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Religion is the ceaseless human inquiry into the meaning and mystery of life.

It is science, not based on empirical data, but on personal experience.

Religion is the intuitive conclusion of countless sages, seers, saints, shamans, ascetics, prophets and enlightened beings throughout the ages.

It is the accumulative conclusion a human individual draws after meditative contemplation into his own nature and that of the living world around him.

All religions conclude the following concepts to be true:

  • A Single Divine Reality from which everything else comes into Being (Examples: Brahman, Ahura Mazda, Plato’s World-Soul, The Tao, The Great Spirit, God the Father, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah etc.)
  • The existence of subordinate disembodied deities/beings who are part of the Divine Hierarchy (Examples: Devas, Angels, Aesir, The Olympians, Logos etc.)
  • The existence of the soul/spirit often accompanied with the concept of immortality beyond physical matter. (Examples: Atman in Hinduism/Sikhism, ruach in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, nous in Platonic philosophy)
  • Human Beings are considered special creatures in the great Chain of Being (Examples: Created in the image of God, Primed for Spiritual Salvation/Liberation, Capable of experiencing both Good and Evil etc.)
  • Life after death, the existence of non-physical worlds and multi-dimensional realities (Examples: Heavenly Planets, Heaven, Hell, Hellish Planets, Underworld’s, Reincarnation, Olympus, Elysium, Shadow Realms, Purgatory, Shambhalla, Valhalla, Vaikuntha, Brahmaloka, Pleroma, The Divine Realm, Paradise, Nirvana etc.)
  • Revelation through either Prophets, Dreams, Signs, Divine Language and Self-Illumined humans whom we call Enlightened Beings.
  • The Salvation of Man either through Faith, Righteous Deeds, Penance or the attainment of Divine Knowledge.
  • The illusory transient nature of this world (Examples: Maya, “And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion.” – Qur’an 3:185, The world is a Matrix, All is Energy, The Dyad from Platonic philosophy)