If God exists, then why is there Evil?

The most famous question of all times…

If there is a God, why is there evil?

This might sound like a logical question, but by far it is anything but logical and shows that most people lack the capacity to form coherent and deeper thought patterns.

In most people’s ears, evil simply means: “Harm caused to them by other human beings”.

However Evil transcends anything humans can comprehend in this day and age, because most humans are severely cut off from reality and common sense.

Hunger by default is evil, is it not?

Think about that for a second…

Hunger is a sign that your body needs nourishment and is on the path of deterioration, stretch the hunger feeling for a couple of weeks and it becomes starvation, eventually resulting in a premature death.

So by default, your body is dying if you don’t maintain it with external sustenance.

This is evil because you did not choose to be hungry or even alive.

As far as we know and can comprehend, we’re trapped in a dying body within an endlessly decaying physical world.

Think about what I’m saying…

The world in order to physically exist, must contain evil by default or nothing would be in material existence.

Would you do anything if the endless desires of the flesh didn’t drive you forward?

You most likely wouldn’t, because such a world would be perfect.

That is what the Christians call Heaven and the Muslims call Paradise.

A so-called perfect world without suffering and therefore no true desires.

Because all desires eventually lead to suffering, the two are not mutually exclusive but rather intrinsically connected.

If you were never suffering from a lack of sleep or bodily exhaustion then there would be no need for beds, comfort and rest.

If you didn’t suffer from cold during winters and the scorching heat of the sun during the summers; there would be no need for houses, clothing on our bodies and roofs over our heads.

If hunger and thirst were no option, the Earth would be overgrown with countless animals and plant-life species, resulting eventually in a complete inhospitable environment for humans.

Nobody would literally do anything without desire and suffering in this world, therefore all evil is a necessary condition for the human evolution and the evolution of all lifeforms on this planet.

Evil however is not a metaphysical truth, in reality it does not really exist, neither does good.

Things are the way they are and as the only self-conscious beings on this planet we must learn to accept them.

We can fight evil in our immediate environment and we should, nobody told you to suffer just because (even though most people do).

We can always improve our own lives and those of the people around us.

If everyone did this instead of being bothered by useless philosophical questions, then the experience of “evil” would be severely reduced for all humans.


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