Learn how to Fight

Every man should know how to fight.

In the past every father taught his son some basic martial skills.

This happened cross-culturally throughout the world, martial ambitions and fighting capabilities were always passed down from generation to generation.

If your father was a swordsman you’d damn well be a great swordsman as well.

Those who were highly skilled in archery were always the sons of great archers as well.

If you are the son of a Samurai you better make sure that you’ll become a noble Samurai as well.

In the same way does a Viking warlord leave behind greater Viking warlords.

And Knights always fathered other knights, Kings fathered more Kings.

The capacity for violence and battle prowess was always highly valued throughout human history.

During prehistorical times all men had to be able to track down an animal and kill it for its meat, fat and fur.

This was mandatory for human survival.

Nowadays the ability to hunt, fight or exert any other violence is highly frowned upon.

This is because we no longer live in a natural world.

We live in concrete cities and police states were it isn’t necessary to be able to fight any longer.

At least that is what they want you to believe.

They want you to be reliant on daddy government and Mr.policeman like a little emasculated puppy.

But I believe that every man should have the capacity for physical combat.

This is a highly valued masculine skill.

Knowing that you are well capable of committing harm fortifies you as a man in this world.

It boosts your confidence and eliminates unnecessary fears from your life.

You’ll respond in a way more confident way in all situations throughout your life because you know that you don’t have to take shit from anybody.

You have no idea the amounts of confidence there is residing in people that have practiced a certain martial art on a professional level.

You have no clue what a professional boxer could do to you.

And belief me you don’t want to find out.

But in all cases that you ever might find out and you’ll end in up in a violent situation, it might come in handy to be a trained and strong ass guy.

You’ll be able to protect your family and loved ones at all times.

You’ll be a strong father that safeguards his household.

Your children will always feel safe and secure knowing what their father is capable of.

This is your duty man.

Your manhood calls, the sigil of masculinity reigns high.

#1 Learn a common martial art

If you’ve never fought before then it is best to start practicing a basic martial art form.

Don’t jump into something like Kung Fu immediately because it won’t work, you’re still gonna get your ass kicked.

You have to learn the fundamentals of hand to hand combat first.

Start with a solid martial art like for example Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts or Tae Kwon Do.

These are solid fighting styles that can actually save you in a real fight.

I’ve practiced Tae Kwon Do for 9 years and Kickboxing for 5 years.

Both of these sports have blessed me with a synchronized fighting style that saved my ass a lot during my teenage and young adult years.

Once you get the basic hang of a full contact fighting sport then you’ll already have an advantage over a majority of people in a real fight.

I’m telling you most people can’t fight at all.

People are highly underestimating the dynamics that can take place during a fight and therefore most people don’t stand a chance face to face with a trained fighter.

The conclusion of the story is…

Become a trained fighter.

#2 Become strong in general

Even if you won’t practice a martial art, being strong always comes in handy during all sorts of situations.

There is not one single thing wrong with being strong.

Everybody admires a strong man.

What do we do when we want to cheer up little boys?

We ask them to show us their biceps, then we praise them telling them how strong they are.

Even though we all know children are weak ass fuck.

We are still subconsciously programming them into believing that they have great strength.

We do this subconsciously ourselves because we want our children to grow big and strong.

It is a praised quality to be strong, we admire strong men.

The conclusion of the story is…

Become strong.

Go sign up for a gym membership.

#3 Eat a Warrior Diet

Do you think Vikings who sacked every European coastline out there; were eating just a bunch of broccoli, potatoes and spinach?

Were they drinking a bunch of kale smoothies and soy milk before they went on a raid?

Did the Mongols who invaded, pillaged and raped half the world on horseback ate just a bunch of starchy vegetables with rice?

Is there any strong warrior tribe at all that is known for eating crops and vegetables?

These modern day foods we call healthy green vegetables are nothing but food for the weak.

All food that grows in the ground is meant for the weak, the peasants and the slaves.

Warriors, Nobles and Kings eat nothing but meat this can be seen throughout human history.

The poor feudal classes throughout history sustained themselves on empty calories like breads, soups and vegetables.

Occasionally they ate some abundant meat sources like poultry, fish and eggs.

However meat like cattle, sheep, goats, lamb, pigs and all other great sources of protein were almost in all societies reserved for the rich.

Because people always knew that meat is high quality food and very beneficial for overall health.

A warrior diet is a diet high in animal protein and saturated fat.

This is what makes men strong.

The warrior eats nothing but meat most of his days.

The number one advice a novice receives when they start bodybuilding is to eat lots of protein.

This is for the obvious reason that protein from animal sources builds muscle and spinach does not.

We’ve been indoctrinated as children that vegetables will turn you into a big strong man.

But tell me again how many strong vegan men you know…

People that eat nothing but vegetables deteriorate into walking carcasses like for example their eyes get sunken in, their hair starts falling out and they become all skinny with weak bones.

Being a vegan is self-mutilation.

Eating lots of vegetables will not make you strong, confident or masculine but it will leave you weak, anxious and effeminate.

But vegans will never let you know because they’ve been ideologically subverted.

They are mentally brainwashed and therefore ignore all the negative symptoms of a meatless diet.

Here is a video of what happens to your body once you stop eating animal proteins. (WARNING: It is not a pleasant sight to behold)

In the absence of meat it becomes painfully obvious why you should never touch vegetables at all.

They are not meant for human consumption.

I basically eat vegetables and plant foods only on days that I’m cheating.

All other days I’m on the warrior diet which is nothing but animal protein and saturated fat; most of the time I eat nothing but meat, fish and eggs.

Not only will this diet provide you with all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that you essentially need but it will also boost your testosterone and improve the quality of your semen.

You’ll be a totally different man within days.

If you want to learn how to fight then you’re going need a strong healthy body and a clear mind without anxiety to go along with.

A warrior style diet high in animal protein and saturated fat will therefore definitely pull you through it.


The moral of this story is very easy to grasp for any man.

Practice a good fundamental martial art, learn how to defend yourself and your family, become a strong man in general and supplement your body with the diet of a predator.

You’ll be a man not to be fucked with in the span of a couple of months tops.



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I am just a student of life trying to discover my own inner masculine being while sharing my findings with the men of the world.

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