Sexual Degeneracy: The Widespread Consequences of Mental Perversion

Let’s face it…

We’re all a bunch of fucking perverts.

We’ve been collectively brainwashed into believing that sex is just a casual thing.

The devastating effects of uncontrolled sex with many different partners are NOT to be underestimated.

Sex is one of the most powerful things that occurs in a man’s life.

Basically everything you do boils down to the moment of sexual release.

Procreation is the crux of natural existence.

However the sexual mechanisms for procreation are being used against us in this day and age by the Globalist Elites to divert our attention away from issues that really matter.

The average teenage/young adult boy of the 21st Century spends a huge part of his youthful years chasing tail.

Most teenage/young adult boys who are in the prime of their lives and at the height of their masculine vitality throw all their energy and time away, trying to get laid with sluts.

In the prime of their lives they should have been creating, training, learning, crafting, discovering and producing.

But all they want to do is releasing.

They want to release their vital energy inside of stupid little teenage girls.

And throughout my teenage years I was exactly like those I refer to as “they”.

I was not anything special as a teenage boy, I was just as mentally deceived as the rest of my peers.

Nowadays I just see the things for what they truly are…

Our society has been intoxicated with mental perversions that rob the population of all reason and morality.

When you put on the Television all you can see is sex, it doesn’t matter what time it is.

Even children’s TV Shows nowadays are highly sex orientated.

The fact that most people do not notice this is because we’re already too far gone.

We assume sex to be a very normal and casual thing.

But it’s not and human beings are the only species that treats sexual intercourse casually, like an everyday activity.

Literally all animals only have sex during mating season in order to procreate.

Human beings are the only ones that abuse and misuse the act of sex.

And it is not our fault, we did not use to be like this.

Modern man assumes that all previous generations responded in exactly the same way to mental stimulation as we nowadays do.

This is a myth however.

Human beings always treated sex as something sacred cross-culturally throughout the world.

Now we consider it to be a normal thing to have had 20 different partners before we actually settle down for marriage and children.

This is a crazy world.

Most people do not realize that they are the products (accidents) of lustful behavior.

No wonder so many people are getting divorced.

Most couples nowadays aren’t meant to be together but still are because of the obligatory responsibility that resulted from them having unprotected sex out of lust instead of love.

Abortions are considered part of every woman’s rights, which is absolutely ridiculous.

It is merely an excuse to have unprotected sex with many different men and to behave like filth.

However both men and women are to be blamed for the consequences of their lustful actions.

Do you know who is not to be blamed?

Unborn children which are slaughtered by the masses every day by perverted women that cannot keep their legs closed.

And it will only get worse…

Our mental perversion has just started.

Pornography, widespread sexuality and nakedness on Television and in Music, Birth Control and all these other tools to promote lustful behavior have only existed for less than a 100 years.

We haven’t been indoctrinated for that long and therefore the mental perversion will only become stronger.

People will become more and more lustful by the generations.

This is because the entire society nowadays and the online virtual world are specifically so-designed to mentally pervert you.

Every single thing in modern society is stacked against your natural sense of sexuality.

It is not a coincidence that in all previous era’s of human existence perversions like homosexuality and pedophilia were only minor occurrences.

Nowadays there is a faggot sodomite on every corner of the street and a pedophile in every place where people meet.

The Trinity of Lust

#1 Pornography

Pornography is huge.

Bigger than any other industry out there.

The Internet is so saturated with porn that you can barely type in certain every day words without stumbling upon pornographic websites or images.

And it is almost ALL free!

Who pays for this shit?

And where do all these porn actors come from? Who pays for their bills if almost all the content they make ends up being streamed on the Internet for not a single cent of profit…

Who is willing to invest in this shit and for what reason if it doesn’t really accumulate profit?

Well, let me tell you something…

Pornography is free because of the Globalist Elites.

Those wealthy people that literally control all the big corporations, banks and Fortune 500 companies.

They are behind every single industry out there.

In order to keep a steady population of mindless consumers they invented pornography.

Kings and rulers always knew that men will not rise against injustices, poverty or oppression if they are being pacified with beautiful women.

And the funny thing is, they don’t even have to provide real beautiful women anymore.

Pixels on a screen will do just fine.

#2 Music

The other big weapon of lustful control is music.

The Globalists induce serious amounts of lust into the population through subliminal sexuality hidden in every day songs.

Just watch a music video clip on MTV and tell me I’m wrong.

Sexuality is present in almost all music.

Even when songs have nothing to do with sexuality, still the female artists are dressed up like strippers or red light district employees.

Look at Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna etc.

Do any of these women actually look like normal women?

Why are they all dressed and acting up like a bunch of glorified prostitutes?

It is because the Globalist Elites believe that women are fucking worthless tools to be used in order to subdue the male population.

They believe that eventually all women will become exactly like these celebrities that they worship.

Self-sufficient single ladies that are having casual sex with as many men as possible and abortions left, right and center.

And they’re not wrong…

Many women indeed are becoming exactly like these glorified sluts, only without the financial glory…

And most women today are exactly that… self-glorified sluts.

On the other hand most men are degenerate emasculated perverts for exactly the same reason.

Listening to filthy music from all these degenerate fucking rappers.

If you listen to modern-day music you’ll become a lustful emotionally unstable degenerate.

This is how they ideologically subvert you away from what is really going on in the world.

All you can think about is partying and having sex, meanwhile they’re passing laws that take away your money, privacy and human rights.

And that is all there is to it.

#3 Hollywood Movie Industry

Whether you watch a lot of movies, binge-watch TV-Shows or simply watch daily Television.

It is all primed to turn your brain into a complete state of perversion.

Television Shows and Movies are primed to turn you into a sexual degenerate.

That is why it is always about sex in the end.

Movies and TV Shows are always about cheating, having multiple partners, women and men sleeping around and especially homosexuality.

Hollywood is designed to normalize sex in society.

Even Disney is saturated with sex and children are being subconsciously programmed with sexual desire from the earliest ages.

It is all part of the plan to mentally pervert the human population and to turn people into mindless sex addicts.

Conclusion of the Story

Whatever you do with the pieces of obvious information about reality that I’ve given you is up to you.

Whether you keep on watching pornography, listening to modern day music or watch dumb TV Shows/Movies…

It is your life and only you have the power of control over it.

The right thing to do however seems fairly obvious.

By cutting out all the unnecessary perverted bullshit out of your life, you’ll have mercy on your children and their descendants.

They won’t have to discover the fact that they’ve been brainwashed all of their lives like you do.

You can hand them the key out of this insanity but only if you’ll learn how to open the door yourself.

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