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According to all religions, theologies, philosophies and ancient traditions; mankind belongs to a special class of beings.

From our ancient traditions we can derive that mankind functions like a divine being trapped inside the body of an animal.

We have all the capabilities and mental faculties to be creators in our own right.

And yet we’re suffering from a constant stream of incessant desires and endless cravings for sensual pleasures, which inevitably leads to perpetual suffering throughout our physical lives.

We are never content and happiness is a reality which most human beings fail to grasp within their lifetimes.

This is the animal existence, it must be transcended.

This is the purpose of mankind and thus the inevitable conclusion of all religions, traditions and even modern-day sciences.

Everything humans do is nothing but an endless search for freedom.

Freedom from all want and fear, that is why we endlessly pursue money because it seems to be the most obvious way to experience a life of freedom.

This freedom however can never truly be experienced as long as humanity remains attached to the animal desires of the physical body and the endless survival instinct of our human ego.

Man has been given a divine mind to create whatever it can mentally comprehend and the capability to replicate the Divine Order here on Earth.

Unlike the Human Being however other animals do not have this divine conscious mind, their entire lives are wholly committed to their base animal instinct.

They roam the Earth endlessly in search of the next meal and the next pasture to lay down their heads in rest.

In addition to that, animals collectively feed on each other all across the Earth and throughout the Seas from East to West.

They do this without remorse, without law and without any form of empathy.

Humans however are very balanced in this way between our animal nature and our divine nature.

We have the animal desires that force us to feed on other animals and plants in order to sustain our Earthly bodies as long as they’re meant to last.

However humans don’t base their lives merely around this because we have a strong internal urge to evolve on the hierarchical ladder of nature.

The Human Being has been designed to overcome all natural obstacles and to project it’s own will onto the world in order to shape it to it’s own liking.

Isn’t this what humanity has been doing all throughout it’s history?

Looking for endless ways to make life more pleasurable, more comfortable and more meaningful.

That is why a hundred thousand years ago we were still hovering around a fire in the dark depths of the world’s caves and forests; and right now I am typing words which will upload themselves into the “air” and which are one day being read by someone from anywhere around the world, from any possible future time period and whom I’ve probably never met.

I was talking about you, assuming that you’re a divinely guided human being like me.

This is what mankind is supposed to be, following the divine internal plan of his spirit; which causes him to reshape the world of chaos and matter, into a world of Divine Order and merit.