About Me

Ashwin Orie About Me

Name: Ashwin Randall Rakesh Orie

Age: 26

Date of Birth: February 6, 1993

Occupation: Seeker of Truth

Country: Kingdom of the Netherlands

Religion: Intuitive Knowledge

 My name is Ashwin Orie.

I’ve been a man on a mission throughout my life.

This mission is straight to the point and simple.

Since the early days of childhood I’ve had an intense longing for knowledge, but not just any knowledge.

My intense longing wasn’t satisfied with school textbooks, useless documentaries or what all the adults told me.

I always knew that there was more to it all.

My heart longed for knowledge that was not of this world.

My heart longed for the truth, the knowledge of the absolute.

I was a dreamy kid always immersed in my own endless stream of random thoughts.

Thoughts about the world around me, about animals, life, the sky, space, heaven, hell, God, death, life after death, war, angels, ghosts, spirits, the origins of fire etc.

I was kind of a creepy kid, the only thing is..

I never shared my mind with others, I kept silent and for good reason.

Even as a kid of 8 years old I was very well aware that kids of my age didn’t contemplate things the way I did.

So I often played along with others, pretending to be dumber than I actually was.

This was a blessing in disguise which I realize very well now.

It kept my mind independent forever till this day.

Because I am a seeker of truth and I seek Absolute Knowledge.

I belief that there is objective truth to this material world of illusions and duality.

Throughout human history there have been countless individuals that claimed to have discovered this objective truth and to have received the Knowledge of the Absolute.

These sacred human beings have been venerated throughout the ages and were called prophets, sages, enlightened beings and gods even.

Thousands of religions, cultures and traditions were formed because of these extraordinary human beings.

Because of their legacies and the knowledge they’ve left behind for us often times in written form, I have come to the conclusion that all religions are correct.

And yet none of them is correct.

The truth is always somewhere in the middle.

Nothing is either completely black and nothing is completely white, light and darkness are the same spectrum but just different degrees.

Where does cold begin and heat end?

The Absolute Truth of this world can be found in all things and yet it is contained by nothing.

The truth comes from within and it always has been.

This is my realization after years of contemplative thinking.