Satanic Verses: Evil Mental Concoctions from Non-Physical Entities

Think about the amount of times in a day that you’re having absurd thoughts.

Thoughts that seem out of place within the scope of your normal thought patterns.

All humans are confronted every single day with ways of thinking that don’t really fit their own narrative.

Most of these thoughts are induced by the mental prison we call society.

They are thoughts manifested inside of us because of external events that take place in the physical world.

However these are not the thoughts I’m talking about.

I’m talking about really bad ways of thinking…

Homicidal tendencies, warmongering, rape fantasies, thievery, pedophilia, homosexuality and all other cravings for evil behavior.

All men suffer from evil thoughts, it depends on the person’s character and environment which kind of thoughts there are.

I suffer from violent thoughts everyday.

There is not a day that goes by in which I haven’t had thoughts about beating people up.

If thinking about bad stuff was illegal, I would have gotten the electric chair a long time ago.

But it’s not, since even the purest of beings suffer from evil thoughts.

Jesus went fasting in the desert for 40 days in order to overcome his evil tendencies during which he was fiercely tempted by you can guess… the devil himself.

A fun exercise: 1. Replace the word Devil with “Evil” and the word angels with “Good”.

The prophets of old all suffered from evil thoughts, read the Bible.. or any other holy scripture of your personal preference and the truth will be the same.

We all have evil thoughts, every single one of us.

But the difference between good and evil is merely implementation.

Evil you are when your deeds are evil, not your thoughts.

Good you are when your actions are good, not your thoughts.

*Excuse my cryptic writing, felt like Yoda for a moment

We can contemplate upon helping the whole world out of poverty but as long as you didn’t do anything to actually improve the financial state of poor people, then you really haven’t done anything at all!

Actions are proof of a person’s true character, not thoughts nor words.

Therefore know that all evil tendencies that occur within each of us are not real personal preferences.

They are induced by either two things:

  1. The External Physical World we call the Matrix
  2. The World of Non-Physical entities (i.e. other dimensions of our strange existence)

Pure evil thoughts without any physical incentive are from the World of Non-Physical entities.

If you are a young little man lying in bed at night and all of a sudden you have the intense urge to masturbate and watch pornography without having experienced something which is actually sexually stimulating, then know that the thought is directly from Evil entities.

The thought is from Satan.

It comes out of nowhere and takes over your entire conscious experience of the world around you.

Now all of a sudden all you can think about is watching filthy porn and masturbating.

Same goes for people when they’re drunk.

They always say that alcohol actually changes a person’s character and turns them into somebody else when they’re really drunk.

This however is not the case, they’re not somebody else.

They’re the same body… and they’ll be the same old person again the next day when sober.

However when drunk, people change… or so it seems.

The fact of the matter is not change of character, but it is grand theft character.

They’re possessed by an non-physical entity without realizing it.

When you’re truly drunk then all portals of your mental security system open themselves up.

There is no warning anymore, the thoughts do not simply appear out of nowhere and then fade away after a while.

This is not how the mind works when drunk because it doesn’t work at all…

The Otherworld is operating through drunk people without us noticing it.

The World of Non-Physical entities.

That is why drunk people do stuff they wouldn’t normally do.

They aren’t 100% themselves anymore because they share their mind with countless other entities for a while.

We always do in fact but once you’re drunk, you can’t control your thinking anymore.

You’re on auto-pilot and evil spirits are acting through you.

That is why after a drunken night, there is always a huge amount of guilt and remorse.

Another shameful stupid night, dancing with Satan and his wives.

I used to be drunk all the time.

Friday, Saturday and sometimes even Sunday night.

And literally every horrible situation in which I truly did something messed up during my life, was when I was drunk.

And this goes for everyone.

Just check out the data…

All nightlife crime is alcohol induced.

All fights in the nightclub are due to alcohol.

Most men nowadays are pussies, they don’t fight.

But when drunk everybody thinks they’re Iron Mike.

And when drunk most men beat their wives.

Almost all domestic violence is caused by alcoholic husbands and fathers.


Is it the alcohol? Does alcohol make people evil?

No, it only alters your mind…

That is all alcohol does, it altars your mind.

It takes off the safety bar.

It opens the portals of satanic war.

The demons come in and all of a sudden you’re shooting up a bar.

This is not an article about alcohol induced crimes.

What I’m trying to say is that at the end of the day, your thoughts are not always your own.

We as human beings have to safeguard ourselves against the World of Evil Thoughts.

Because there is a realm out there that influences humanity in a very negative way.

Whether you call this negative realm the world of Jinn (Islam), Satan’s Kingdom or the World of Asuras (Vedic/Buddhist).

All ancient religions and philosophies have a similair concept and talk of a realm that twists and turns humanity’s psyche in a way that it loves evil behavior.

All psychopatic tendencies come from this realm.

And all physical evil that manifests itself in this world, has already been designed as a blueprint in the non-physical world.

The Angelic Realm

Angels are not cute winged humanoid beings, living on the physical clouds of our Earth’s sky.

Angels are everywhere.

In India they’re called Devas, in Arabia they’re referred to as the Mala’íka.

Without Angels the world couldn’t exist.

They are the base of our energetic reality.

All natural elements and phenomena are physical manifestations of Angelic Beings from the Non-Physical World.

There are even Angels in your body.

The materialists of the 21st Century, refer to the body’s natural processes to keep itself in a healthy equilibrium as Homeostasis.

But I rather refer to it as Angeleostasis since we personally never do anything to keep the body alive except consuming.

Or are you consciously pumping your heart in order to supply the body with a continuous blood-flow?

Are you consciously sending electric signals to your brain in order to move?

Are you pumping acid into your stomach to break down the food and derive nutrients from your last meal?

The answer to all the above things is NO and I’ve only mentioned 3 processes out of a thousand bodily processes that go on every single day of your life.

Processes about which you literally never have to consciously think in order for them to actually take place, right?

But they all keep occurring day after day after day after day.

This is because the body is made up of millions of conscious beings who all partake in the grand scheme of things.

Every hair on your head has a life of it’s own.

Every organ is a life-form with it’s own consciousness and purpose in life, the consciousness behind every cell of your body is what we refer to as an Angel.

What does all this Angel-talk have to do with having evil thoughts you might think…

Well, literally everything.

It indicates that the opposite of evil induced thinking also exists and that purely good thoughts are coming through from the other side as well.

This is what we call Revelation.

Prophets and Saints of the past didn’t exclusively think good thoughts but their good thoughts were the only ones they hearkened to.

They ignored all evil and implemented only the good.

We all have Revelations from the Divine Realm throughout our daily lives, but most people ignore these Revelations all the time.

Including me, I’m not a Saint because I talk of Saintly things. I have only been blessed with an awareness of things.

And I am aware of the fact that our thoughts are not our own.

They are either from Angelic Beings or Satanic Beings, the thoughts which are your own are always of a neutral quality.

Nobody is purely good or evil but we all have states of purely good and purely evil thoughts, day in and day out.

One is revelation or in layman’s terms “Intuition”.

The other is a Satanic whisper.

An unclear suggestion to do evil.

All we have to do is ignore these evil suggestions and start acting on good revelations.

In this way we return to the path that the Sages of the past have set out for us.

The path towards a higher state of conscious thinking.

Purify the mind means Purifying life, because as the Ancients used to say in the Good Old days of Occult Egypt:

“The ALL is Mind; The Universal is Mental”


As the good book of the Christians says:

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. “

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