Let me write the greatest article ever written

I asked myself today what it would take to write the greatest article ever written?

What would such an article contain?

What would be its message?

What kind of purpose would it serve?

Is such a feat even possible?

Is it possible for a man to write the best piece of literature ever written?

Let us find out.

It is never impossible to try.

All things are impossible until someone actually makes it possible.

The Book of Life

“All things begin and end as stories”

– Ragnar Lothbrok

Books are written from a blank slate.

All literature is written through the creative imagination of writers.

Imagine your life to be your book, your blank slate.

Every day you wake up is a new page to fill up.

Your thoughts are the ink.

Our thoughts are used every single moment of our lives in order to write out the pages.

Whatever happens in the book of our lives is the manifestation of our thoughts.

All our daily actions are the results of our thinking.

We are the writers of the book.

But we must ask ourselves, are we really that great writers?

Or are we filling up most of our pages with garbage?

Are we writing an epic story or are we creating a boring ass novel?

Are we wasting most of our pages on doing nothing of true value?

Or are we purposefully writing down a great lesson each page of our books?

Are we learning, growing, creating or developing throughout each day of our lives?

Or are we just wasting away the pages?

Is your story making any sense?

I mean does it have a great narrative or do you as the writer, not have any clue what you’re writing about?

Are you just writing random stuff or are you still trying to figure it out?

Whatever it is, you must write a great story.

You have only one book in this life, approximately eighty to a hundred chapters long and it can’t be revised.

There is only one version and you’ll have to write something great out of it, right now!

Do not leave a boring book behind that nobody will read.

Everyone has the possibility to write a bestseller.

You can have the best life you can possibly imagine.

There is only one thing that is stopping you.

You got no vision for your pages.

You’ll have to find your vision.

What is your story about?

What do you want it to be about?

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Where do see yourself in ten or twenty?

Where do you see yourself in fifty years from now?

And finally the most important question of all.

Where do you see yourself when you’re book has been written?

Will your book be published?

Will your legacy be known?

Will they read your book five years after you’ve left?

Will they learn from your book ten years after you’ve stopped writing?

Will they still be inspired by your book’s message twenty years after the publishing date?

That would be wasteful.

It would be a disgrace, since you’ve been given a hundred years to write a great book and yet your book will be forgotten after twenty years.

The good die young they say, yet we read their autobiographies forever.

A sage called Yehoshua was nailed to a cross two thousand years ago.

Yet his book became a religion with two billion followers today.

The only difference is they’ve translated the book in many languages and so now they call him Jesus.

Do you realize the power that a book can have on the world?

Your life can serve as an example for generations after generations to come.

But you have to do something which gives your life meaning.

And you have to do it in your own unique way.

This is the way to writing a great book.

Your example is the perfect piece of literature to leave behind forever.

But will you write it?

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Ashwin Orie

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