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The Human Diet

In the 21st Century there will be a global push for a vegan diet.

This will be backed up by tales of extreme climate change and imminent destruction of the world.

Unless you stop eating cows and start taking your new age vows.

We can already see it coming.

More and more people are becoming “spiritual” all across the globe and slowly but surely everything around us is getting veganized.

These things go hand in hand, diet and so-called religion.

If you want to change a people’s diet, you have to change their religious/cultural paradigm.

Ask any Indian and they will tell you…

India has been so psychologically subverted into the vegetarian cult since the past 2000 years that Indian Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists actually refer to meat as “non-veg” as in “non-vegetarian food”.

How brainwashed must you be in order to call meat “non-veg”, it truly takes a vegetable brain to get indoctrinated so deeply.

It reinforces the believe that man is a herbivore, nothing but a useless plant-eater.

“You are what you eat”

If you eat meat you strengthen your own meat but if all you eat is plants; you’ll become a plant.

You are devolving into a vegetable state, your mind becomes dull and your body deteriorates until you’re the same size as a 10 year old girl.

No physical strength, no courage, and no mental energy.

The human diet has always been a diet heavy in animal foods, since those are the only foods that are available to us in nature.

All vegetables apart from the occasional wild fungi, roots and fruits are totally inedible for the human body.

Most wild plants need an extremely long process of detoxification and modification until they’re fit for human agriculture and thus consumption.

During harsh winters all our prehistoric ancestors could find to eat was meat.

Meat is the key to human health, and it always has been the staple food in the diets of humans with wealth.

All these new-age vegan hippies backed up by their Indian “non-veg” guru’s, have completely missed the point of religion.

Religions are meant to liberate human beings from suffering, not to perpetuate it through physical deterioration.

And that is what vegans and vegetarians perpetually do, they are suffering from a lack of vital nutrients that are completely absent in the plant world.

And even if they are present then they’re mostly not absorbed by the human body because we lack the stomach to process plants correctly.

Cutting animals out of your diet is the biggest mistake a man can make.

“But all the Indian Yogi’s and South-East Asian Buddhist monks are vegetarians and they are enlightened…”

All the Indian Yogi’s are dying.

They’re not enlightened, they’re perpetually suffering and learn how to cope with it.

Through you guessed it… Yoga (real ascetic yoga, not new age white people yoga)

This is not enlightenment but unnecessary suffering.

If all the Indian Yogi’s and Buddhist monks were enlightened then that would mean that there would be a 1000 new religions each and every single day.

Look at Jesus Christ, he ate meat and fish, and yet literally everything written about him shows that he was not an ordinary human being but comprehended things that ordinary people simply do not.

Look at Buddha, his name means “enlightened one” and yet right before he got enlightened, he was abandoned by his “Yogi friends” who didn’t want to associate with him anymore because he started eating (they starved themselves to become more spiritual).

Buddha even ate meat since he depended on the alms that people offered him, whether it was fruit, grains, fish or a piece of pork.

It didn’t matter to him because life is suffering.