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Ashwin Orie About Us


Throughout my life I always had the feeling that there was much more to reality than my eyes could tell me.

I always perceived life to be something magical and truly extraordinary.

But unlike me most people just do not have the vision and clairvoyance to see life for what it really is.

The world is very spiritual in nature but most people do not perceive this at all because they’re completely drowned in illusions. They’re mentally trapped by the absurdity of our present day society. 

Most people are unable to think for themselves anymore because they’re stuck in their own mentally formed prisons.

The average person in Western society is completely mind trapped in the virtual reality that they have been presented with by the news, social media and the inferior school system.  They are therefore unable to see reality for what it truly is and for what it always has been.

This mental prison however is enforced upon us by our own hands. 

Enforced by us because we listened to our teachers, parents, friends and religious leaders without ever questioning their opinions. 

We also keep practicing bad cultural habits in addition to that like for example binge-watching television, overindulgence in filthy music, mindless consumerism and over excessive use of social media.

These habits are destroying the mind and stop the will to learn new things. Why would the mind want to learn anything when it is occupied with entertainment all day long?

In this day and age the mind of the average individual is weakening by the day.

Most people take everything they learn and hear for granted without doing any independent research, contemplation and reasoning themselves. 

This is how slavery comes into being. 

It starts in the mind.

But I refused being blind so I stopped listening. 

I’ve stopped listening to teachers, parents, friends and religious leaders. I’ve stopped watching television and I do not listen to music. I no longer scroll through social media nor do I crave anything from it. 

I even stopped listening to my own mind.

I am mentally free and I have transcended beyond the normal ways of thinking. 

Now I see the world for what it truly is. 

A magical realm full of wisdom and not a place for me to be imprisoned. 

A place of illusions and eternal mysteries created by Everlasting Vision.