Introduction: War on the Western Mind

There is a war going on, and it has been going on for quite some time.

Right here under our noses, it is right there in plain sight.

A war that is being waged upon us, it is there day and night.

But this is not a war of fire and brimstone.

It is a war on the human mind.

Those who rule us know that violence is no longer an efficient way to fight.

So they wage psychological warfare on us which is the new tool of power and might.

The #1 goal of psychological warfare is Ideological Subversion

Ideological subversion is the means by which the government changes the perception of a people to such an extent, that despite the abundance of information out there, nobody is able to come to sensible conclusions.

We can see this everywhere today.

While the population is completely demoralized and distracted by a wide plethora of irrelevant things our governments do whatever they want.

They are exploiting us in plain sight and nobody is able to perceive it.

We have been deceived through the tools by which the government wages psychological warfare on our minds day and night.

They want to ideologically subvert us into believing things that are actually a bunch of lies meant to veil the truth away from us forever.

The truth of nature which is the birthright of all human beings has been stolen away from us right in front of our noses.

They are feeding us lies and poison 24/7 in order to destroy our natural state of being.

But don’t think that we are the innocents in this equation.

We are equally guilty of these crimes against humanity.

We have indulged too much into the tools of psychological warfare that they’ve freely given us.

We ate the forbidden fruit and now we must bear the consequences.

There are four main tools in which the government wages psychological warfare against you in order to ideologically subvert your mind for their selfish purposes.

#1 Broadcast Media

All forms of broadcast media are controlled by the government.

And by government I do not mean the President and his lackeys, what I mean is the people who are truly in power.

The powers that be and always have been.

The men behind the screens.

Lets leave it at that… for now.

Television, Hollywood films, Radio and the music industry are all without a doubt controlled by these people.

We all know this, we can all feel it.

We just have to unplug the bananas from our ears and listen.

Put on the TV and just feel the indoctrination radiating from it.

Stop being blind and take off your blindfold.

The goal of all broadcast media is to completely shut you off from what is really going on out there.

You are bombarded 24/7 with things that are completely irrelevant to your life.

The news sells you fear, depression, anxiety and constant paranoia.

Movies and TV Shows are lowkey brainwashing you and keeping you continuously occupied with leisure.

The music industry sells nothing but sex, even a child can see that.

And lets not talk about radio’s where grown men are gossiping like women with women.

Radio stations are keeping billions of people throughout the day in a semi-conscious and robotic state clouded away from natural vibrations and mental space to actually do some clear thinking.

You should not be listening to music all day long, it is not meant for that.

Music actually changes your state of being by alteration of the vibrations in your body.

We are all just vibrations in the same way everything in nature is vibrating at different levels.

This is actual proven science not some wishy washy shit.

Everything is vibration.

Music can therefore actually change the way you vibrate and affect your mental state.

Thoughts are vibrations too, your mind vibrates all the time.

You receive and perceive all sorts of vibrations throughout the world mentally.

You’re actually perceiving more of the world mentally than physically if you truly think about it.

You’re thinking ALL the time aren’t you?

Where do these thoughts come from and how do they even develop inside of your mental space?

It is because your brain is like a broadcasting device and it transmits vibrations all throughout the day.

Therefore you must realize that not all thoughts are necessarily of your own making.

You might have received them from numerous external broadcasting devices and not merely from other human brains.

In today’s world we are mostly susceptible to receiving vibrations from all the artificial broadcasting devices out there that have been set in place by people that do not have our best interests at hard.

This world is ruled by wealthy and powerful people that are broadcasting propaganda into our society every day and night through all the electronics we have.

We receive so many different mental vibrations from the Television, the Radio, our Phones and Computers that we’ve become ideologically subverted.

We’re basically brainwashed in believing things that we do not truly believe in our hearts.

But in a society like this it is hard to find what is truly residing in the heart.

The masses have been deceived and robbed of their true feelings.

We’re no longer truly free but rather are living in a police state with government propaganda which is dividing and ruling the population with an iron fist.

All of this however is very well covered through ofcourse GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA.

All that entertainment pumped through your Televisions and Radio’s is merely state funded propaganda which is there to indoctrinate you and your children.

#2 Digital Media

Although broadcast media is still the number one tool to indoctrinate the majority of adults and elderly.

Digital Media which means both Internet and Mobile communications, is truly the brainwashing tool of the future.

The immense popularity of digital media among the younger generations can’t be comprehended by adult people of the present day.

Most people think it is just a hype and we should all just happily go along with it until the next thing comes along.

But its not a hype dude.

It is a fucking revolution on an unprecedented scale.

We’re still in the infant stages of digital media and I gotta tell you, its gonna get bad.

It is not a healthy direction for biological beings to take.

We’re going to create a virtual reality from which we can’t escape and eventually it will completely isolate every individual on this planet.

The planet will look like Chernobyl and meanwhile everyone will escape into this virtual reality that doesn’t actually exist.

And they will be there ALL the time.

“Come on, It won’t be that bad…”

Yes it will brother.

Have you ever stepped outside of your house in 2019?

What are all the people around you doing?

They’re on their fucking phones.

Trying to escape mentally from their immediate natural surroundings into a reality that doesn’t exist.

Remove your blindfold and stop being blind.

The technologies that they’re distributing to the masses are merely test objects in order to set in place the real deal.

They are testing the waters man in the same way a fisherman attaches a worm to his hook in order to lure in the bait.

They are feeding us scraps and we’re consuming it wholeheartedly.

Now they know that when they bring out a real fucking virtual world that everybody will mindlessly enter the door and never come out.

Meanwhile they take your resources away, your freedom, your rights, your privacy and you know whats even worse than all those things together…

They will take away your mind.

Like the people in North Korea.

Do you assume a North Korean’s mind functions in the same way as yours?

Of course not, they have been completely ideologically subverted and brainwashed into becoming human livestock since generations ago.

These tools of Digital Media serve to distract us through a process of years.

Year after year people are basing their lives digital media instead of the other way around.

They don’t understand that the key to not being brainwashed by all the distractions of the Internet is to let digital media enhance your life.

Not use your precious time and life to enhance your digital media.

Use it as a tool, your tool not their tool.

They want us to indulge in digital media and waste literally all our time on the internet and on our phones.

That is why they bring out new Smartphones every single year and new apps all year round.

They are trying to merge reality with virtual reality.

Do not assume that this is an overstatement or part of some conspiracy theory doomsday thinking.

This is what they actually are trying to accomplish publicly.

They already have the Internet of things and it is only expanding more and more.

We are already able to connect the Internet to multiple every day physical objects like lights, thermostats, security systems, cameras and home appliances which we are able to control with Smartphone devices and speakers.

The future is here my brothers.

And it is bad.

It might seem fun at first and it will probably enhance our lives for a long while.

But what is the end goal here?

Will it serve us as a humanity or will it change it us into something fundamentally different in the near future?

Remember they are waging psychological warfare on us!

How will digital media serve them in this regard?

Also half of the Internet contains nothing but pornography which is costing insane amounts of money to produce.

Yet it is widely available and for free.

Why the hell is that?

You got to pay money to read scientific papers but porn is free…

Downloading a 90 minute movie or a 3 minute song is illegal but go ahead and watch strange people having sex all day long for free.

I can’t say it enough man.

All media out there is state controlled, they want you to indulge in leisure, vices, entertainment and immediate gratification.

They want you to indulge in all the entertainment of Mass Media and Digital Media combined so that you’ll never have the actual time to question anything.

You are just a mindless tax payer and a consumerist.

Just the way they like it.

#3 Outdoor Media

Outdoor media doesn’t play a super huge role in our daily lives anymore.

It comprises of Newspapers, billboards, flyers, commercial posters and all physical advertising out there in public especially in the cities.

Most people however do not notice these things because they’re too distracted by all the Mass and Digital Media out there.

We don’t really look at billboards and flyers anymore, they belong back in the 20th Century.

We’ve left that behind even though we still do notice all these things subconsciously.

People like me notice these things all the time because I barely ever look at my phone and I have to tell you…

The brainwashing has never stopped.

While you’ve transitioned your consciousness from the public into your smartphone over the years, I’ve seen the transition from normal capitalistic commercials to pure ideological brainwashing.

Over the years they’ve really started pushing the gay and vegan agenda’s.

But that is neither here nor there.

The thing I’m trying to say is that propaganda is real and it is everywhere.

#4 The Music Industry

I know the music industry kind of belongs to mass media entertainment but I also think it is in a league of its own.

Music is the ultimate brainwashing tool for the younger generations because they overly indulge in it.

These kids are pumping their brains full of trash 24/7.

And it is trash alright.

Modern music is trash, it is vulgar and it is so malevolently designed that it invokes your lustful nature.

You become very animal like when you listen to modern music too much, very emotional as well.

A lot of these teens are so emotionally disturbed and depressed, not knowing it is obviously because of the depressing emo shit they listen to.

All this soyboy music has got to go.

All the degenerate feminist bullshit music as well.

You know whats funny?

All music you listen to is created by actors, imposters and deceivers.

They are playing a game with you while hoarding your money.

All music that you hear serves to indoctrinate you meanwhile the one who sings the music just upholds a script.

Beyonce who acts like the Queen of Feminists, sings about all her single ladies but once she is done working she goes home to her husband and chidren.

Having a nice traditional family with a man.

And she laughs all the way to the bank while all the single ladies are pretending to be happy with empty houses and their cats.

The music industry is one big fat lie made to distract, demoralize and pacify you.

It emasculates men and turns women into whores.

Just look at the female singers for once.

Look at them…

Why are they dressed like strippers in songs that even young children can watch and listen to?

It all serves to indoctrinate you.

To turn you into a sex addict that is always depressed and never satisfied with life.

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