made that clear by now.

It is all the same.

Science and Religion are not different things, they both in the end draw the same conclusions like all religions do.

They just use different Words, Names and Languages to translate the Abstract Thoughts behind the Matter.

It is a mere distortion of Words than an actual Change in Reality.

Whether we live in a organic Universe with a Creator Spirit or in a Computer Simulated Matrix with a Simulator Spirit; there is a Spirit behind all constructs nonetheless.

And whether you call it Spirit or Consciousness doesn’t matter, the fact of the Matter is always the same.

The conclusion is the same and therefore the game is the same.

The only thing that is subject to change is the game’s name.

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