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Traditional Family Values

I still believe in Traditional Family Values.

My faith is still going strong with the nuclear family.

I still believe in romance, marriage, children and a happy family… I am strange like that.

In a time when barely anyone marries or has children in a traditional way anymore, I personally believe that all real men should hearken to the Old Ways.

Find a nice homely girl, marry her, give her lots of children and spent your adult years as a man of the house instead of as a boy in the club.

I love traditions, and family values are always part of a great society.

A society that lets go of its moral traditions becomes a degenerate country, almost by default.

It becomes the dwelling-place for wankers, pedophiles, hookers and sodomites.

Look at the West nowadays for Christ’s sake.

Once a bastion of Christian morality now an endless metropolis of Sodomy.

Here at the Knowledge of the Absolute, we don’t support such degenerate practices.

I am staunchly against all forms of homosexuality, whether it is through transgenderism, pedophilia or plain old-school biblical sodomy.