Red Dead Redemption 2: The Ultimate Game for Men

Dutch van der Linde only the feeblest of men take jobs in the government

Red Dead Redemtpion 2 is possibly the best game ever made on the face of this Earth.

It is in my opinion at least.

The game has been received so very well by the masses of men, that even shows like South Park dedicated a few episodes to it.

The irony behind it all is hilarious and South Park really hit the nail on the head.

In the episode there is this police detective called Harrison Yates that ignores his entire reality of being a detective. He is bored of his job and keeps trying to get home earlier so he can rob banks,trains and stagecoaches in Red Dead Redemption 2.

It is obvious why South Park chose an officer of the law as the main protagonist for this episode.

They did it to show the absurdity of our modern day reality.

Here we live in a world that is more feminized and saver than ever. A society wherein men are no longer self-sufficient warriors and hunters, but mere puppets and office workers for the government, banks and multinational corporations.

And yet at the exact same time all of these men love playing games like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Is that because of the insane graphics this game has to offer?

Probably not, graphics keep improving all the time.

Every year the quality of graphics in games, movies and all other forms of visual media keeps getting better and better.

Are men attracted en masse to games like Red Dead Redemption 2 because of the amazing story lines?

No, all things great are due to amazing story lines and many games have very profound stories. In this case Red Dead is not anything different.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is great because of the immense scope of freedom it offers men.

It offers men to experience their primal nature as self-sufficient hunters and warriors again.

It is the totality of all possibilities in which this game can play out, which gives it the meat men so viciously crave.

There are so many awesome game mechanics that offer the player, the freedom to do whatever they want and whenever they want.

Men have always loved freedom and they seek it everywhere even within the Universe of virtual reality.

Even the story itself represents a struggle between freedom and submission.

The game’s story revolves around a man called Dutch Van der Linde a notorious gang leader in the final days of the Wild West.

It is 1899 and the United States government has annexed almost all the lands from the East coast of America to the West.

Dutch realized that the coming of civilization to the West would mean the end of his freedom and so he resisted it through his ideology of liberty. He dreamed of living an independent existence of any form of government.

“Only the feeblest of men take jobs in the government.”

– Dutch Van der Linde

Every man can relate to this.

We all want the freedom to do whatever we want and whenever we want.

We do not want a government to tell us what to do.

That is why most people despise police officers, they are the governments physical representation.

Well let me tell you something..

We can all have this freedom we so desperately want.

We don’t have to play Red Dead just to experience this freedom.

Games like this should inspire you to carve your own path out in the real world.

Not through violence, this is a child’s understanding of the plot behind movies and games.

But through the characters that are portrayed and their development throughout the stories.

The characters we play in video games are always representations of our own character.

We are the embodiment of these characters.

We are the hero’s of our own game experience.

The characters themselves are just archetypes but we are the spirits that bring them to life.

We project our own characters upon the character of the game in order to experience the freedom of another reality.

However we can exercise the same freedom we enjoy with our characters in real life and in the real world.

We do not have to take jobs in the government, only the feeblest of men do.

In 2019 the possibilities to enjoy freedom are more widespread than ever.

You can learn all things on the Internet, master a craft, start a business and become self-sufficient.

It is now more easier than ever to travel the world, settle anywhere you want and build a thriving online business while you are at it.

You don’t have to rob trains like Dutch Van der Linde but you can uphold his dreams of freedom and self-sufficiency.

These are divine qualities that are inherent in all men.

We are all free men by nature but society has indoctrinated you with illusions of money, laws, taxes, rulers, religions,borders, nations, and obedience.

This indoctrination already starts before you even enter the school system.

Since birth you have been raised to believe in all sorts of things that you have to do or else…

Get a good education, get a good job, get a mortgage and work until you are retired. Then when you are already too old,weak and sick from all the years of bad eating, bad sleeping and long days of dreadful work.

Then and only then you can enjoy your freedom.

But by then you won’t even like it anymore because all the desire for freedom has been drained from your being.

You’ll sit out your days rotting in front of the TV, devoid of all passion and desire for life.

Counting out your remaining days with a nagging wife.

There you go, your life in a nutshell.

It is an absolute living hell.

Don’t you think it is time we got a hold of our freedom again?



Reload your gun

It is time your start shooting again.

Stop working on a ranch boy.

Stop milking cows and herding sheep for a small paycheck.

Stop taking these government jobs and stop serving these big corporations as a paycheck slave.

Create your own destiny and make your own money.

Reload your gun and start robbing a fucking stage.

Jobs are merely there just to save up some money, just like Dutch and his boys hoard all the dollars they can find, until they can eventually pull off a big job like the trains and banks.

As an advocate for liberty I recommend all men to take on the Red Dead lifestyle.

The pursuit of liberty wherever and whenever you want.

Spend your time creating a business, community or to learn a craft.

Stop feeding these leeches in the government, banks and corporations.


It takes the same amount of time

Most people remain in jobs for the rest of their lives.

They subconsciously believe that learning a new craft or creating a business is too hard and time consuming.

So they choose the comfortable way and rather stay in the same old lane for the rest of their lives.

Keep working for the same boss, the same paycheck and the same company.

They believe that working at the same job for the rest of their lives is the easiest and safest road.

But it is the easiest road to regret and a boring mediocre life.

We have to keep growing and we have to keep pursuing the liberty that will come when we do whatever we really want to do.

This is the key to happiness.

It is constant growth.

When you’re in a job that you don’t like, you’re not really doing anything and when you’re not doing anything than you’ll get bored.

This is where depression kicks in.

This is where the midlife crisis kicks in.

And this is the road that for most people will lead to an untimely death because of diseases like cancer and diabetes also kicking in.

You do not want to walk down this path that so many have already threaded before you.

Open your eyes and just see reality for what it is.

Jobs will never satisfy you.

You will only ever truly be happy when you are doing what you really want to do.

And if you are actually doing what you want to do then you’ll soon start to realize that, it takes the same amount of time.

Money will always be there, it goes around and it comes around.

In a job you will always chase money but it will never remain in your hands.

So you’ll have to stick with the job.

Or you can just start now and learn a craft from the Internet.

Start working on that craft or business in the early hours of the morning or at night.

Once you’ve saved enough money from your job to survive for a couple of months, you quit.

Start working full-time on your craft during this period and live a minimalist lifestyle.

This is what Dutch Van der Linde and his gang did in Red Dead Redemption 2 after their failed ferry job in Blackwater.

If you want to achieve freedom to do whatever you want to do, you’ll have to sacrifice a lot.

Freedom like this does not come easy and only 1% shall ever enjoy it.

But these words will fall upon the ears of those who are 1% material, I can feel it in my guts.

We will all make it.

We will become the Entrepreneurs in pursuit of true liberty.

And society will hate us for it.

They will demonize us and launch witch-hunts against us.

Do you know why?

Because they’ll want to do what you are doing, but they did not have the guts to make the sacrifices.

Dutch already told us…

“They’re chasing us hard, because we represent everything that they fear.”










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