Mastery: The road to purpose

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Everyone holds his fortune in his own hands.

Nobody can ever give you a purpose in this life.

Your true inner calling comes from your self.

As children we were all so in touch with our inner calling.

You might call it intuition, instinct or whatever.

The point is we all had this very strong.

Children know exactly what they want to do in life.

Their inner calling is strong because they are more in touch with their intuitive nature.

All human beings have inside of them a force that calls out to them all the time.

This intuitive force guides you towards your purpose in life.

We all have a life’s task that we were meant to accomplish on this Earth.

The inner force acts like a master and it wants you to become a master as well.

The master of your true calling.

The road that will lead you to your life’s task is called mastery.


What is mastery?

Mastery is the feeling that you have a greater command of your life, the people around you and the evolution of society in general.

On the road to mastery you start acquiring a sense of control.

It seems as if you are pulling nature’s strings and commanding it to do whatever you want it to.

This is because you are following your inner calling and this will eventually lead you to your true life’s purpose.

You will sense it intuitively once you are on the right path.

You have did so before.

There was a time that you knew exactly, you have just forgotten it because you are no longer in touch with the inner force.

In childhood this force was very obvious.

It took your hand and guided you towards your purpose.

It guided you towards activities, thoughts and events that fitted your natural inclinations.

I have found the inner master of my childhood once again.

The guiding force of my childhood calls out to me with intense waves of creativity and intuitive knowledge.

That is why I’m writing this article.

It is the inner force guiding my hands.

Most articles I wrote were written from a blank slate.

Before I started writing this article, I had no idea what I was going to write about.

I got in touch with the force after the first few sentences and it just took over.

It is the master within speaking.


The Master within

I am nothing special.

We all have a master dwelling in the depths of our being.

It calls out to you all the time, but you rarely ever answer the call.

You did when you were a little kid as I said before.

The call was loud back then and you received the inner calling directly.

Now you don’t hear it so well anymore.

Because in the years after childhood, you started listening more to your friends, teachers and parents.

They clouded your intuition with false teachings.

You lost the purpose because you became what they call “realistic”.

You can’t create art they told you, art doesn’t pay the bills only if you are extraordinarily creative.

You can’t become a music artist they told you, only a few exceptional people with inborn talent and beautiful voices can.

You can’t create things that don’t exist, only a super intelligent and scientific mind can.

The chances are very slim that you’ll become a professional athlete, only the genetically superior can.

You just finish your school and get a safe job at a big company they said.

You know what I say?

I say don’t fucking listen to them anymore.

They’re not your masters, there is only one master and he is within.

This master is still there, he didn’t leave you because you forgot about him.

The inner force of your calling is always there.

It is still calling and trying to guide you.

It is that little voice that tells you every morning:

“I don’t want to go to work.”

And then your mind says:

“We must go or else we will starve and die a horrible death.”

So you get up and go to that job you hate.

When your finished at the end of the day, the inner force tries to guide you once again:

“Okay you did the work you didn’t want to, you’ve went to your job. Now perhaps shall we go paint on that canvas, read that self-help book, exercise in the gym or play an instrument?”

And your mind says:

“Nah, I’m too tired from work. Let me just go watch some Netflix, drink a beer and eat a pizza. I’ll get to my hobbies in the weekend.”

Then the weekend comes around:

“I’ll start doing the things I like on Monday, just so tired from the entire week right now. I need a break. Where are the parties at?”

This is how you’ll spent the majority of your life when you work a job you don’t like.

Never fulfilled in life, you’ll continuously give in to entertainment and pleasure.

Never really doing what you wanted to do with your life.

Until the day you die and you’ll realize that you have done jack squat in all those years.

And when you have not discovered your purpose or followed the path of mastery towards it, then you haven’t really done anything at all did you?

It is therefore very crucial to heed the inner call towards mastery.

The master wants to teach you, but you’ll have to do the work.


Listen to the master’s call

You did so before as a kid and therefore you can do so again.

Stop listening to others and for one time in your life start actually doing what you like.

Try to mentally see your childhood in front of you.

What did you do all the time?

That is where the purpose lies.

I used to draw a lot of fantasy creatures and human beings fighting each other.

That is all I did.

My mother thought it was of kind of strange, however she only told me in my adult years.

I was able to really cultivate my creativity during childhood.

People left me alone to my disturbing drawings.

Once I finished drawing these fantasy creatures fighting humans, I used to staple the drawings together so that they would make up a story.

In addition to that I always loved reading books especially books with religious and historical themes.

When I became a teenager I lost touch with the inner calling however, I forget about these things I used to do.

I started acting like a regular teenager while chasing girls, drinking alcohol and partying all the time.

I no longer heard the inner master calling out to me.

The force seemed to have left me.

I never lost the interest in religion and history however.

That stuck with me even throughout my teenage years.

It was only not applicable in society.

Religion and history doesn’t put food on the table. It will not get you a good job.

At least that is the impression I’ve received during these years.

It was only until recently when I met my woman 2 years ago that everything changed.

She perceived the inner force in me, she heard the voice of the master emanating from my being.

She knew that I had to do something with my interests in religion, philosophy, history and metaphysics.

The idea to write my thoughts on paper, came from her.

She awakened the inner calling.

I heard the voice again and so I started writing.

This sparked my creativity in ways that I can never truly explain in words.

But these days I hear the voice all the time.

The master is guiding me every step of the way towards my purpose.

I love reading, I love writing, I love storytelling and I now realize that I have always loved this.

A child can’t write nor read and yet I created books through drawings.

This is a great indication of the inner force providing you with guidance.

Even in childhood you do things that you still love doing in adult life.

However the way you do it just changes shape once you grow older and it is up to you to create something great of it.

Too bad that a majority of people ignore the calling.

Only a few hearken to it.

These few are what we call celebrities, music artists, actors, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, movie producers, inventors, designers and so on and on.

They are the people that do whatever they’ve been wanting to do since childhood.

They’ve followed their passion (the inner calling), practiced it over and over again (mastery) and therefore they have become masters themselves.

They control their destiny and are in the right career path.

So stop wasting your lifespan by continuing to think small.

In order to find your purpose, you should listen to the master’s call.












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Ashwin Orie

Student of the Ancient Mysteries.


  1. This is a very wise article my man! It’s so vitally important to trust your gut instinct and not follow things because other people say you should.

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