Science is the NEW religion

Most people always think in poles of extreme opposites.

Either this is correct and the other thing is incorrect.

This is real and that is false.

We are black and they are white.

We are Christians and they are Muslims.

We are scientific and they are superstitious.

But the world is far from black and white.

All highly intelligent lifeforms know that there is synchronicity between all things in the universe and that one thing cannot be without the other.

Science can’t exist without religious belief in it.

It will not work.

Science requires faith just like any other religion.

The people have outsourced the truth

What did the people in the Middle Ages do?

They outsourced all of their beliefs to the church, they refused to think for themselves because there was simply no time.

They had to farm the land, feed the community and pay their taxes to feudal lords.

Life was too harsh back then so most of the people simply had no time for intellectual endeavors.

They had no time to philosophize about life and to truly think for themselves.

There was no time for self-development or education.

Today we have plenty of time but most people haven’t changed since the dark ages at all.

They are still outsourcing their beliefs to external entities.

Only nowadays they call their external sources of truth just by different names.

The dynamics are exactly the same.

Nowadays instead of “Holy Father” they say “Doctor”.

Instead of “but the Bible says…”, they’ll say studies have shown..”.

It makes no difference, the results are the same.

Blind belief is still at the order of day.

The people are still outsourcing all of their beliefs to external forces.

They’ll belief everything that science tells them!

If they’re trying to convince you that something is true in Britain then they’ll show you a study done in China, even though they’re two completely different regions in the world.

And the study is probably done on lab rats but they’ll apply it to human beings on the other side of the globe.

Do you realize this insanity?

This is what science does, it breaks common sense in the same way the Church did in the past.

Destroying the common sense of the people so that you can preserve your power over them.

This is what happens when you outsource ALL of your knowledge and beliefs to external entities.

You become ignorant, docile and intolerant of other opinions.

The most devout religious fanatics of the past are the same people that have become ultra-materialistic scientific atheists today.

There is no difference between these groups of people, they are two exact opposites on the same spectrum.

They are like black and white, opposites and yet both are considered colors.

When you deny a scientific study or something present-day science unanimously agrees upon then they’ll call you ignorant.

“Do you deny this scientific study? It has already been proven correct on 400 test subjects.”

Sounds a lot like….

“Do you deny this verse of the Bible? It has already been proven to be authentic by 400 Evangelical scholars.”

This is the stupidity of ultra-scientific people, they don’t realize that they are in the exact same category as those they would love to criticize the most: the religious people.

Isn’t that always the case with rivals?

They never look outside of their own spectrum for the truth.

The truth only lies within their framework.

Either black people are right or white people are.

Either Christians are or Muslims are.

Either republicans or democrats.

Either science or religion.

This is what they’re doing.

It is sheer ignorance and shows that you can’t think for yourself.

You have lost all forms of independent reason.

Science is not about truth but profit

Scientific people believe that science has their best interests at heart.

They believe that science is for the advancement of humanity.

But that’s not the case, not at all.

Science is for the advancement of the rich and wealthy.

The powerful multinational companies that sell consumer products, they profit from scientific endeavors.

In the same way that the church made profits on people’s belief in the afterlife.

Everything is designed by companies and banks to make money on people’s beliefs in science.

Science is funded with financial interests.

The common person thinks that science is done all day long by scientists who have a love of discovering new things.

That is not the case.

Scientists and University professors need to eat as well.

If they dedicate all their lives to whatever they want to study then there would be no money.

Because nobody is going to pay a scientist just to have some knowledge.

Most people won’t even spend 20 dollars on a book.

Before any true study or scientific experiment takes place, investments have to be made by external companies who are willing to fund the research.

And companies are only willing to fund a research if they can multiply their investments through the results, otherwise its just wasted money.

We live in a capitalist society and so nothing takes place without money at heart.

If they tell you a certain food is good for you, then that is because there is a surplus of that specific food (a good harvest) and they can produce it on a large scale for a low price.

If they tell you two years later that, that exact same food is not that good as they initially thought then that means there is probably a bad harvest.

They can’t sell the food on a large scale so they’ll downgrade its nutritional value in the minds of the people.

This is how modern day science works.

If there is a profit to be made from a product then there are lots of studies endorsing it.

If there is no profit to be made then there are only a few obscure studies available.

Therefore science is not objective truth.

It is subject to constant change.

It always changes with the lucrative opportunities that are at hand.

Things that we all consider as mainstream science will be completely something else within 10 years from now.

Studies are constantly outdated or disproved but they won’t tell you that in the media.

They know the common person gets all his scientific knowledge from TV, Social Media or from hearsay.

They know that the common person doesn’t actually read anything of significance.

They don’t actually read or contemplate upon the studies, they just heard from somebody else that the studies were done.

They just heard that Jesus was the son of God, but they actually never read any of the gospels themselves to understand exactly what that means.

They just heard the Church talk about going to Heaven or Hell, but they actually never read anything about it themselves. (There is no heaven or hell in the bible, they’re both metaphors)

They just believed it blindly.

They just heard the doctor say that cholesterol is bad for them, but they actually never read anything about cholesterol themselves.

They just belief it blindly.

Trial and Error

The ONLY way to learn anything is through trial and error.

It is by trying out and applying whatever you belief in for yourself.

Stop relying on your doctor for your health.

That is dumb when you realize that doctors make tons of money.

Don’t rely on the church for your salvation.

That is dumb when you see all the gold these priests are wearing.

Money runs the world and if there is no money to be made then the science is not available.

The truth can only be experienced through trial and error.

No amount of books can ever explain the truth exactly.

You always have to try it out for yourself and experience whether the facts are true or not.

Life is about experience and every individual experiences life from a different framework, a different body and a different mind.

What is true for you can be false for another.

What is good for your body can be bad for another.

Never rely on science for your health and well-being, they just want you to buy stuff.

Never rely on a church for your salvation and spirituality, they just want you to donate stuff.

Stop relying on external factors to form your opinions.

Don’t rely on others to do your thinking but create your own vision.

Stop being a blind believer because science is the new religion.

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